At The Art Of Aesthetics, we believe prompt and effective two-way communication improves the overall quality of dental laboratory products.
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Thus, communicate with us to discuss the best solution for issues and concerns, such as not enough occlusal clearance, irregular or incorrect bites or mounting, distorted impression materials, shade concerns, or margins being not completely visible.

We will also communicate with you to discuss a better selection of material, processes, or preparation guidance. We treat each patient as if they were our last. This is why our clients have been happy with our quality cosmetic dental laboratory services for the past 30 years.

Our Systemic Approach

One of the systematic approaches we use in our dental laboratory is an adaptation of an occlusal measurement system. If your preference is heavy occlusal contact, then we do not use articulating paper. For a standard occlusal contact, then we use one piece of paper. When your preference is slightly out of occlusion, we use two pieces of articulating paper, and so forth. So, you can control your occlusal contact based on the first few cases. Remember, two-way communication is everything!

We do not want you to have to spend an hour adjusting the crown. We know how valuable your time is, and we want to do our job correctly the first time so that you can spend more time with other patients. There will be times when you may have to adjust a crown because there are many unknown factors to us, but this will not happen routinely. Please communicate with us when you have special instructions. It’s all about communication!

Communication is critical to minimize chair-side adjustment

Would you rather pay a little less for crowns and bridges only to spend your valuable time adjusting them chair-side? Or would you pay a little more for quality cosmetic dental laboratory services and then see your next patient? Your time is worth more than that. You will be surprised, as some of our clients have told us how easy it is to deliver our crowns and bridges and see a lot more patients in one day.

Please provide us the best method and an alternative method to contact you during and after hours. The last thing we want to do is miss the delivery date due to an inability to contact you. Please contact us for better communication.

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