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The Art of Aesthetics is a 3M Midmark True Definition Margin Marking dental lab serving all parts of the world.
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If you have a Midmark 3M True Definition intraoral scanner, consider The Art of Aesthetics as your long-term partner to restore all types of dental crowns and bridges, including implants and cosmetics. Although we are in California, we can deliver to the remotest part of the US and Canada. Besides, you will receive a single unit full-contoured zirconia crown in less than one week from the time you transmit True Definition impressions to us. In addition, you pay no delivery fees once we become your full-time source for all your dental restorations.

Midmark 3M True Definition Margin Marking Dental Laboratory

With the introduction of digital technology in the dental field, our demands are also increasing to adopt modern techniques for precise and consistent outcomes.

The Art of Aesthetics provides many options to our clients in the fabrication of restoration products. For an accurate and desired quality product, please provide us with details about the product you want to restore or fabricate.

How to Connect True Definition Margin Marking Laboratory

We will need the email address associated with your scanner, or you can add The Art of Aesthetics Dental Lab (CA) to your True Definition scanner.

Afterward, our technicians handcraft each case precisely so that the chances of a return for remake and adjustment are minimal. In addition, every crown we fabricate complies with the highest quality standards and goes through rigorous quality tests, which ensure that our clients receive only properly constructed crowns and bridges.

In-House Capability to Fabricate Your Restorations

Our in-house manufacturing capability consistently, precisely, and accurately sets us apart from the rest. For example, we don't rely on a third party or outsource to make a master die model from your True Definition intraoral scanner. In fact, we are one of a few Midmark 3M True Definition Margin Marking dental labs in the United States and Canada. Thus, we can receive your digital files without going through third-party labs. Also, we don't outsource, even customized implant abutments, except, of course, Atlantis and Encode Healing. In addition, we provide our services with a quick turnaround time while maintaining the quality and efficiency of restorations at affordable prices.

Elite-Level Services

The Art of Aesthetics believes in the consistency of our work. The last thing we want is to make your patient unhappy. As your business partner, we want to satisfy every patient and their family. Having a dental laboratory like ours at your disposal is advantageous for digital dentistry with a 3M True Definition intraoral scanner.

Implant Prosthesis

The Art of Aesthetics is a high-quality implant and cosmetic dental laboratory. Our cost-effective dental prostheses are fabricated with the highest quality materials and have a second-to-none consistency. Moreover, we focus on providing custom patient-specific dental restoration products that match the natural tooth and have excellent functionality. Therefore, we pride ourselves on achieving the best results through standardized procedures and modern production technology.

We Mill the Following Products Utilizing True Definition scanned files:
  • Customized zirconia implant abutments and zirconia crowns
  • CAD CAM customized anodized gold titanium implant abutments and emax crowns
  • Customized titanium implant abutments and PFM crowns
  • Screw-retained Straumann Variobase CAD-CAM full-contoured zirconia restorations
  • Monolithic zirconia crowns and bridges – equivalent to BruxZir

Cosmetic Prosthesis

Our cosmetic ceramists can restore your patients' beautiful smiles with the most aesthetic veneers from True Definition impressions. Each veneer is created precisely to match your patients' contours, shades, smile lines, mid-line, and style.

What scans do we need to construct esthetic cosmetic veneers?
  1.  Please scan diagnostic wax-ups or study models using a True Definition intraoral scanner for our reference.
  2. We prefer pre-op and post-op scans as well.
  3. Material choices. We use the best cosmetic veneer materials, such as emax, Empress Esthetic, and porcelain feldspar veneers (feldspathic).
The Art of Aesthetics Guaranteed World-Class Restorations

We value every case equally and take time and effort to minimize flaws and defects in dental restorations. For example, we strictly adhere to the following production procedures to ensure unparalleled quality dental in dental restorations:

  • Technology – When you submit True Definition impressions, our ceramists use the latest technology and techniques to take consistent measurements and fabricate excellent dental restorations.
  • Experienced Master Ceramists – Our technicians have more than a decade of experience in the dental restoration industry.
  • Final Touches – Instead of depending on the latest technology, our ceramists adapt prostheses to the model for accuracy and better fit.
  • Delivery – Missing a deadline for your next patient appointment is unacceptable. Therefore, we will make every effort to deliver our products on time. However, we will notify you in advance if we encounter an issue and cannot deliver before the due date.
Bottom Line

The Art of Aesthetics is a high-end dental laboratory specializing in cosmetic restoration services in the San Francisco, CA, Bay Area. As digital slowly transitions into dentistry, we have also adopted digital technologies. Thus, we can now accept most types of digital impressions, including those from 3M True Definition. Our laboratory is fully digitalized and can convert all non-digital impressions into digital files. In addition, we can print 3D models and wax copings for better accuracy and faster turnaround time.

In choosing us, you select one of the highest levels of a True Definition Margin Marking dental laboratory. Again, the process of sending the True Definition digital impression is straightforward. All we need is your email account associated with your True Definition intraoral scanner. Finally, we accept conventional PVS impressions and convert them into digital files. The Art of Aesthetics partnered with the safest and most dependable delivery service available. As a result, we deliver anywhere, free to our full-time clients, including Canada. Contact us today through our website, text, email, or call our toll-free number.

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