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When you search for a state-of-the-art implant dental lab, The Art Of Aesthetics is where you should begin. We, at The Art Of Aesthetics, are an expedited implant supplier. We have been in the dental implant restoration business for many years. In fact, we are recognized as one of the top implant restoration service providers. Best of all, we will not charge for delivery to our important implant dental offices.

Top Implant Dental Lab Services

Our expert implant technicians are highly skilled, experienced, and talented. Our work’s exceptional quality evidences it in the dental implant crowns and abutments. Not only do our technicians work using the latest technology, but we work with any type and implant platform. Our clients all over the world send us the following implant cases. For example, we are familiar with Straumann, Biomet 3i, Neoss, Zimmer, Encode, Biohorizons, Nobel Biocare, Camlog, Ankylos, Keystone, and more. Also, we work with conventional PVS impressions and digital impressions taken from an intraoral scanner.

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Implant and Cosmetic Combination Services

We have experienced implant-cosmetic ceramists to fabricate all kinds of implant-cosmetic restorations. Our ceramists are not only highly-skilled, we are also talented and artistic. Furthermore, we can duplicate your study model or diagnostic wax-up as long as there is enough reduction.

The Art Of Aesthetics specializes in aesthetic implant and cosmetic restoration services in one location. It allows our clients to send full-mouth reconstructions, smile makeovers, or other difficult cases since not many dental technicians are able to handle these complex and high-tech cases, e.g., 3D model printing, CAD-CAM zirconia implant abutments, and porcelain veneers.

The Art Of Aesthetics has been recognized as an outstanding cosmetic and implant dental lab.

Modern Technology Digital Implant Dental Lab

As a modern technology digital lab, The Art Of Aesthetics is a high-end modern technology digital implant dental lab that focuses on providing the best service to dental offices and clinics around the country. Our logistics are in place to ensure that you’ll receive top-notch service regardless of wherever you are. Furthermore, our service ensures that you will receive excellent implant zirconia crowns and custom abutments.

We will need a study model with photos for multiple unit cosmetic cases such as zirconia full mouth reconstruction or porcelain laminate veneers. If at all possible, please send us a diagnostic wax-up with your multiple unit cases. We will need two shade information for all anterior restorations involving all-porcelain materials such as emax: dentin shade and final crown shade.

Every Step Emphasizes Quality

We don’t rush our processes at any stage. We take the time to ensure that we do the job right the first time. One way in which we minimize mistakes is by getting as much detailed information as possible from you. Pictures, accurate and complete instructions, and anything else you believe will help us do our job correctly are welcome. We accept digital impression files from 3Shape Trios, Align iTero, True Definition, and Cerec Sirona Connect.

The Art Of Aesthetics is a modern technology digital implant dental lab taking digital impressions from around the world.

We are easily accessible. In fact, if you are one of our regular and valuable clients, we are available to meet you in person. You may also get in touch with us through iMessage, email, toll-free telephone number, or website contact form. You can download the lab slip and new client preference form from our website. Call us and find out how we can be your practice partner!

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CAD CAM Customized Titanium Abutments

Custom Implant Abutments Restorations

If you are an accomplished implant dentist who does not want to take risks, The Art Of Aesthetics implant dental lab is now servicing distinguished implant dentists around the country.

Our dental technicians have many years of experience in providing implant dentistry with upscale implant restoration services. These include, for example:

  • Zirconia CAD-CAM customized implant abutments
  • Titanium CAD-CAM customized implant abutments
  • Anodized gold titanium implant abutments
  • max implant crowns
  • Straumann Variobase CAD-CAM full contoured zirconia implant restoration
  • Zimmer Biomet BellaTek Encode Healing Abutments
  • Customized Neoss implant brand
  • Authentic stock implant abutments
  • Gold custom abutments
  • And, many more

Our dental technicians have at least 15 years of experience, in addition to their formal training in dental technology. If you are not happy with your current implant dental lab provider’s quality or price, we are here to provide you with high-quality dental restoration services.

Preference Form

Please take the time to fill out the client preference form, and you won’t have to specify this information again. We will then proceed with the fabrication of dental restorations according to your specifications. The Art Of Aesthetics also restores from your conventional PVS impressions. We need impression copings and analogs for implant cases.

