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The Art Of Aesthetics, a Trios dental lab, offers high-end restoration services with free shipping to our valuable clients.
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3Shape Trios Ready Dental Laboratory

To get the premium quality dental prosthetics from a Trios dental lab, you have an excellent option, The Art Of Aesthetics 3Shape Trios Ready dental laboratory. In an effort to serve the needs of our valuable clients around the world, we have partnered with a reliable global shipping company that ensures that your dental restorations from The Art Of Aesthetics reach your destination on time.

The Art Of Aesthetics is one of the few digital dental laboratories that produce quality dental prosthetics, according to the specification of our clients. These include crowns, bridges, veneers, and implants restorations. We use the latest materials, such as zirconia layered with porcelain crowns and bridges, full contoured titanium crowns, and full contoured gold crowns.


Select us to send your case through your 3Shape Trios intraoral scanner. If you are having an issue, contact us and we will help you to connect with us!

 With our highly professional team of dental technicians and the latest cutting-edge technology, we can construct highly precise and dependable dental restorations.

At our 3Shape Trios Ready dental laboratory, we have a team of highly capable support staff who will answer all your questions. Furthermore, when you choose us, you will be assigned a dedicated senior-level technician to restore all your future cases.

We accept conventional impressions as well as digital impressions from most major intraoral scanners, including the 3Shape Trios intraoral scanner. All our products and services are competitively priced.


The Art Of Aesthetics is a hub for digital dentistry. We are an all-in-one digital lab for your intraoral scanner images for cosmetic and implant restorations. We have continued to position ourselves as a professional team of experts for all types of digital services in the United States. Our cosmetic digital lab and a Trios dental lab welcomes implant and cosmetic digital dentistry.

Unmatched Quality For Our Price

The Art Of Aesthetics covers an extensive range of dental lab expertise and delivers unmatched quality without incurring exorbitant fees. Our specialists can process non-digital impressions and digital intraoral scanner impressions.

We are also capable of restoring implants of most popular brands within a turnaround time of only two weeks.

One of the unique and exclusive features of selecting our laboratory is that you will get a technician who will be responsible for restoring all your cases. With our affordable in-house 3D model printing services, we can keep all processes under our control. No matter where your practice is located in the world, we pay for shipping charges to our regular customers.

As a Trios dental lab, The Art Of Aesthetics restores high-quality products such as monolithic zirconia and zirconia-titanium implant restorations, aesthetic layered zirconia crowns, and IPS emax crowns and veneers.

You can now connect your 3Shape Trios intraoral scanner with us to access our 3Shape Trios dental laboratory.


For an excellent, consistent result-driven dental lab with Trios files, try The Art Of Aesthetics, a Trios dental lab. Our lab services dental restoration products all over the USA, and around the globe. We are a modern dental prosthetic laboratory that has been providing dentistry services since 1985. As such, we proudly offer several types of zirconia and emax crowns and bridges, which are highly precise and accurate.

The Art Of Aesthetics is a Consistent Result Driven Lab

With modern techniques, our dental technicians design and manufacture dental prosthetics for cosmetic dental restoration. Our cosmetic dental laboratory has the potential and facilities to satisfy the dental prosthetic needs of modern restorative dentists. The fabrication of perfect and consistent dental restorations without any disparity is made possible by our team of master ceramists and dental technicians who use advanced technology.

By using CAD-CAM technology and consistent result-driven technology, we can restore zirconia layered porcelain crowns and bridges correctly. The Art Of Aesthetics, a Trios dental lab, which accepts 3Shape Trios digital impressions, focuses on the accuracy of restorations as well as their beautiful appearance.

Other than crowns and bridges, we produce a comprehensive variety of other restorations at affordable prices. With the help of our dental technicians and dedicated staff, we provide unparalleled, unequaled, and unmatched restoration services. Our dental laboratory restorations are not only accurate and dependable but also fit comfortably in your patients’ mouths. We have the ability to work with Trios as well as digital scans from the most intraoral scanner and conventional impressions to produce your restorations according to your specific instruction.

Like a Trios dental lab near you, we take a high standards approach, provide excellent customer service, and offer cost-effective restorations. We want to produce profitable and productive outcomes for our clients by providing our premium quality restorations.


If you are seeking an elite dental laboratory where you can send your Trios files, you can rely on The Art Of Aesthetics 3Shape Trios Ready dental laboratory for premium quality crowns and bridges. Our technicians have many years of experience combined with excellent skills. They can impressively restore crowns, cosmetic veneers, and bridges. To take advantage of this, send your digital files to The Art Of Aesthetics, a Trios dental lab today.

