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Our Dental Lab

Take your dental practice to the next level by using the high consistency dental lab. You will experience a profound effect on the level of care you’re able to provide for your patients. If you want to bring quality implants, bridges, crowns, inlay, onlay, veneers, and other dental prostheses to your patients, The Art Of Aesthetics is ready to help you do it.

We’re an implant and cosmetic restoration service located in the San Francisco CA Bay Area. Furthermore, we work with a long list of “A” class dentists throughout the country to provide this vital work. Not only we’re considered the high-end service provider, but we work seamlessly with practices that use high technology oral scanners. In fact, you can connect yours with our lab effortlessly.

The Art Of Aesthetics Dental Lab

To do so, email your request to us or let us know the email address associated with your scanner. After that, select “The Art Of Aesthetics” dental lab from the scanner. It’s that easy — and you can instantly transmit digitally accurate impressions to us so that we can get to work on your case. Also, our team works with non-digital, or conventional PVS impressions.

We Treat You Like a Family

When you choose us to align your practice with, it’s paramount that you know you will be treated as a family. At The Art Of Aesthetics, you will be. Here’s how.

  • We assign a dedicated technician to fabricate all of your cases
  • We have a support staff that is standing by to answer your questions and concerns during business hours
  • The Art Of Aesthetics features quick turnaround times so that you can provide optimal care for your patients
  • Our team communicates closely with yours so that all important information and specifications are accounted for
  • The Art Of Aesthetics is equipped with in-house 3D model printing capability for faster turnaround time and to save costs
  • We even provide free shipping for our regular and valuable clients around the world

Let’s get started on your case. Connect with us online and make The Art Of Aesthetics your primary dental lab.

Dental Lab

Dental Lab for Distinguished Dentistry

If you are distinguished dentistry seeking a matching prosthesis restoration provider, then contact The Art Of Aesthetics. We are a provider of high-quality implant and cosmetic dental restoration products and services. From here, we specialize in the fabrication of crowns, bridges, veneers, and implants. We work with non-digital PVS and digital impressions from the major brands, including Carestream, Straumann Cares, 3M True Definition, Align iTero, 3Shape Trios, Cerec Sirona Connect, and more. The Art Of Aesthetics dental lab provides a one-stop dental facility to maintain the quality of restorations. Therefore, if you have been using an intraoral scanner, you can now select us to send a few trial cases.

The Art Of Aesthetics, Commitment To Superior Quality And Service

Since 1985, we have been committed to providing the very best dental restoration products and services to dental offices throughout the United States. At The Art Of Aesthetics, we use the latest technologies and materials. Over the years, we have upgraded our materials and equipment to keep up with the ever-advancing technology in dentistry. Our technicians attend seminars and continuing education to provide you the most advanced products and services.

For example, IPS emax pressed and stacked layered crowns and veneers (e.max).

One of our specialty products is emax. E.max is an all-porcelain substance that is the most aesthetic of all materials available today.

You can now get e.max crowns or veneers for all your anterior restorations needs.

Our ultimate goal is to provide exceptional quality, patient-specific crowns and bridges that fit not only correctly but are aesthetically pleasing. We are honored that many cosmetic and implant dentists across the states trust our dental lab products and services. If you have PVS impressions, call us for shipping labels. Thus, we welcome all clients who need upscale dental restoration services.

Digital Dental Lab

We provide our restoration services to outstanding implant and cosmetic dentistry. The Art Of Aesthetics is a premium service provider with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that services dentists in the US.

Exceptional Knowledge

Our premium solutions, such as dental implants and cosmetic veneers, exhibit our team’s in-depth knowledge about restorative techniques and exceptional quality craftsmanship.

The Art Of Aesthetics has always actively participated in introducing the latest, world-class level procedures and technology. We have advanced technology and systematize our process to achieve consistency in our restoration products. Keeping up with technology advancement through our continuous training has helped us excel at fabricating custom prosthesis restorations.

The Art Of Aesthetics digital dental lab has successfully served a vast number of dentists and dental clinics all over the United States.

The services of The Art Of Aesthetics is dependable, competitive, and always of the highest quality.

We formally educate and train dental lab technicians to produce the highest quality and proper textbook results.

