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The Art of Aesthetics is a high-end cosmetic veneers dental laboratory that has been serving world-class cosmetic dentists around the world.
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Our Cosmetic Veneers

• Empress Esthetic veneers
• e.max layered porcelain veneers
• Feldspathic veneers

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Cosmetic Emax Veneers Dental

Cosmetic Porcelain Veneers iTero Dental Lab
Cosmetic Feldspathic Veneers

We can fabricate cosmetic porcelain veneers from your intraoral scanned files since we are Align iTero Partner Dental Laboratory, 3Shape Trios Ready Dental Laboratory, and 3M True Definition Dental Laboratory. Please send your digital impressions today!

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The Art Of Aesthetics Cosmetic Porcelain Veneers
Cosmetic Diaganostic Waxup Dental Laboratory

Aesthetic Diagnostic Wax-Up

Do you need aesthetic diagnostic wax-up for your upcoming veneers or cosmetic cases? All our cosmetic diagnostic wax-ups come with a set of matrices. In addition, we can provide a clear reduction guide when requested. Please send your digital impressions today!

Cosmetic Diagnostic Waxup
Cosmetic veneers waxup Trios
Cosmetic veneers waxup 3M True Definition
Cosmetic veneers waxup iTero

How do we keep our work consistent?

In every step of our work, we have adopted a system to measure consistently. Our approach is systematic and quantitative, from occlusal cusp contacts to interproximal contacts. We don’t go by a “gut feeling” or guesswork. With all our processes, we use accurate measurement systems. This is how our veneers, crowns, and bridges are precise every time. If you provide us with a proper full arch impression, that is, with clear margins and bite registrations, and as long as the patient’s teeth are stable, our laminate veneers, crowns, and bridges will fit flawlessly.

Some dentists may hesitate to ship out for fear of losing or the lab being too far away. They may also be hesitant in case they have to send the patient to the lab for custom shade picks or overnight repairs and adjustments.

Our Experience

For the past decades, we have experience working with long-distance cosmetic dentistry as we have solutions to all your worries:

  • Thanks to modern technology, custom shade pick is no longer an issue. It’s as simple as taking pictures with your smartphone or any other digital camera. It will save a trip to the lab and save money on custom shade fees, all with chair-side convenience. Read more.
  • How often do you return for repairs and adjustments? Have you ever considered that if the lab does the job properly, you seldom need adjustments? 
  • Safest Shipping Method. We use the most reliable, safe, and speedy delivery methods in the world. In fact, our shipping method can be more reliable and safer than some local pick-ups and deliveries.
After a few cases with The Art Of Aesthetics, you will see why so many out-of-town dentists trust and depend on us.

We believe in perfection in all our work and business. The Art of Aesthetics employs the most qualified and skilled technicians. We further educate ourselves by attending seminars and training to understand the ever-changing cosmetic dental laboratory technologies.

All materials used in our dental laboratory for the fabrication of porcelain veneers are carefully selected based on the highest-quality materials and technologies.

We treat your patients like our own family and friends. Many of our regular dentists rely on our experiences and expertise. If you want to discuss any upcoming complex or even a simple case with us, we are here.

Digital technology will not be able to produce such highly aesthetic veneers, crowns, and bridges, which is why high-end dental labs like The Art of Aesthetics are irreplaceable.
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  • It’s been a pleasure working with your lab – the work is “always” just beautiful!! My patients and I appreciate and admire it. Thank you so much.
    — Dr. Leslie K - Bedminster NJ
  • Dr Singer After scaled
    The photos enclosed show the anterior tooth you just did for me. The single match; the most difficult cosmetic case in dentistry. This picture was taken immediately after the temp was removed no waiting time for any tissue healing. Which one of the anteriors is the crown? No cheating by looking up his case.
    — Dr. Jeffrey S - Washington DC
  • emax anterior crowns 89
    Great Job! I want to tell you how happy I was today to deliver these well done emax crowns on 8,9 for Mr H. The customized shading was perfect! Thanks for everything as always.
    — Dr. Jan K - Maryland

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