Finally, our dental restoration products are cost-effective, and we make them precisely according to our client’s requirements. Contact us to access our impeccable dental restoration services throughout the United States and worldwide. If you are one of our valuable and regular clients, we will even cover the shipping costs for our clients.

Implant Dental Lab Crown

We have a reputation for our exceptional consistency, clinical expertise, and affordable implant restorative solutions that have helped dentists across the country bring back their patients’ smiles. Our mission has been to keep up with the latest technology and latest materials as we do not want to supply mediocre products to our valuable clients and their patients. To provide top-of-the-line dental crowns and bridges to our distinguished implant dentistry, we accept both PVS impressions as well as digital impressions. You can easily send us intraoral scanned digital impressions.

Our implant dental lab services team includes several highly experienced and skilled dental technicians who are passionate about the responsibilities of constructing implant crowns and bridges to the highest degree and standards.

Compromising on the quality or rushing through the process has never been our practice.

We can produce exceptional quality products that are widely trusted and recommended by many leading implant dentists and dental clinics in the United States.

Some of our implant crowns are:

  • Full contoured zirconia implant crowns
  • Zirconia layered crown over a patient-specific zirconia implant abutment
  • e.max implant crowns
  • Digital porcelain fused to metal (PFM)
  • CAD-CAM full gold crown for implants (FGC)

Please send us a few trial cases to compare with your current implant dental lab. You won’t be disappointed.

Why The Art Of Aesthetics?

If you have been trying to find the right implant restoration provider, consider The Art Of Aesthetics. Why us? With our state-of-the-art technology and experienced lab technicians, we can produce the outstanding dental implant restorations that your patients need.

Here are a few other reasons you should choose The Art Of Aesthetics for your implant dental lab restoration needs:

  • No matter what kind of intraoral scanner you use, we can accept your impressions and create exemplary pieces of restoration. Simply send us your intraoral scanned files from your Align iTero, 3Shape Trios, True Definition, and Sirona Connect – Cerec.
  • As a world-servicing lab, we deliver using the most reliable delivery services to return your cases right to your door.
  • Once you choose to partner with The Art Of Aesthetics, we will assign a dedicated implant technician to restore all your implant cases. This allows us to provide top-quality products to you every time with the consistency you expect.

In order to maintain consistently high quality, we not only keep up with the latest technology, but we also ensure that our team is up-to-date and well-educated in the latest developments of dental restoration techniques. Although we offer dental restoration services at a reasonable price, this does not mean that we compromise on the quality of our dental materials. 

In addition, we assure you that we follow the same quality of service when it comes to delivering dental products to our elite implant dentists.

Our delivery service partners ensure that all packages are safely delivered to dental clinics. Contact The Art Of Aesthetics implant dental lab today and experience firsthand why we are the top choice for your dental practice

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Send Your Implant Cases to a 3Shape Trios Ready

The Art Of Aesthetics is a high-end dental lab serving dental offices. If you need a 3Shape Trios Ready to restore your implant cases from your Trios digital scanner, you can contact us. We make it easy for our clients and provide them with dependable delivery methods to get our services, and our first-level clients pay no delivery charges.

Our implant dental lab fabricates your dental crowns, bridges, cosmetic porcelain veneers, anodized gold titanium or zirconia abutments according to your instructions. We use modern techniques combined with good old hand skills to build highly accurate and precise crown restorations.

We Service Like Your Local IMPLant dental Lab

Even though we may not be local to you, we take care of your business in every regard and provide you affordable in-house printing facilities. The Art Of Aesthetics 3Shape Trios Ready implant dental lab is always focusing on maintaining the highest standard of dental restoration services. We guarantee our dental restorations will produce excellent results for your patients. The Art Of Aesthetics cosmetic and implant dental lab accepts intraoral digital impression files from 3Shape Trios. Also, we work with non-digital impressions. 

We do not expect you to return our finished products for remakes or adjustments.

We take our time and check every step so that we will do our job as perfectly as possible the first time around. However, we will need your cooperation. Please send a study model, shade pictures with shade tabs, and detailed instructions. After all, we want to meet all of your expectations, and we only have whatever you send us to work with.