Implant Dental Restorations

The Art Of Aesthetics is a worldwide servicing implant dental laboratory. Our implant technicians are formally trained to handle most implant systems, including Straumann, Zimmer, BioHorizon, 3i, Nobel Biocare, and many more. They have the expertise and knowledge essential for crafting patient-specific dental implant abutments that match your patients’ conditions. Our dental implant abutments are constructed from top quality materials, including zirconia and titanium. Try out a few cases with us and you will see what you have been missing in implant restorations. To try us, send your digital files to The Art Of Aesthetics, a Trios dental lab.

Full Mouth Reconstructions

At The Art Of Aesthetics, we are comfortable restoring full mouth reconstruction cases and smile design makeovers for your difficult patients. As a result, we can improve your patients’ smiles with either porcelain veneers or e.max veneers combined with aesthetic zirconia crowns.

Reliable Delivery Services

We value every client of ours! Thus, we assure you that your restoration products will be safely delivered to your dental office. Our customer service staff welcomes your questions about our dental restorations and implant services.

Crowns & Bridges Dental Laboratory Restoration

The Art Of Aesthetics is a crowns and bridges dental laboratory restoration equipped with digital technology. If you need dental restoration crowns from a Trios dental lab that will add value to your practice, there is no better option than The Art Of Aesthetics. We have a team of qualified and highly trained dental technicians who can fabricate crowns, bridges, veneers, and dental implants. The quality of our restorations is unmatched and unparalleled worldwide.

In most cases, we exceed your expectations.

With the advancement in digital technology and increasing demand for highly precise and accurate restorations, The Art Of Aesthetics offers free delivery of our dental restoration products worldwide. Moreover, in order to meet the expectations of our clients, we use only modern techniques and technology in our dental laboratory to produce the finest restorations. We use your intraoral digital impressions from 3Shape Trios intraoral scanner and conventional impressions to build dependable and highly efficient crowns and bridges.

Our CAD-CAM monolithic zirconia crowns and bridges are trusted by dentists worldwide.

Due to our experienced ceramists and excellent track record, we are confident that our restorations will exceed your expectations. The dedicated technicians at The Art Of Aesthetics dental laboratory deal with every case taking great care to produce the perfect fit for your patients.

Quality is Our Top Priority

As a Trios dental lab, innovative techniques, and cutting-edge technology, we are capable of manufacturing full-mouth dental prosthetics for your patients. We accept 3Shape Trios intraoral scanned files and welcome every challenging task. We promise to produce highly precise results. Full-mouth reconstruction and other restoration services are available at cost-effective prices, which add significant value to your business.


The Art Of Aesthetics, a certified 3Shape Trios Ready dental laboratory, is an elite cosmetic dental laboratory that offers the highest level of dental restorations. You can connect Trios to our dental laboratory from any location in the world. Even though your practice is located in the remotest part of Australia, we will receive your cases within a few seconds. After just a few days in the lab, full-contoured zirconia crowns will arrive at your practice by the most reliable courier in the world. Best of all, if you are a regular client, you don’t pay for shipping costs.

The Art Of Aesthetics, a Trios dental lab, provides first-class dental restoration services to dental practices all over the world. Our primary goal has always been to make the highest-level dental restoration products for all patients. We firmly believe that every patient deserves a perfect smile. Therefore, our passionate team’s efforts are directed toward consistently improving our process to ensure that we provide uncompromised dental restorations. To connect Trios to our dental laboratory, provide us with your email address associated with your 3Shape Trios intraoral scanner.

Exceptionally Restored Crowns and Bridges

We have restored thousands of dental implant and cosmetic cases since we first opened in 1985. At The Art Of Aesthetics, a Trios dental lab, our dental technicians go above and beyond to provide our clients with the excellence that they have come to expect in every case we restore. These exceptional products include:

  • Customized zirconia and titanium implant abutments and crowns
  • CAD-CAM customized anodized gold titanium abutments and zirconia crowns
  • Screw-retained Straumann Variobase CAD-CAM full-contoured zirconia one-piece implant restorations
  • CAD-CAM monolithic zirconia crowns and bridges for bruxer (with a 3D model or modeless)
  • IPS e.max veneers and crowns (emax)

Excellent Delivery and Customer Care Service

We will ensure that our clients are fully satisfied with our dental products and our overall service quality. Contact us through our website contact form. Simply connect Trios to our dental laboratory, The Art Of Aesthetics, a Trios dental lab.


The Art Of Aesthetics, a 3Shape Trios Ready dental laboratory, will assign a senior-level technician to serve you. This is the primary way in which we maintain the consistency of our work and make communication a lot easier for our clients. We provide elite quality implant abutments, bridges, crowns, veneers, inlays, onlays, partials, and dentures to select cosmetic and implant dentists around the world.

At The Art Of Aesthetics, our core values involve delivering the highest level of quality and precision in our work. Our technicians make it possible to infuse decades of experience with modern-day dental technologies and deliver exceptional restorations.

