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The Art of Aesthetics, a Trios dental laboratory, offers high-end restoration services with free shipping to our full-time clients in the United States and worldwide.
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3Shape Trios Ready Dental Laboratory

The Art of Aesthetics is a certified 3Shape Trios Ready dental laboratory accepting digital impressions from around the world. You can now select The Art of Aesthetics from your 3Shape Trios digital intraoral scanner. Although we specialize in cosmetic and implant restorations, we accept all dental prosthetic restorations: crowns, bridges, porcelain laminate veneers, diagnostic wax-ups, inlay, onlay, dentures, partials, night guards, bite guards, implants, and implant surgical guides. What's more? We pay our valuable and regular clients all shipping costs regardless of your location. In fact, we partner with world-class couriers to deliver safe, sound, and fast to your clinic. Even though we may not be in the same city, our turnaround time may be faster than your local labs.

Technically, we are only your 3Shape Trios scanner away! Contact us after requesting to connect your 3Shape Trios intraoral scanner with The Art of Aesthetics.

Exceptional Quality, Unmatched Price, TRIOS Ready

The Art of Aesthetics delivers the elite-level quality of dental prosthetics. However, our service fees are below the industry's norm. Therefore, our dental lab services are the best buy in the industry. In other words, exceptional quality and unmatched price! In fact, we are not asking to switch your lab today but to compare our crowns with your current Trios dental laboratory. You will notice a significant improvement, as our clients have told us. See what you have been missing all these years with your incredible scanner. What have you got to lose but gain?

Your Dental Clinic May Depend on a Lab

One of the challenges dentists face is relying on a third-party Trios dental laboratory for their practice. Dentists and patients are frustrated with the results of trying from one lab to another. Since you have tried so many labs before, why not give us a try as a last resort? In fact, our partnership may last a lifetime! We have an excellent reputation for doing the job right the first time. Simply put, all we need is well-written, double-corded digital impressions from Trios, as well as detailed instructions. Let us know what you need, and we will deliver. In addition, pictures, study models, and anything that might help us do our job to your expectations are all we need to do the job flawlessly. Click the CONTACT button below!

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Our goal is to be your last Trios dental laboratory.

We serve high-end implant and cosmetic dentistry and are here to stay. If you are one of the experienced and reputable dentists who will not put your patients at risk, you have come to the right place. As such, we will prove to you that we are a true partner if you are seeking nothing but the best restorations for your patients. Many dentists mistakenly believe all dental laboratories are the same since they use the same scanner and materials. After a few trial cases with us, you will notice that not all Trios dental labs are equal.

In fact, the most crucial factor is the "human" technician that differentiates the finished products, not the CAD/CAM machine, materials, or shiny door signs. Thus, everything in the dental lab depends on the technicians who construct your crowns accurately and flawlessly.

Our Materials

At The Art of Aesthetics, we don't cut corners to save time or money, as we prefer to do our job right the first time instead of risking a do-over or adjustment. Our exceptional, uncompromised, distinguished crowns, bridges, veneers, and dentures come from the following materials:

  • IPS e.max Pressed, Porcelain Layered, ZirCAD, and Alloys
  • Empress Esthetic Crowns and Veneers
  • Zirconia CAD/CAM, Zirconia Ceramic Layered
  • Thin Porcelain Laminate Veneers
  • Premium Brand Teeth for Premium Dentures and Partials

Exceptional Dental Implants

We have restored thousands of dental implants and cosmetic cases since opening in 1985. At The Art of Aesthetics, a Trios dental laboratory, our dental technicians go above and beyond to provide our clients with the excellence they expect in every case we restore. These exceptional dental implants are:

  • Customized zirconia and titanium implant abutments and crowns
  • CAD-CAM customized anodized gold titanium abutments and zirconia crowns
  • Screw-retained Straumann Variobase CAD-CAM full contoured zirconia one-piece implant restorations
  • CAD-CAM monolithic zirconia crowns and bridges for bruxer (with a 3D model or model-less)
  • IPS e.max veneers and crowns (emax)

Committed to Providing the Highest Trios Dental Laboratory

The Art of Aesthetics is committed to providing the highest-class restoration services to match your excellent dental practice. Further, we integrated the latest technology and techniques to produce one-of-a-kind dental crowns. As a result, part of our commitment to providing the highest Trios dental laboratory services includes safe, fast, and free delivery of our products to our clients, on whom we depend for our business success. Since we utilize the quickest shipping company in the world, we can deliver to most states and countries within a day or two. Please send a few Trios digital 3D impressions and see them for yourself. You will see firsthand our excellent quality and speed. 

Turnaround Time

We need about three days in the lab with digital files for a single-unit zirconia crown. What's more? We restore implants of most brands within a turnaround time of only two weeks. One of the unique and exclusive features of selecting our Trios Ready dental lab is that you will get an experienced technician who will be responsible for restoring from start to finish. With our affordable in-house 3D model printing, we can control all processes from design to manufacturing. Our certified 3Shape Trios Ready Dental Lab should be your top choice for getting the most value from your Trios intraoral digital scanner. The Art of Aesthetics is proven for excellent quality and consistency. 