We are dedicated and committed to providing world-class services and products. The Art Of Aesthetics, unlike other full-service providers, specializes in fabricating fixed restorations. We also construct some removable restorations, such as flexible and cast dentures and partials.

We accept a wide range of intraoral scanner digital impression files as well as conventional PVS impressions and take every step to precisely produce perfect restoration products.

The Art Of Aesthetics digital dental lab is a:

  • Midmark 3M True Definition Margin Marking
  • Certified 3Shape Trios Ready
  • Align Cadent iTero Lab Partner
  • Sirona Connect for CEREC inLab
  • Any STL Files

We believe in a strong partnership with our current clients. Therefore, we make the availability of dental restorations as promptly as we can. Similarly, our services are just one call away, and we will answer all of your questions. If you need any other information, you can contact us directly.

Send us a few trial cases

You have absolutely nothing to lose when you send a few trial cases to us. How are we different from our competitors? The one way to find out is to select The Art Of Aesthetics from your digital intraoral scanner today. Furthermore, you will find that our technicians have mastered designing and constructing patient-specific crowns, bridges, cosmetic veneers, and implant restorations. Our team never rushes but takes time to ensure that every step is completed precisely.

The last thing we want is for you to have to come back for a remake or a repair. This does not benefit anyone.

Dependable Delivery Services

With our delivery partner, we can deliver all over the US. We don’t charge our valuable clients for our delivery services. We may even provide a faster service than your local suppliers.

3Shape Trios Ready Dental Laboratory
iTero Dental Laboratory image
Cerec Sirona Connect inLab dental lab image

Certified 3Shape Trios Ready

Are you looking for a high-end cosmetic and implant dental lab? Have you found it challenging to find a certified 3Shape Trios Ready provider? You can trust your restoration cases to The Art Of Aesthetics.

The Art Of Aesthetics has expertise in constructing crowns and bridges, such as:

  • Cosmetic porcelain veneers
  • Zirconia products
  • Implant dental lab restorations
  • CAD-CAM titanium and zirconia custom implant abutments
  • Printing 3D models
  • CAD-CAM monolithic zirconia
  • Modeless CAD-CAM e.max crowns

And, a variety of other restorations from your digital impressions from a 3Shape Trios scanner.

The Art Of Aesthetics specializes in the fabrication of fixed type restoration products. However, we also provide complete partials and denture restoration services. The quality of our restoration products is excellent and unmatched.

Additionally, we provide in-house 3D model printing services to reduce the cost of restoration and keep the dental restorations under our roof. The Art Of Aesthetics Certified 3Shape Trios Ready dental lab processes digital impressions from the various intraoral scanners. Likewise, we work with conventional PVS impressions and provide our restoration services to fabricate cosmetic porcelain veneers and implant abutments. For implant restorations, you can send us conventional PVS impressions with the impression coping and analog to get us started.

The Art Of Aesthetics is a group of highly talented technicians who are well-trained to generate the best results for your patient’s smiles.

We ask for detailed information so that we can properly customize the restoration products.

The Art Of Aesthetics has excellent customer service and clinical support. We believe in long-term partnerships to build understanding with our clients for the most favorable outcomes. Call us to begin our extraordinary and excellent quality dental lab restoration services. After a few 3Shape Trios cases, you will see how we can be your life-time partner.

Trios Digital Impressions

Here at The Art Of Aesthetics, we have embraced the future of digital dentistry. We own and operate a state-of-the-art implant and cosmetic design center in Las Vegas, but we work with dentists spread across the United States.

As a Certified 3Shape Trios Ready, we’ll deliver everything you need to provide a higher level of care for your patients — quick turnaround times, quality products, and effective communication with our team.

Not only does The Art Of Aesthetics specialize in restoring implants of almost every brand, but we can provide you with veneers, crowns, bridges, and the other prosthetics needed to enhance the smiles of your patients.

A perfect resource for your Trios digital impressions

As a dentist that provides cosmetic dental treatments, you need a partner that can, not just provide you with the needed restoration work, but advise you on the latest trends and best practices.

At The Art Of Aesthetics Trios dental lab, we have the expert technicians on our staff to do that. In fact, we can be your perfect resource for your Trios digital impressions. And, when we do work on your cases, we provide quick turnaround times thanks to the seamless exchange of information. If you’re looking for a perfect partner that will make it easy to work, then you have come to the right place.