The Art Of Aesthetics, a Trios dental lab, is here to help our clients add value and meaning to partnering dentistry with our properly restored crowns and bridges. We are well-equipped with the latest in technology and have gained considerable skills in digital and non-digital platforms to handle most of today’s restorative cases, whether they are cosmetic or implants.

This is only possible through our system of assigning a dedicated technician from our 3Shape Trios Ready dental laboratory.

In choosing us, you will receive the best value because we will do everything to save costs for our clients without compromising the quality, such as printing affordable 3D models, 3D printing PFM coping, and milling zirconia framework. Therefore, our consistently high-quality products do not mean we charge more than a Trios dental lab near you. Also, we will not charge our valuable partners for our worldwide delivery service, regardless of your location.

Please connect your 3Shape Trios intraoral scanner and select us to try a few cases, either implants or cosmetics. Call us today so that we can assign your dental office a dedicated technician from our 3Shape Trios Ready dental laboratory. We look forward to hearing from you.

Remember, we are only your intraoral scanner away. If you have non-digital impressions, don’t forget to ask for our shipping labels.


The Art Of Aesthetics is a world-class digital dental laboratory. And we provide dentists around the globe with high-quality yet affordable dental restoration products. Our highly experienced dental laboratory technicians specialize in restoring crowns, bridges, dental implant abutments, and other dental restorations with traditional mold or digital impressions such as 3Shape Trios intraoral scanner.

As a Trios dental lab, we work closely with our top-rated cosmetic and implant dentists to produce dental restoration products precisely to your patient’s conditions and dental impression. Our highly experienced dental technicians and support staff all share a dedication and passion for service to restoration dentistry and dental technology.

We have been able to establish a solid reputation for trust and dependability among our valuable patrons through our hard work and commitment to providing premium quality dental restoration products at an affordable price.

Our Trios dental laboratory fabricates a complete range of crowns, bridges, porcelain veneers, and dental implant abutments using titanium, gold anodized titanium and zirconia to meet the needs of your patients. We work with conventional PVS impressions, as well as digital impressions from most brand intraoral scanners. Our most popular product is zirconia layered with porcelain crowns and bridges due to the high aesthetic quality and great functionality.

Experience and Expertise

The Art Of Aesthetics, a Trios dental lab, has many years of experience in designing and manufacturing dental restorations. Our team is working on modern technology and state-of-the-art equipment to construct crowns and bridges that exceed your expectations.

We partner with the best shipping company allows us to provide global delivery of products. Our easy and free delivery ensures that your orders are delivered to you safely.

Are you a cosmetic or implant dentist looking for a credible prestigious lab? If yes, try The Art Of Aesthetics, a Trios dental lab. And get all your cosmetic dental laboratory services done correctly and for a reasonable price without compromising the quality of services.


The Art Of Aesthetics is your top choice for a digital cosmetic and implant dental laboratory. Our laboratory will provide you with the finest quality dental crowns and bridges and expert dental implant restoration services all completed in one location. One distinguished feature of choosing The Art Of Aesthetics services is that you will be assigned a technician who will work on all of your cases. This is the best way we can provide total consistency in our dental restoration services to our first-level clients.

You will also be pleased to know that we still accept non-digital impressions, which will be converted into digital files for further processing. Our 3D model printing services are available at a reasonable price and we offer free fast shipping to our valuable dentists.

The Art Of Aesthetics Trios dental laboratory provides a fast turnaround time. You can get a single restoration easily done within a timeframe of just three days, for example, modeless zirconia crowns.


Are you looking for an advanced digital dental laboratory? Please give us a call at our 3Shape Trios dental lab. The Art Of Aesthetics, a Trios dental lab, may be your smartest option. We have been servicing dentists around the country with our professional restoration services for decades, and we are one of the most acclaimed dental implant specialists in the United States.

In addition, we are distinguished because of our technologically advanced dental laboratory. Furthermore, you will also receive clinical and technical support from our team of experts. You can give us a call at our lab today to get the process started. If you have a 3Shape Trios intraoral scanner, you can connect to The Art Of Aesthetics, a Trios dental lab.

The Art Of Aesthetics digital dental laboratory can provide you with the latest and finest genuine dental materials approved by the government to be used in dental restorations.

We don’t cut corners to save time or money, as we prefer to do our job right the first time instead of risking a do-over or adjustment.

We can rush implant restorations while guaranteeing the fast turnaround time of just two weeks. Just give us a call at our 3Shape Trios dental lab to get the most out of your digital intraoral scanner.

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For those upscale implant and cosmetic dental offices, you can start connecting your 3Shape Trios intraoral scanner with us by filling out the online contact form. In short, we are just a scanner away!

In summary, you can contact us through text, iMessage, Skype, email, Viber, or call us on our toll-free number for any questions about our lab services as a Trios dental lab.

Send your Trios files to The Art Of Aesthetics dental lab today! 

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