There is no such thing as too much information when it comes to restoring implant crowns and bridges, especially involving difficult anterior shades.

Moreover, The Art Of Aesthetics’ goal is to make a positive difference in the business of digital dentists and the lives of their patients by delivering quality-driven dental restoration services and products. We use the highest quality materials, modern technologies, and highly experienced dental lab technicians to construct custom restorations.

Leading Expertise – Digital Dentistry

Producing high-quality crowns and bridges from 3Shape Trios digital impressions requires equally skilled craftsmanship of non-digital impressions. Our dedication ensures that our clients and their patients will receive excellent quality products on time and at an excellent rate.

Expeditious Services from an Implant Dental Lab in San Francisco CA

We understand that your demanding patients don’t want to go with a temporary crown longer than necessary. Also, we know that patients don’t want to sit in a dental chair longer than necessary. Therefore, at The Art Of Aesthetics, we want to do our job correctly the first time using all the information and instructions provided by your office. Please provide us with as much detail as possible on your patients’ conditions and preferences. Also, digital pictures help to match the shade.

Please check to ensure that your Trios digital or non-digital impressions don’t have any voids or distortions before you send them to us.

Also, margins should be clearly visible all the way around. If the bite is not stable, please send us a bite record.

All this information will enable us to do our job correctly and minimize the chance of remake or adjustment.

You can connect to us by selecting “The Art Of Aesthetics” implant dental lab from your 3Shape Trios intraoral scanner. Our shipping to our valuable clients is at no charge. If you have any questions, please fill out our contact form.

3Shape Trios Ready Dental Laboratory
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Express Dental Implant Restoration Services
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Align iTero Partner Implant Dental Lab

Once dentists try The Art Of Aesthetics, they most likely will return to us. We service selected cosmetic and implant dentistry in the US. In fact, our restoration services and support services are outstanding. In other words, our implant dental lab promises to make our dental practice partners feel at home with our exceptional restorations. Whether you are looking for cosmetic porcelain veneers or the most aesthetic zirconia crowns, we construct all types of restorations. Our technology, along with our highly experienced technicians, result in high caliber products and allow us to stay competitive.

We use CAD-CAM technology to design products, including implant PFM and FGC to ensure maximum precision and accuracy. Our formally educated and experienced dental technicians perform the final check of contacts, shade, and fit before delivering to your office.

The Art Of Aesthetics iTero scanner services maintains high levels of consistency.

Our in-house 3D model printing capability gives us a significant advantage when it comes to creating products from your iTero digital impressions. It is easy to send us your case files, as you can simply choose The Art Of Aesthetics from your Align iTero scanner.

You can get more accurate anterior restoration if you send us photos or study models with your impressions.

Contact The Art Of Aesthetics iTero implant dental lab today to provide high-quality products to your patients. We even pay for pickup and delivery charges for our valued clients. Since you can send your cases from your iTero scanner, we are not much different from your local Align iTero dental lab.

Select The Art Of Aesthetics Implant Dental Lab today.

By working with the right restoration Align iTero Partner, your practice is able to manage restoration cases easily and efficiently. Doesn’t that sound like it would save a lot of time and stress?

Here at The Art Of Aesthetics, we specialize in working with dental practices spread out across the United States, allowing them to take advantage of the resources we have at our implant dental lab.

As an Align Cadent iTero Partner lab, we are ready to go to work as your choice iTero dental lab, helping you to use this cutting-edge piece of equipment to communicate with our team.

Our technicians and support staff are ready to make the process simple — here’s how.

  • We will show you how to link your scanner up to our lab directly — all it takes is a few easy steps. This means you can send us digital impressions and other information that is pertinent to your case. We’ll get it immediately and get to work developing a design.
  • If you’re looking for an implant dental lab where you can interact with a familiar face, then you’ll appreciate that we assign a dedicated technician to handle all of your cases. This gives you peace of mind that your case is in the worthy hands of one of our seasoned technicians.
  • The highly aesthetic prosthetics look amazing and fit great, requiring fewer adjustments with your patients. We do this while providing competitive pricing and convenient service.