Align Cadent iTero Parnter Dental Lab

Dentists who are currently using an iTero scanner may alternatively select The Art Of Aesthetics from your intraoral scanner. The Art Of Aesthetics is dedicated to offering world-class dental restoration products to dentists and dental offices around the world. Our strength is in our dental technicians, the use of modern technology, and our consistent techniques.

After a few cases, you will know why we are a good fit for your upscale dental practice.

The ceramists at The Art Of Aesthetics consists of dental industry experts with extensive experience in the design and restoration of implant and cosmetic cases. We are proud to have renowned ceramists with unique skills and backgrounds. Another reason you should consider The Art Of Aesthetics as an alternate is that since 1985, we have supported many dentists worldwide in restoring their patients’ smiles.

Innovative Implant Abutment Milling

The Art Of Aesthetics dental lab is equipped with modern technology and equipment, including computer-based design, manufacturing, and 3D printing equipment. These technologies allow us to produce consistent and precise zirconia and titanium abutments from non-digital impressions or digital impressions. Our finest selection of materials also includes emax and Empress Esthetic for cosmetic veneers and crowns. Unlike the iTero dental lab, we don’t charge excessive fees for our restoration services. All our fees are all-inclusive with no hidden costs, including shipping charges to our valuable clients.

Simply request our shipping label for your non-digital impressions.

If you have any questions about iTero digital impressions, please contact The Art Of Aesthetics customer service through our website. Please let us know if you prefer a model-less or print model for single unit full-contoured zirconia crowns or e.max crowns.

Furthermore, we believe in building a strong partnership and a robust relationship with the experienced dentists and high-standard dental offices.

Likewise, The Art Of Aesthetics iTero dental lab specializes in providing high-end, accurate, precise, and consistent dental restoration services and products. We are well equipped and comprised of highly experienced technicians with at least 15 years of background in the field. We utilize the best dental techniques and technology to restore our products as accurately as possible.

Furthermore, we want to help you bring your practice to the next level with second-to-none restoration work. Connect with our team right now and explore the many benefits that come with making our team your trusted dental prosthesis provider.

iTero Model Dental Laboratory

Sirona Connect for Cerec inLab

The Art Of Aesthetics Sirona Connect for Cerec inLab is an outstanding implant and cosmetic dental lab that has been providing meticulous dental restoration services to our clients. If you are unable to find a Cerec provider, then call on us. What makes us stand out from a Cerec dental lab is our premium quality, high consistency, and exceptional service. Our dental technicians have restored thousands of cosmetic and implant cases for decades with the outstanding quality for which we are known.

We suggest you make the right choice by choosing us as an alternative and get second to none dental restoration services for your patients.

What do we offer?

  • The Art Of Aesthetics Sirona Connect produces a variety of dental implant restorations. You can send either digital impressions or non-digital impressions.
  • Our cosmetic ceramists are skilled in constructing highly aesthetics cosmetic veneers. Our smile design dental lab is an excellent place to get all your restoration services in one location.
  • We dedicate a senior level technician for all your future cases for maximum consistency of our work.
  • We use the best restoration materials available today, such as e.max, zirconia, titanium, and gold.
  • Finally, we have the technology to meet all your needs, even patient-specific implant abutments.

The Best Delivery Services

At The Art Of Aesthetics Sirona Connect for Cerec inLab, we fabricate highly precise restorations at affordable prices. Moreover, we go one step further to facilitate our clients by providing dependable delivery services. We welcome you to our Sirona Connect dental lab and guarantee that our knowledgeable and highly qualified staff will help you meet the dynamic needs of your patients.

That is to say, our team at The Art Of Aesthetics is changing the way dental offices across the globe connect. We are a world-class manufacturer of dental implant abutments, crowns, bridges, cosmetic porcelain veneers, dentures, and partials. By working directly with the best delivery services, our top-quality San Francisco CA Bay-based cosmetic dental lab has partnered with top-rated dental practices throughout the US. Not only this innovative new approach helps our clients save money, but they are assured the precision-crafted products needed to build a first-rate dental office.

Discover the Difference Our State-of-the-Art Provides.