Quality that Exceeds Expectations

By selecting The Art of Aesthetics Trios dental laboratory in your scanner, you will receive:

  • Our inexpensive in-house 3D model printing
  • Free shipping for our regular customer
  • The best value, compared to other high-end Trios labs
  • We assign a dedicated technician to your clinic.
  • Ongoing technical and clinical support
  • Fast turnaround time without compromising quality
  • Consistency like never before
  • Aesthetics and detailed to incisal natural translucency as you have never seen in other laboratories.
Our services give you an entirely new experience with full-contoured zirconia crowns.

Who We Are? A Trios Dental Laboratory, Consistent-Result Driven Laboratory

The Art of Aesthetics was founded with one goal: to construct the highest quality but affordable dental restoration for patients. Try The Art of Aesthetics for exceptional, consistent, result-driven results for your Trios files. We are a modern dental prosthetic laboratory providing dentistry services. Our laboratory opened in 1985 in the San Francisco, CA, North Bay Area, with a commitment to delivering exceptional restoration products and services to dental practices. Over the years, we have updated our laboratory and extended our services, offering our fine-quality restoration products worldwide. Today, we deliver indisputable dental restorations to the world's most prestigious dental offices and clinics.

The Art of Aesthetics is a Consistently Result Driven Lab. 

With our high technology and consistent result-driven methods, we can restore all types of dental prosthetics correctly. Also, we mastered our own signature techniques to produce exceptionally superior and aesthetic zirconia crowns and bridges. In addition, our talented dental technicians acquired skills to design and manufacture dental prosthetics that are aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and long-lasting. 

A Digital Dentistry Center

The Art of Aesthetics is a hub for digital dentistry. We are an all-in-one digital center for intraoral scanner images: cosmetic or implant restorations. Therefore, as a Trios dental laboratory, we welcome renowned implant and cosmetic digital dentistry around the globe. 

We encourage you to send a few trial cases so that you can see the fundamental differences in our work, whether you need cosmetic veneers or a single-unit crown.

We are not just another Trios dental laboratory.

The Art of Aesthetics provides the most exceptional dental restoration services to respected implant and cosmetic dentists using the latest materials and dental technology. From non-digital conventional PVS impressions to digital intraoral scanner data, our highly skilled technicians are comfortable working with all types of impressions.

If you are exhausted by having to work with a new technician every time you contact your lab, we will solve your problem.

At The Art of Aesthetics, you will be assigned a technical staff member as your contact person. Decades of experience and the expanding need for our services have made it possible for us to bring the fastest turnaround time to implant and cosmetic dentists all around the globe. We can restore implants from today's most popular brands for your added convenience. The Art of Aesthetics is the Trios dental laboratory you were looking for. 

Attention to Detail

With our excellent background and meticulous attention to detail, we have earned the trust of dentists and dental clinics across the globe. Naturally, The Art of Aesthetics is now among the leading dental laboratories in the world. We have invested time and effort to maintain our high standards and achieve the position where The Art of Aesthetics Trios dental laboratory stands today. We are proud to have been a significant part of many patients' dental restoration journey.

Uncompromised Quality

Our best-trained ceramists will construct your patient's crowns with the utmost attention to detail and accuracy. We guarantee our dental crown will fit perfectly on the model.

Compare our crown with your Trios dental laboratory. Again, why not compare our work with your dental laboratory today? We have experienced techniques to restore unique implant abutments, cosmetics, smile makeovers, full-mouth rehabilitations, and any other needs you may have. Most importantly, we spent decades emphasizing consistency and accuracy, bringing exclusive digital dental laboratory solutions to well-known cosmetic and implant dentists.

Unparalleled Craftsmanship

Our dental technicians are passionate about our work. From the time we receive Trios digital impressions, we ensure that every detail in designing and constructing with utmost precision and accuracy. Undoubtedly, we understand that our work will impact the patient's smiles and lives. As such, our designed and milled implant abutments exemplify unparalleled craftsmanship. Granted, we are proud to have gained a credible position internationally for our craftsmanship that has helped restore thousands of beautiful smiles.

Dental Restorations Worldwide

Our global shipping partner has helped expand our horizon, enabling dentists worldwide to utilize our exceptional Trios dental laboratory. Indeed, we understand that your patients deserve nothing but the best crowns and bridges. Likewise, we value the importance of your time, so we strive to get every case right the first time. Prompt and on-time deliveries are a significant part of The Art of Aesthetics. Simultaneously, with us, you can broaden your dental horizons and earn your patients' satisfaction. With our qualified and experienced cosmetic and implant dental laboratory technicians, you will receive an exact duplicate of your impressions.

Implant Dental Restorations

Again, our technicians are formally educated to handle most implant systems, including Straumann, Zimmer, BioHorizon, 3i, Nobel Biocare, Elos, and many more. Therefore, we have the expertise and knowledge to construct patient-specific implant abutments for your patients' conditions. Our dental implant abutments are constructed from top-quality, FDA-cleared materials, including zirconia and titanium. Try out a few cases with us, and you will see what you have been missing in implant restorations. Send your digital files to The Art of Aesthetics, a Trios dental lab, to try us.