The Art Of Aesthetics delivers quick turnaround times and we also offer in-house 3D model printing capability for faster turnaround time and to save costs. We’ll even ship your case for free if you’re a regular client.

Again, if you need a proven implant dental lab, which is exactly what you get when you work with The Art Of Aesthetics, an Align Cadent iTero Partner Lab in San Francisco CA Bay.

CEREC Implant Dental Lab

Welcome to The Art Of Aesthetics, a worthy resource for any local dental practice that is looking for a lab for your Cerec digital impressions. Cerec dental offices rely on a third party supplier for things like implant restoration and other cosmetic dental work. At The Art Of Aesthetics, our cutting-edge lab might be located out in the San Francisco CA Bay Area, but we’re still a worthy Cerec implant dental lab because we provide a streamlined process and we can even help you put your Cerec intraoral scanner to good use.

Do you use a Cerec intraoral scanner?

This is a great tool for dentists and provides an easy, comfortable way to capture detailed impressions of a patient’s mouth. In fact, you can connect your scanner directly to our lab. To connect with us, find us searching our zip code 95403 Santa Rosa CA. Then select “The Art Of Aesthetics” on your Cerec scanner. We’re not just a Sirona Connect — we also accept PVS impressions.

Offering premium class service

If you’re looking for a Cerec implant dental lab that provides quality work and quick turnaround times, you have come to the right place. In short, we have seasoned technicians that will leverage our decades of knowledge and experience to your case. The Art Of Aesthetics is one of the only labs that assign a dedicated technician for your implant cases, as well. This ensures that your case constructs efficiently and that you and your patients will be thrilled with the finished product.

Experience the competitive benefits that come with choosing The Art Of Aesthetics as your choice Sirona Connect. We’re ready to hear from you about your needs.

Worldwide Servicing Implant Dental Lab

For a worldwide servicing implant dental lab, contact The Art Of Aesthetics based in San Francisco CA Bay. We provide excellent quality restoration services to dentists and dental offices around the world.

In fact, distance is not an issue for us.

After all, we offer free shipping to our regular clients in the United States and other parts of the world.

We Never Compromise Quality

At our dental lab, we never compromise on the quality of restorations, and we value every case. By choosing us, you will receive implant restoration done by our expert technicians using modern technology. With many years of experience and knowledge, our technicians can restore all types of restorations with precision and accuracy.

Full contoured zirconia crowns are one example of the latest technology that we can provide you. Using the latest techniques, our talented technicians can take care of your difficult cases that other labs may shy away from restoring. You can call us to get dependable restoration for your patients. Again, at our implant dental lab, you can send your Trios, Cerec, or iTero digital impressions files. Then, be assured that we will construct beautiful, flawless, aesthetic emax or zirconia implant crowns and bridges.

We will always complete your orders in a timely and efficient manner.

Moreover, we follow deadlines very closely to deliver your cases before your patient’s appointment.

Again, distance is not an issue since we receive your digital impressions electronically and instantly. We will cover return delivery for all our valuable clients. 

In Summary

The Art of Aesthetics is a world-class implant dental lab. In fact, our team can show you the simple, easy way of connecting your practice’s intraoral scanner directly with our lab or simply select “The Art Of Aesthetics” from the scanner.

We focus on quality and efficiency. At The Art of Aesthetics, we know that in order to best treat your patients, you need a reliable lab that will streamline the process. Not to mention, The Art of Aesthetics has some of the best and brightest technicians on our team paired with cutting-edge equipment. We have in-house 3D model printing capability for faster turnaround time and to save costs.

Finally, we assign a dedicated technician who will take the lead on all your cases. On a day-to-day basis, we have a support staff that is available during business hours to field your questions.

In other words, we cover your needs and we’re here if you ever need an update on your case.

Get quality dental prosthetics

The Art Of Aesthetics can restore virtually any brand of dental implant and we specialize in bridges, crowns, veneers, and other prosthetics. Again, we offer free shipping for our regular customers and we make sure you get your case back quickly — turnaround time for a complete implant crown and abutment restorations is only two weeks in the lab.

We’re ready to work closely with you to bring quality treatment to your patients.

Connect with us right now and get started.