Finding an affordable, reliable, and professional cosmetic restoration provider is no longer an issue. Are you tired of working with an ineffective, unprofessional technician which fails to meet deadlines and delivers substandard products? If so, you owe it to the future of your dental practice to connect with The Art Of Aesthetics Sirona Connect. Partner with our team of highly skilled technicians and experience the difference a world-class technician can make.

At our facility, we proudly accept a wide range of digital and conventional PVS impressions to help us craft the top-quality products you need. Feel free to send us cases using a Cerec intraoral scanner. Also, when sending us your cases, please be sure to include clear and detailed instructions and photos. This practice helps ensure we get the job done right the first time and helps us exceed your expectations.

Our Dental Lab Services

Are you ready to get started? Working with us is fast and efficient. Just download the lab slip from our site, or connect with us via our toll-free number, email, or even iMessage. We will then email you a shipping label if your office is outside of the San Francisco CA Bay area.

Midmark 3M True Definition Margin Marking Dental Lab

Discover the premier provider for Midmark 3M True Definition products by connecting with the team here at The Art Of Aesthetics. We’re proud to work with dental practices both here and throughout the country. Not only do we have the knowledge and resources to restore implants of almost every brand, but we also specialize in bridges, crowns, veneers, and other products.

We’re considered a leading Midmark 3M True Definition Margin Marking Dental Lab. In fact, we’ll show you how to seamlessly send digital impressions from your True Definition scanner to our lab. Actually, it’s as easy as sending us the email address associated with your scanner and adjusting a setting or two on your system. You can always send traditional, old-school PVS impressions.

At The Art Of Aesthetics, we care about the smiles of your patients just as much as you do.

We go above and beyond to provide an easy process for each case.

You can focus on providing your patients with the care they deserve while we will focus on providing you with second to none restoration work.

True Definition Digital Impressions

The Art Of Aesthetics, a Midmark 3M True Definition Margin Marking Dental Lab, welcomes True Definition digital impressions to our top-rated cosmetic and implant dental services. You’ll receive the most consistent quality dental restoration service you’ve ever experienced.

We are a highly respected implant and cosmetic dental lab that is committed to delivering the highest quality dental restoration services to our regular clients.

Every step of our production process emphasizes quality.

To ensure quality, we ask you to provide as much information as possible. Our experienced dental ceramists at The Art Of Aesthetics take our time with your valuable cases. In other words, we like to do the job right the first time.

We provide premium level modeless zirconia from True Definition digital impressions, implant restorations (zirconia and titanium custom implant abutments), cosmetic porcelain veneers, crowns and bridges. In fact, we enjoy working with True Definition scanned digital impression files from all parts of the world. If your practice is in Canada or Australia, we’ll cover the shipping. We need only three days in the lab for most single-unit modeless restorations if you send True Definition files.

Contact us to Get Started.

You can reach us through iMessage, email, toll-free telephone number, website contact form, and or fax. In addition, we are available to meet in person at the convenience of your office.

When you reach out to us through the contact form on our website, we’ll get back to you during our office hours. Welcome to Midmark 3M True Definition Margin Marking Dental Lab. We look forward to establishing a long-term partnership with your dental office.

STL Scanner Dental lab

If you are unable to get premium restorations from STL scanned digital impressions, The Art Of Aesthetics provides the highest quality digital restoration services. We use the most sophisticated and latest technology to fabricate the most aesthetic cosmetic porcelain veneers, implants, zirconia crowns and bridges. The Art Of Aesthetics is servicing dentists who have STL formatted intraoral digital scanners.

Although we may not physically in your area, you can benefit as much from our services as dentists who practice in our home town. We take our time with each case because we have a reputation for doing the job right the first time.

Every crown is treated with the attention and respect it deserves.

To help us serve you better, it would be helpful if you could include as much information as possible, such as pictures, study models, accurate and detailed instructions, and so on.

We’d love to hear from you. The Art Of Aesthetics dental lab needs three days in the lab to complete most single-unit modeless full zirconia cases if you send an STL digital impression.

If you’d like to know about our services, we are available to meet with you in person. In addition, you may contact us through our website’s client form. You will find the lab slip, terms and conditions, as well as the new client preference form on our website.

Carestream and Straumann Cares Intraoral Digital Scanners

If you are one of the many dental practices that use an STL scanner to take impressions of patients, and you’re looking for an advanced skilled dental lab, then explore everything we have to offer here at The Art Of Aesthetics.

