Full Zirconia Crown (FZC)

The Art of Aesthetics produces unique and beautiful zirconia crowns and bridges for high-end dental clinics around the world. You don't see this very often.
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Are you looking for a reliable and technologically advanced monolithic full zirconia crown (equivalent to BruxZir)? If you wish to deliver accurate and swift restoration to your patients, then The Art of Aesthetics may be the right lab.

What is a Full Zirconia Crown (FZC)?

Full-contoured zirconia or monolithic zirconia crowns are precisely fabricated by a computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD-CAM) system. It's also known as BruxZir by some dentists (please note that our FZC is not a BruxZir brand). However, not all monolithic full-contoured zirconia crowns and bridges are created equally. Our zirconia crowns are computer-designed, precisely milled, handcrafted, or contoured by our experienced technicians. In order to fit perfectly or avoid remakes, investing in affordable milled 3D models is a must. Call us today to inquire about our unique, patient-specific, custom-shaded, full zirconia crown.

Zirconia (Zirconium Oxide) is Known as the Strongest Non-Metal Material

Although we believe that is true, we do not recommend using zirconia or non-metal materials for any bridge restoration that is 4 units or longer due to the inability to practice flexural strength. Please consider porcelain fused to metal (PFM) for long-spanned bridges.

Our CAD-CAM full-contoured digital zirconia crowns are:

  • From the finest zirconia blanks that are approved by the US FDA
  • Designed and manufactured by highly trained and experienced technicians, not by a "computer guy."
  • Pass rigorous quality control
  • Have steel-like strength for all your posterior restorations

How are Zirconia Blanks Made?

The process of making zirconia blanks varies depending on the indications. Typically, the strength of the zirconia blanks is directly proportional to their opacity. In other words, the stronger the blank, the more opaque it will be. For example, for anterior restorations, we use blanks that are more translucent (less opacity) than the posterior restorations (higher opacity), which also compromises the strength of the modeless zirconia crown. The strength of posterior crowns (higher opacity) is around 1,150 MPa, whereas, for anterior (higher translucency), it's around 750 MPa. For this reason, we recommend higher aesthetic zirconia layered crowns for anterior restorations instead of monolithic zirconia crowns.

No Ordinary Full Zirconia Crown (FZC)

The Art of Aesthetics is no ordinary digital dental laboratory, as we provide precision-based services around the globe. After a few trial cases, you will see first-hand that we are no ordinary digital dental laboratory. It's because we promise that we will deliver the most consistent dental restoration services.

Furthermore, we are the ideal partner as we are one of the most technologically skilled dental labs. Also, we are familiar with the ins and outs that make it possible to provide you with the most beautiful Full Zirconia Crown (FZC). Our fast turnaround time does not affect the quality of our work, which sets us apart from other laboratories.

Please take advantage of our extraordinary zirconia crown today by selecting The Art of Aesthetics from your scanner (iTero, Trios, CEREC, Medit, VivaScan, and other STL-formatted scanners).

We will construct the 1,000th crown the same way as the first one, with no cutting corners, no saving resources, and no compromise on quality.

Accuracy, Quality, and Precision

One of our core values is maintaining the highest accuracy, quality, and precision in our work. This has enabled our team to infuse decades of experience with modern-day technologies to deliver unprecedented full zirconia crowns (FZC).

Fast Turnaround Time

The Art of Aesthetics digital dental laboratory is the right place for all your dental laboratory needs. Moreover, we can ensure the fastest turnaround time, taking only three days in the lab for full zirconia crowns from digital impressions. In addition, instead of high-cost 3D models from third-party suppliers, our in-house model is much more affordable. On top of that, our full-time clients pay no delivery charges.

Worldwide Delivery and Services

The Art of Aesthetics serves high-end dental clinics around the world. In reality, excellent, high-quality implants and cosmetic dental laboratories are hard to come by nowadays. Therefore, consider The Art of Aesthetics for your cosmetic and implant restorations if this is your challenge.

  • This is one of many nice bridges that you made for our patients. This patient is thrilled with your spectacular work. Thank you.
    — Dr. Randall C., Greenwood IN
  • It’s been a pleasure working with your lab – the work is “always” just beautiful!! My patients and I appreciate and admire it. Thank you so much.
    — Dr. Leslie K., Bedminster, NJ
  • New Jersey Dentist dental lab
    Hi Andrew, just wanted to share the post-op pictures from our recent delivery of #7-10. Thank you for doing such an amazing job! The shade was absolutely perfect, needless to say, the patient loved them!
    — Dr. Edward D., Spring Lake, NJ

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