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The Art of Aesthetics  Testimonials
  • Andrew ~ We cemented his [RN] maxillary final [PFZ #3-15] when we prepped the mandibular. Maxillary was beautiful. Thank you.
    — Dr. Chris M., Easton, MD
  • I just want to say thank you so much for the wonderful and excellent work your Lab does for us. I seated #19 implant crown today and patient is super happy.
    — Dr. Christopher T., Lakeport, CA
  • Thank you for always working your magic and providing such beautiful dentistry for our patients.
    — Dr. Michael B., Graeagle, CA
  • New Jersey Dentist dental lab
    Hi Andrew, just wanted to share the post-op pictures from our recent delivery of #7-10. Thank you for doing such an amazing job! The shade was absolutely perfect, needless to say, the patient loved them!
    — Dr. Edward D., Spring Lake, NJ
  • emax anterior crowns 89
    Great Job! I want to tell you how happy I was today to deliver these well done emax crowns on 8,9 for Mr H. The customized shading was perfect! Thanks for everything as always.
    — Dr. Jan K., Finksburg, MD
  • Thanks so so much for EH veneers case – you guys are the best. Those veneers are absolutely gorgeous.
    — Dr. Parvin C., Indianapolis, IN
  • Maryland dentist dental lab
    Pt. GJ after of bridge #9-11, that you all fabricated and we all thought it was a terrific job! Well done !
    — Dr. Randall H., Easton, MD
  • Georgia Dentist Dental lab
    I bonded in 19 units today … everything looked awesome, proximal contacts were perfect and the occlusion was good as well. [She] looks great and we are very very happy!! Thank you so much!
    — Dr. Thomas O., Thomasville, GA
  • San Diego CA dental lab
    We placed 8 upper porcelain veneers on our patient. His goal was to whiten and align his upper teeth. Had a slight rotation on his upper right lateral incisor which he did not like. He also wanted to show more teeth when he smiled. The veneers done by The Art of Aesthetics accomplished all of the pre-treatment goals that we set out to accomplish. The patient could not be more pleased with the outcome. Thanks to the team at The Art of Aesthetics for your expertise and fine craftsmanship!!!!
    — Dr. Gary B., Encinitas, CA
  • California dentist dental lab
    The patient and I thank you for these excellent crowns #8,9!
    — Dr. Chris W., Santa Rosa, CA
  • Brenda13 scaled
    I also want to brag about a crown that I seated this morning. It matched so well. If the tissue wasn’t irritated, I don’t think even most doctors would be able to tell. I am enclosing a photo of it. Please show the lab person who made this crown this picture and thank them for such a talented piece of art. I love the crowns you send. I have very little adjustments and the color is usually great!
    — Dr. Brenda C., Longview, TX
  • Houston TX dental lab
    Dear Andrew ~ Excellent esthetics [Porcelain Crowns #6, 7, 8 ,9 ,10 ,11]. Margins and crown fit are great. Minimal occlussal adjustment needed. Patient pleased with results.
    — Dr. Lauren N., Houston, TX
  • Here are pictures of 8 and 9 that we did last year in Feb. so you can see the beautiful incisal edge you did. Thanks.
    — Dr. Diane N., Santa Rosa, CA
  • Dr Singer After scaled
    The photos enclosed show the anterior tooth you just did for me. The single match; the most difficult cosmetic case in dentistry. This picture was taken immediately after the temp was removed no waiting time for any tissue healing. Which one of the anteriors is the crown? No cheating by looking up his case.
    — Dr. Jeffrey S., Washington, DC
  • It’s been a pleasure working with your lab – the work is “always” just beautiful!! My patients and I appreciate and admire it. Thank you so much.
    — Dr. Leslie K., Bedminster, NJ
  • This is one of many nice bridges that you made for our patients. This patient is thrilled with your spectacular work. Thank you.
    — Dr. Randall C., Greenwood IN
  • Your monolithic zirconia is prettier than any other lab I have used.
    — Dr. Bradford B., Durango, CO

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