We embrace digital dentistry, and that means working with patients to ensure the quick transmission of digital information, like impressions, so that we can move through your cases quickly and efficiently. For instance, if you use a Carestream scanner, we can show you how to connect directly with our lab. This ensures a seamless experience. We can walk you through the process to ensure that you make the connection correctly.

We also accept digital impressions from other STL of digital scanners and we even work with PVS impressions. Submitting impressions and supplemental information is crucial in providing quick, effective restoration work.

Why choose The Art Of Aesthetics as your advanced skilled dental lab?

There are more benefits to working with our team than just the easy transmission of impressions. With The Art Of Aesthetics in your corner, you will get quality restoration work and dental prosthetics which means a happier patient. We’re ready to go to work. Connect with The Art Of Aesthetics through our online contact form.

Implant Dental Lab

Sometimes finding a match implant restoration provider can be challenging. The Art Of Aesthetics is a high-end implant dental lab. Our lab began with a team of highly skilled master-level dental technicians. Our goal is to facilitate our clients in the San Francisco CA Bay area and other parts of the US with meticulous implant products and services. The Art Of Aesthetics provides highly precise, accurate, dependable, consistent, and top-quality implant restoration services. Our emphasis is on providing the finest quality, most exceptional, and efficient products to our clients.

In other words, our highly experienced group of technicians specializes in providing high-end restoration services according to your preferences and instructions. Other than crown and bridge restorations, The Art Of Aesthetics provides implant abutments and cosmetic porcelain veneers, zirconia products, and more. Besides, we provide the following types of implant abutments:

  • customized titanium anodized gold implant abutment and crowns
  • customized zirconia implant abutment and crowns

We accept both conventional and digital impressions.

The Art Of Aesthetics receives files from the best brands of intraoral scanners, e.g., 3Shape Trios, Align iTero, Sirona Connect inLab Cerec, and 3M True Definition. Our digital dental lab prints in-house 3D models from your digital impressions. It makes the process fast and affordable. We can fabricate monolithic full zirconia and full zirconia e.max crowns without 3D models if you prefer.

Our restoration services are available to some of the most prestigious and specialized dental practices in the country. Our dental technicians who are highly trained and well qualified, are capable of dealing with every challenging case and producing exceptional outcomes. Furthermore, we provide top-notch products without compromising their quality and take every step precisely and cautiously to maintain our high standards of restoration services. We ask for details from our clients to meet your requirements and provide you with results that will exceed your expectations.

We believe in building a strong partnership with our clients.

Cosmetic Dental Lab

Located in the San Francisco CA Bay Area, The Art Of Aesthetics focuses on creating affordable, high-quality cosmetic and implant dental restorations. We achieve our superior results by using the latest materials together with modern technology and proper techniques. We never compromise on quality.

If your dental practice needs a quality porcelain laminate veneers provider, The Art Of Aesthetics is at your service. Our never-ending improvements in quality and dedication have established The Art Of Aesthetics as a market leader that is fully capable of handling complex cases. Regardless of the complexities of the difficulty of a case, our highly skilled team of dental ceramists can achieve ultimate results.

Dentists worldwide trust our products for our accuracy, precision, and functionality.

At The Art Of Aesthetics dental lab, we offer a wide range of dental cosmetic restoration choices:

  • Empress Esthetic porcelain veneers
  • Emax veneers
  • Feldspathic veneers
  • Thin porcelain veneers
  • Platinum foil veneers
  • Zirconia crowns and bridges

Our dental lab ceramists attend continuing education studying the latest developments in the world of dental cosmetics, which allows us to offer up-to-date solutions. From our customer services to our in-house capabilities and the delivery of dental restoration to our clients’ addresses, we can exceed your expectations with our quality, reliability, precision, and accuracy.

In fact, we use modern equipment and manufacturing techniques to produce exceptional quality products at an affordable price. We have taken significant steps to ensure that our clients have a pleasant experience when choosing our products and services. You can send even digital impressions by selecting “The Art Of Aesthetics” from your intraoral scanner.

World Servicing Dental Lab

If your practice is one of the many seeking accomplished and talented ceramists, then we invite you to connect with the dedicated technicians here at The Art Of Aesthetics. We specialize in working with cosmetic dentists around the world.

