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High-End Cosmetic and Implant Dental Laboratory, Delivering in the US and Worldwide.
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Technology + Skills + Artistic touch

The Art of Aesthetics is a complete, high-end dental laboratory that is committed to the highest quality, service, and technology. Quality is emphasized throughout every step of our production process.
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Our Products

We specialize in the construction of crowns and bridges restorations for dentists in the United States and around the globe. We are dedicated to providing patient-specific crowns, cosmetic veneers, and CAD-CAM zirconia products that are trusted by dental practices worldwide.
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Full Zirconia Crown (FZC)

The Art of Aesthetics produces unique and beautiful zirconia crowns and bridges for high-end dental clinics around the world. You don't see this very often.

E.max Crown

E.max lithium disilicate (aka emax) all-ceramic crowns are a transparent, glass-looking material used in dental prostheses for all-ceramic crowns, bridges, and veneers

Cosmetic Veneers

The Art of Aesthetics is a high-end cosmetic veneers dental laboratory that has been serving world-class cosmetic dentists around the world.

IPS e.max ZirCAD

The Art of Aesthetics is proud to offer exceptional products in today's dentistry, such as IPS e.max ZirCAD, all zirconia crowns for longevity and aesthetics.

Zirconia Crown

If you need a dental laboratory to create exceptional aesthetic zirconia layered crowns and bridges, The Art of Aesthetics is the partner you're looking for.

Advanced Implants

Let the specialists handle your implant cases. The Art of Aesthetics, an advanced implant dental laboratory, is the one-stop high-end laboratory for all your implant restoration needs.

Porcelain Fused to Metal

The Art of Aesthetics is one of the best restorers of porcelain fused to metal PFM crowns and bridges. The fitting, margin, and contouring are second to none.

Full Gold Crown

High-noble (or precious metal) full gold crowns (also known as FGC or Full Cast Crown) are some of the oldest and most reliable crowns in dental prostheses, promising longevity and dental health.

Atlantis Abutments

We offer digital implant solutions from Dentsply Sirona, Atlantis patient-specific prosthetic solutions for all major implant systems.

Digital Impressions

We support a Range of Digital Intraoral Scanners

To us, every crown, implant, or cosmetic veneer is an art, designed and constructed specifically with the patient and client in mind. Thus, The Art of Aesthetics cosmetic high-end dental laboratory was born – we are the art, and we are the aesthetics in the dental restoration business.

Align Cadent iTero Partner Dental LaboratoryThe Art of Aesthetics is Align Cadent iTero Partner Dental Laboratory.
Midmark 3M True Definition Margin MarkingThe Art of Aesthetics is 3M Midmark True Definition Margin Marking Dental Laboratory.
Dentsply Sirona Connect Cerec inLabWe are Sirona Connect Cerec inLab Dental Laboratory.
3Shape Trios Ready Dental LaboratoryThe Art of Aesthetics is Certified 3Shape Trios Ready Dental Laboratory.
STL Formatted Digital ImpressionsWe accept STL-formatted files from Carestream, VivaScan, Straumann Cares, Medit, and other intraoral 3D scanners.
3D Model Printing Cosmetic Premium Dental LaboratoryWe can affordably and efficiently print 3D models from your digital impressions.

The Best For the Job

The Art of Aesthetics dental laboratory is owned by a small group of technicians with one mission in mind: to provide the best and the most affordable crowns and bridges to a selected few high-caliber doctors from around the country. Therefore, we don’t rush with your valuable cases. For this reason, we ask a few more days in the lab so that we can take the time to do the right job the first time. Every case is valuable to us, so please send us pictures, detailed & accurate instructions, and anything else that may help us do the job perfectly.
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What Sets Us Apart?

We are not an ordinary dental laboratory. We are a one-of-a-kind classic and modern cosmetic high-end dental laboratory servicing any location with our free shipping program. No matter how high technology is, no machine can replace our experienced and trained technicians. Most importantly, our goal is not to build the largest dental laboratory but the highest quality dental laboratory in the United States. We aim to maintain our dental laboratory under the strict control of our well-qualified dental technicians.
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How do Our Crowns Fit Correctly?

Our dental laboratory does not rely on machines alone. Even with our high technology CAD-CAM system, our technicians always add a handcrafted touch, even to machine-manufactured full-contoured zirconia crowns. In fact, this is the reason why our crowns fit correctly. We use the latest materials in our dental laboratory and will never cut costs using the second-best materials.
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Shade Match

For custom shades or hard shade matching, we will show you how to take shade pictures using your digital camera or smartphone while conveniently at the chairside of your patients. The last thing we want is for any patient-minded dentist not to be able to afford our services. Therefore, not only are our prices not only competitive, but also they are quite reasonable. Consequently, we believe we offer the best buy for our high-quality services.
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The following are some frequently asked questions about our company. Please see our FAQ page for a complete list.  
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Our clients around the world about us.
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  • Your monolithic zirconia is prettier than any other lab I have used.
    — Dr. Bradford B., Durango, CO
  • Maryland dentist dental lab
    Pt. GJ after of bridge #9-11, that you all fabricated and we all thought it was a terrific job! Well done !
    — Dr. Randall H., Easton, MD
  • California dentist dental lab
    The patient and I thank you for these excellent crowns #8,9!
    — Dr. Chris W., Santa Rosa, CA
  • Thanks so so much for EH veneers case – you guys are the best. Those veneers are absolutely gorgeous.
    — Dr. Parvin C., Indianapolis, IN
  • New Jersey Dentist dental lab
    Hi Andrew, just wanted to share the post-op pictures from our recent delivery of #7-10. Thank you for doing such an amazing job! The shade was absolutely perfect, needless to say, the patient loved them!
    — Dr. Edward D., Spring Lake, NJ
  • It’s been a pleasure working with your lab – the work is “always” just beautiful!! My patients and I appreciate and admire it. Thank you so much.
    — Dr. Leslie K., Bedminster, NJ

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Reusing Implant Parts

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Samples of Good Digital Impressions

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Retrofitting Existing Appliances

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Our Removable

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Skilled Dental Ceramists

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