Double-cord Packing Technique

Please Use the Double-Cord Packing Technique When Taking Impressions, Digital or Non-Digital.
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Trios Impression with double cordYou may have reasons for not using a double-cord packing technique when taking impressions. Here at The Art of Aesthetics cosmetic dental laboratory, we often receive impressions with a single cord or no cord at all. The double-cord impression technique is not a luxury but a necessity for us to be able to distinguish margins from the gum. In addition, this simple technique will minimize most of the troubles associated with remakes and adjustments. It will benefit everyone involved: the doctor, patient, and laboratory. 

Please use the double-cord when taking impressions, whether they are digital or PVS.

Even digital impressions from intraoral scanners such as Trios, iTero, Cerec, DW, True Def, or Medit, using the double-cord technique, will help us to define margins more clearly.

Why use the double-cord impressions?

By using double-cord packing, you will save time and trouble of taking another impression or for the necessity for remakes due to the lack of visibility of margins. 

When using the double-cord packing technique, you can see more patients instead of re-taking impressions. Therefore, your patient will not have to return to your office to remove the temporary crown or go through the hassle of taking another impression.

Please pack the small cord first, then the large cord on top of it, still under the margins. Please wait for 5-6 minutes before removing them and taking impressions. This is also true when taking digital impressions.

When you pack double cords, it will help us do our job efficiently since there will be no need for guesswork when identifying margins. It will help to eliminate most remakes with new impressions due to short or open margins. Some may reason that digital impressions (e.g., iTero or Trios) don't have to use the double-cord packing, but as far as the restoration laboratory is concerned, it doesn't make any difference between digital or non-digital impressions: double-cord impression technique will help to reduce, if not eliminate remakes.

By packing two cords instead of just one, you are able to take an accurate fixed prosthetic impression.

Again, our preference for the double-cord impression technique is not arbitrary. It offers significant benefits, providing a comprehensive view of the entire tooth and enabling us to create a well-fitting prosthetic. This method ensures more effective tissue displacement, leading to more accurate impressions and, consequently, more precise finished products.

At The Art of Aesthetics, we don't just function as a dental lab. We are a valuable resource, ready to guide you on how to elevate your restorative dentistry for your patients. For instance, we can explain in detail why we prefer the double-cord packing technique for our dental laboratory. Connect Us Now


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