Now, with the help of The Art Of Aesthetics, you can take those digital impressions and immediately transmit them to our lab so that we can move forward with your case, whether that’s an implant restoration or veneers, bridges, crowns, and more.

It’s easy, too. To connect with us, email your request or let us know the email address associated with your scanner.

The Art Of Aesthetics features experienced technicians and a lab filled with cutting-edge technology. We embrace digital dentistry and it shows in the quality of our work. Also, we even offer in-house 3D model printing capability for faster turnaround time and to save costs.

We provide everything you need to best serve your patients:

  • Quality products
  • Fast turnaround times
  • A dedicated technician to construct your cases
  • Free shipping to regular and valuable clients in the world
  • A helpful support staff that will field your questions and concerns

Bring your dental practice to the next level by relying on the most accomplished and talented dental lab in the business. Connect with The Art Of Aesthetics through our online contact form right now.

We are confident that you will have a great experience working with our professional dental technicians. If you are sending us traditional PVS impressions, call us for free shipping labels.

For digital impressions, select The Art Of Aesthetics from your scanner:

  • 3Shape Trios and Align iTero, we are listed as “The Art Of Aesthetics.”
  • 3M True Definition, we are listed as “The Art Of Aesthetics dental lab (CA).”
  • Sirona Connect Cerec inLab, find us under My Favorite Contractors, using our ZIP code 95403 Santa Rosa CA.
  • Align iTero, we are listed as “The Art Of Aesthetics” with LabID 13893.

Dental lab for Prestige dentistry

The Art Of Aesthetics is an implant and cosmetic dental lab that is not only servicing US cosmetic dentists but renowned dentists around the world.

Since 1985, our team has committed to providing nothing but the best restoration products and services to dental offices and renowned dentists. At The Art Of Aesthetics, we firmly believe in staying ahead of our competitors. Through the years, we are improving our techniques and equipment to ensure excellent quality in restorative products.

We are confident in our dental implants and services because we have invested in upgrading our lab and time to develop the skills of our team of dental technicians.

We are pleased to let you know that our team of talented technicians construct the following restoration products:

  • Cosmetic Porcelain Laminate Veneers
  • CAD-CAM Monolithic Zirconia Crowns and Bridges
  • Anodized Gold Titanium Implant Abutments and Zirconia Crowns
  • CAD-CAM Customized Titanium Implant Abutment and PFM Crowns
  • CAD-CAM Customized Zirconia Implant Abutment and e.max Crowns
  • Straumann Variobase CAD-CAM Full Zirconia Restorations

Our dental lab goal has always been to ensure that we are able to help patients in the United States with our exceptional quality implant and cosmetic restorations. We are honored that dentists across the US trust our dental products and services, and we have been able to exceed their expectations. Our team ensures that we will continue to offer unmatched dental solutions and products. So why not get started now?


Provide your patients with only the highest quality in implants, bridges, crowns, veneers, and other prosthetics. Here at The Art Of Aesthetics, we are located in the San Francisco CA Bay area, but we have a tried-and-true process that makes it so that we can work seamlessly with dentists all over the world.

We’re ready to go to work as your prestigious dental lab, facilitating the fast, seamless exchange of information from your practice to us so that we can move through your case efficiently.

In fact, we can show you the step-by-step process required to link your intraoral scanner to our lab so that you can transmit digital impressions to us right away. Even if you don’t use this specific scanner system, we accept digital impressions from other STL systems and can work with PVS impressions.

Why choose The Art Of Aesthetics?

By relying on The Art Of Aesthetics as your trusted dental lab, you will benefit from:

  • Assign one of our seasoned technicians to take the lead role on all your cases. This offers consistency and lets you have a familiar face over here.
  • Getting quick turnaround times. Turnaround time for single unit crown restorations is only three days in the lab which is relatively faster than most labs. We know that speedy turnaround times help your business operate better.
  • Premium quality. At the same time, we do not sacrifice quality in the name of speed. Our team produces some of the highest quality prosthetics and it shows in the way that it will enhance the smiles of your patients.

The Art Of Aesthetics gives dentists across the country access to industry-leading technicians that are equipped with cutting-edge tools. We’re ready to prove our effectiveness as your digital dental lab. Contact our team through our online contact form and let’s work together to improve the smiles of your patients.