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STL Formatted Dental Laboratory

We are an STL-formatted dental laboratory, accepting digital impressions from most intraoral scanners, such as Carestream, Straumann Cares, Medit, Vivascan, and more.

If you are a digital dentist with an advanced digital intraoral STL scanner, you have come to the right place. STL-formatted I/O open systems, such as VivaScan, Straumann, Carestream, Medit, or Planmeca provide us the flexibility to work with our design software. 

High-End STL-formatted Dental Laboratory

The Art of Aesthetics is a top technology digital lab working with dental practices across the United States and worldwide. Our high-end restoration services include dental implants, in addition, to crowns, bridges, veneers, and more. Besides, we care about helping your patients and providing them with an unforgettable experience.

Connect and Calibrate with our System

Please note that since every scanner and user responds differently, we need to "calibrate" and "align" with the first few cases. Therefore, in addition to the digital files, please send PVS impressions to compare, learn about your digital scanner, and practice. Once we are calibrated, you can skip the PVS part.

Connecting and working seamlessly with our STL-formatted dental laboratory is easy and hassle-free. As a high-end STL-formatted dental laboratory, we can show you from the start of your first case to the final delivery of crowns and bridges. Connect with The Art of Aesthetics today.

An Elite Digital Technology Cosmetic and Implant Dental Laboratory

If you are searching for an STL-formatted dental laboratory, The Art of Aesthetics is an elite, world-class cosmetic and implant dental laboratory. As such, we can produce aesthetic cosmetic veneers, smile makeovers, full-mouth reconstructions, customized implant abutments, crowns, and bridges. In fact, we are the right choice for your high-end restoration needs. You can contact us from anywhere, as we provide consistent restoration work. Our free shipping services are available for our full-time and valuable clients.

Utilizing your STL-formatted files, we provide services of dental restorations for some of the finest implant and cosmetic dental restorations, including but not limited to:

  • Porcelain fused to metal (PFM)
  • Full gold crowns (FGC)
  • Monolithic full zirconia crowns
  • CAD-CAM zirconia aesthetic layered crowns
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Patient-specific implant abutments
  • Digital surgical guides
  • Partials and dentures
  • Nightguards, soft or hard
  • Retainers

In addition, we can mill 3D models from your digital impressions. Also, you can send non-digital conventional PVS impressions as well.

The Art of Aesthetics has established a long-standing reputation for exquisite quality and consistency. 

To find out all options for restoration services, contact our STL-formatted dental laboratory. Besides, our customer service and technical staff will always be there to provide you with the great support you deserve from a partner dental laboratory. The Art of Aesthetics stands out due to our excellent background and high-quality restorations. 

Let's build a strong and long-term partnership. 

Join us today by connecting your intraoral scanners with us. Again, you have come to the right place if you want excellence in a digital dental laboratory. The Art of Aesthetics works seamlessly with dental practices that utilize this cutting-edge scanning technology.

We Treat Your Patients Like Ours in our Dental Laboratory

If you are looking for a dental laboratory to treat you and your patients like a priority, consider The Art of Aesthetics, an STL-formatted dental laboratory. 

Our primary focus is on your patients. We produce quality prosthetics, offer affordable pricing, and offer quick turnaround times—everything you need to enhance your practice while providing your patients with the highest level of care.

We're ready to work for you if you're looking for true excellence in an STL-formatted dental laboratory.

As a top-of-the-line digital dental laboratory, The Art of Aesthetics receives work from all over the world. So, if your dental laboratory is not meeting your needs, you are just a phone call away. Furthermore, we do our job correctly in order to eliminate the chances of repairs and remakes as much as possible. What's more? We utilize the best delivery people in the world at no cost to you as our VIP clients. What are you waiting for? Look no further and select "The Art of Aesthetics" from your digital STL intraoral scanner.

Exceptional Quality Laboratory

If your dental clinic provides cosmetic dental work, aligning with an exceptional STL-formatted dental laboratory is necessary.

Here at The Art Of Aesthetics, we work with dental clinics around the world. Thus, you can connect with us through your scanner today.

The process is easier than you think. In fact, we assign your cases to an experienced technician so that you are assured that they are in capable hands. Besides our excellent prosthetics restorations with quick turnaround times, let us know what else you expect from an STL-formatted dental laboratory.

Partner with an exceptional STL digital dental lab to innovate your dental clinic. Connect with The Art of Aesthetics, a spectacular cosmetic and implant laboratory, through our online contact form.

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