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Custom shade match can be the most challenging aspect when it comes to crowns and bridges dental restorations, specifically when it comes to restoring centrals.
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There are many variables to keep in mind, such as patient-bleached teeth, aged or damaged teeth, or previously restored centrals. In addition, there are factors such as dark dentin shades and metal posts.  We strongly recommend that you educate your patients on how difficult it can be to match their existing teeth with a new crown. Then, carefully select a material that aligns with their best interests. The Art of Aesthetics is a custom shade match dental laboratory, we are here if you need to discuss your upcoming patients, and we are prepared to handle your cases in the best way possible. We are here to support your practice and your patients.

Cosmetic Dental Laboratory Shade Guide
Dental Laboratory Custom Shade Matching
Dental Laboratory Custom Shade Matching

Take Time for Custom Shade Match

Taking the time to take pictures for custom shade match will save a lot of trouble and frustration in the future, such as re-shading, patient dissatisfaction, wasted time, and embarrassment. Therefore, please take the time to send us as much information as possible. If your patient is currently bleaching, please let us know that, as well. Then, send us the final shade photos 2-3 weeks after bleaching is complete.

Thanks to modern technology, photographing your patients’ teeth for shade information has never been easier. In the future, we encourage taking custom shade match photos while your patients are receiving treatment at your office. We consider this the most time-efficient and cost-effective method for both your patients and staff.

Any modern digital camera will do the job, even your smartphone.

Simply follow the directions below:

  • Using the natural bright light close to the window, pick the 2 closest shade guide tabs. Please wet your shade tab to simulate your patient’s teeth as much as possible. As the patient’s teeth will be wet, the refection of the natural light of the dried shade tab may not be accurate.
  • Take 3-4 pictures from different angles with each tab. The reflection of the natural light changes when the angle changes. It may look identical at one angle but may be entirely different at another angle. You want to capture 3-4 different angles. The more close-up pictures you take for custom shade match, the closer we can match the shade as crowns and bridges dental restorations.
  • You may want to ask one of your staff to take a second look.

Next, email the photos to The Art Of Aesthetics custom shade match dental laboratory in Santa Rosa CA. You may have to send a few emails to send all the photos. Please be sure to write the name of your patient in the subject line and show the shade tab in the photos.

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