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Dental Laboratory Santa Rosa CA

The Art of Aesthetics, formerly known as Spectra Dental, stands out as a trusted supplier to dental offices in the Sonoma and Napa wine countries.
Dental laboratory in Santa Rosa CA

With our comprehensive range of services, from cosmetics to implants and dentures, we are a one-stop solution for all dental practice needs.

It takes three Hs to be successful in a dental laboratory in Santa Rosa, CA. 

  1. Head: Our dental ceramists are formally educated in dental technology
  2. Hand: Talented in hand and eye coordination
  3. Heart: Work from their hearts as we would for our family members

This commitment is the essence of our signature three Hs, which we proudly uphold as our motto. Three Hs are the reason why our full-time dentists have used us for many years. Ask one of our many dentists in the Santa Rosa and Napa, CA, commuting area. Also, that's why our ceramists stick with us for a long time. 

Our signature services are:

  • Custom shade picks are available at the convenience of your clinic or our place for our full-time regular dentists in the Santa Rosa and Napa, CA, area.
  • Free pickup and delivery by our office staff
  • Fast attention to your needs

Double- Triple-Check

Our technicians here at The Art of Aesthetics believe that it is better to take time to make it right. We have stringent quality control procedures in place. If it falls below our quality standards, we will ask you for more time to redo it. In fact, we would rather redo it than deliver less-than-perfect quality crowns and bridges. This is how we have established excellent working relationships with our dentists over the past decades. Furthermore, here at The Art of Aesthetics, we don't take anything for granted.

Reliable & Reputable Dental Laboratory in Santa Rosa, CA.

Does your dental practice need a reliable partner for cosmetic veneers, crowns, implants, dentures, nightguards, and surgical guides? If so, reach out to our San Francisco, CA, Bay-based dental laboratory. By working hand-in-hand with The Art of Aesthetics, dentists in Sonoma, Napa, and Sonoma counties find superior quality for reasonable prices.

Digital or Non-digital, Indiscriminating

As dentistry's new digital era unfolds, we will assist you with digital technology to help you transition to a digital dental practice as smoothly as possible. But do you want to avoid getting into digital? No problem. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Similarly, The Art of Aesthetics dental laboratory in Santa Rosa, CA, believes digital technologies will not replace our skilled, experienced technicians. At least, not for another decade for cosmetic porcelain veneers, porcelain fused to metal restorations, full gold crowns, all-porcelain emax crowns and bridges, and CAD-CAM zirconia core layered with aesthetic porcelain powder.

State-of-the-Art Digital Technology

Digital technology has come a long way since the first introduction of CAD-CAM technology. Regardless, The Art of Aesthetics has always been ready to synchronize with your digital technology. The following are examples of what we can construct from your digital files:

  • Cosmetic porcelain laminate veneers
  • Diagnostic wax-ups
  • Temporary crowns
  • Wax coping
  • Metal coping for PFM restorations.
  • Full metal crowns
  • CAD-CAM full zirconia (monolithic) crowns and bridges
  • Customized titanium implant abutments
  • Zirconia core restorations
  • Patient-specific implant abutments
  • Cement- or Screw-retained implant restorations
  • Surgical guide with sleeves from CBCT images
  • Valplast flexible partials and dentures
  • Cast partials and dentures
  • Nightguards (soft, hard, or hybrid)

In-House Convenience 3D Models

For convenience and efficiency, we produce in-house 3D models from your intraoral scanner digital files. As such, we can save you costs and, at the same time, significantly reduce restoration times. Thus, connect with a dental laboratory in Santa Rosa, CA, to maximize your investment in digital technology.

Dedicated, Same Technician for Your Dental Clinic

What set At The Art of Aesthetics apart from our competitors? First and foremost, we personalize each full-time dentist and assign the same technician. You'll have just one person to confer with whenever you have questions or concerns. Thus, it saves you time and stress servicing your patients. Need a custom shade pick? No problem! Call us today!

Free In-House Pick Up

Let a familiar face come to your office to collect cases from you. Not a stranger makes you uncomfortable, and you wonder if your case is in safe hands. Contact The Art of Aesthetics dental laboratory in Santa Rosa, CA, today!

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Our Story

With a rich history dating back to 1985 in Santa Rosa, CA, Spectra Dental has been a trusted partner for high-end dentists in Sonoma and Napa counties. Our merger with The Art of Aesthetics, a renowned cosmetic dental laboratory in Beverly Hills, CA, has only strengthened our commitment to excellence. We continue to offer free pickup and delivery, custom shade pick, and all local dental laboratory services, all while staying at the forefront of technological advancements in our materials and techniques. It's where we stand as a dental laboratory in Santa Rosa, CA.

Even though large corporations are taking over the labs around us, we are here to continue with the art of excellence. Furthermore, for peace of mind, we will be here until you retire from dentistry. Therefore, please take advantage of this rare opportunity to be your lifetime partner in your dental practice.

The Art of Aesthetics, a high-end dental laboratory in Santa Rosa, CA, is here to support your practice every step of the way!

Not only from a dental lab perspective but also from clinical support, from the information about the latest and trending technology, material selections, and prognosis, we are here to discuss your upcoming patients. As such, we function as a valuable partner in your dental practices. For example, we can give you a second opinion about the forthcoming diagnostic plan when you need someone to consult.

Why not give us a try and see why we are not the typical dental laboratory in Santa Rosa, CA?

Anyone can say how good their lab is, but the words have no effect on the dental lab business; action does. You will only know what you are missing once you try us. However, we understand it's hard to trust a dental lab since you have "been there, done that."

Please give us a try with one single unit or an implant crown, be it Atlantis custom abutment or Straumann. We can restore most implant brands and makers and work with most intraoral digital scanners. What about PVS impressions? In fact, we enjoy working with traditional impressions. They are never extinct or outdated. So don't hesitate to give us a call.

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