Full Mouth Reconstructions

We have specialists in restoring full-mouth reconstruction cases and smile design makeovers for your high-expecting patients. As a result, we can improve your patients' smiles with either porcelain veneers or e.max veneers combined with aesthetic zirconia crowns.

We Exceed Patient's Expectations

With the advancement in dental technology, your patients' demands have increased. To meet these expectations, we combine modern technology with our highly trained skills to produce the finest restorations. Due to our experienced ceramists and excellent track record, we are confident that our restorations will exceed your expectations. Our CAD/CAM monolithic zirconia crowns and bridges are trusted by dentists worldwide.

The Same Ceramist 

The Art of Aesthetics, a certified Trios Ready dental laboratory, will assign a senior-level technician to serve your practice. This is the unique reason we maintain consistency in our work and simplify communication for you. Also, you will receive the best value for the buck because we will do everything to save costs for our clients without compromising quality.

Precision and Flawless

Notably, our dental technicians attentively fabricate each crown under a ten-times power microscope. Thus, our crowns and bridges will be an excellent fit for your patients. As a result, our crowns and bridges have the lowest remake, adjustment, and repair rates compared to most other labs. The margins, interproximal contacts, and bites are as close as they can be with minimal chairside adjustments.

Spend Less Time in Chairside, See More Patients

If a lab does the job correctly, you should be spending less time in the chairside. Your patients will be happier, and you get to see more patients. After all, why not maximize your time? On the contrary, what's the point if you spend hours adjusting poorly fabricated crowns? What's your hourly rate? Actually, your hourly rate, your "missed" time attending to the next patient, and your time delivering a crown are the actual prices you pay for your crowns. Of course, our experience, expertise, and skill will save you chairside time and help you use your time more efficiently.

Benefits of working with a leading Trios dental laboratory

True, there are many reasons why such a long list of dentists rely on The Art of Aesthetics as their choice dental lab. Quick turnaround times, state-of-the-art equipment, seasoned technicians, helpful customer service staff, expedited shipping — the list goes on! Now, you can, too.

Connect with us through our online contact form and see firsthand what we bring to the table for your Trios digital impressions. Is your intraoral scanner down, or don't you have one yet? Conveniently, we are here to make your business easier and provide you with the option of conventional PVS impressions to fabricate dental restorations. Also, we ask for detailed instructions and prescriptions from you. Subsequently, thoroughly understanding your requirements and preferences for successfully constructing crowns is helpful. Our proficient technicians precisely take each step to produce accurate, consistent, dependable final products.

Why do dental offices across the U.S. turn to us?
  • Attention to detail
  • Superior craftsmanship
  • Excellent communication
  • Expertise and technical supports
  • Nationwide expedited delivery
  • One smile at a time
  • Distance is no issue
Trios Ready Dental Laboratory that Doesn't Rest Until Get It Right

Partner with us as your full-time supplier for your valued patients. And we'll put one technician in charge of all of your cases to facilitate communication and give you the consistency and quality you deserve. Again, please send the prescription, scan, and information for a crown or bridge, along with several pictures of your patient's mouth, for shade-matching purposes. Then, we can have your restoration done to perfection in the lab in as little as a few days. Count on us to give your patients' work the same care you show them in the office.

The Trios Dental Laboratory That Does It All for You

Our well-trained and highly educated technicians constantly go above and beyond to give you the excellence you expect. Please send in your case details and instructions, pictures of the patient to guide us in matching color and fit, and the patient's impressions. And we'll take care of the rest. If you give us a few days in the lab, we can deliver you the finest quality prosthesis. 

It's true! Our digital process lets us save time and money compared to traditional non-digital while improving our precision with computer guidance. Your patients will be thrilled with the new smile provided by our Trios Ready dental laboratory. We strive to achieve consistently accurate results that you can depend on time and time again.

We are among only a handful of dental restoration laboratories that can deliver products to clients worldwide. 

In other words, our shipping partner can safely deliver our products to any address in the world.

Our Commitment to Perfection

We mean it when we say that we strive for nothing less than the best. The Art Of Aesthetics was built on a foundation of accuracy, precision, and dependability. Moreover, we understand how important this is to each patient and how much of a difference it makes in their lives. Therefore, we want to give them every advantage that we can every step of the way.

We are on the same page.

Dealing with noncompetent lab support staff is over. In addition, we will ensure you are satisfied with our work, and you will be equally happy to talk with our support. Our support customer care staff, we learn and know our clients. As such, you are not a stranger when you contact us. Also, you will receive personalized and customized services from us! 

Second to None

If you are exhausted from finding a Trios dental laboratory where you can send your Trios files, you can rely on us. Since we invested so much time and resources, you can take advantage of this by sending your digital files to The Art of Aesthetics today. Also, our primary goal has always been to make the highest-level dental restoration products for all patients. We firmly believe that every patient deserves a perfect smile. Therefore, our passionate team's efforts are directed toward consistently improving our process to ensure we provide uncompromised dental restorations. Please provide us with the Trios account email address today! Contacting us the first time? You can also use the contact page on our website.

We promise it will be worth it.
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