Full-Service Trios Dental Laboratory

The Art Of Aesthetics is a full-service Trios dental laboratory in Las Vegas NV and Santa Rosa CA, San Francisco CA North Bay. We provide your practice with high premium quality dental restorations such as crowns and bridges. Look no further because we can promise you that we will be the last fixed restoration dental laboratory. In addition, we also fabricate removable such as partials and dentures.

In our implant and cosmetic dental laboratory, we use many different types and brands of adjustable articulators such as Stratos, Denar, Hanau, Whipmix, Whip Mix, and Ceramill Amann Girrbach. Please check with us before you send your valuable articulator. Please use your own adjustable articulator and mounting plates to mount and adjust before sending a full mouth reconstruction case to us. Be sure to include the bite registration. Please do not send your articulator as we do not wish your articulator to get damaged or lost in transit.

Again, please do not forget to include the information about the type and model of your articulator so we can use the same brand and calibrated articulator. It may be necessary to remount your case in our lab depending on the actual calibration of the articulator.

Mounting Adjustable Articulator

Here are sample pictures of an articulator for a smile makeover, full mouth reconstruction articulation, or cosmetic articulation. The Art Of Aesthetics, a full-service Trios dental laboratory can provide you pictures like this for you to check the articulation and case mounting either be a full mouth reconstruction case or a partial or a denture case. We will accommodate every request to make your full mouth restoration as easier as possible.

The Art Of Aesthetics implant dental laboratory is here for you and for your practice. Do you need to discuss an upcoming full-mouth complex case? Does it have implant fixtures? Need a customized abutment?  Call us now to discuss!

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The Art Of Aesthetics 3Shape Trios Ready


The bottom line is The Art Of Aesthetics full-service Trios dental laboratory is a premium implant and cosmetic dental laboratory. For precision, accuracy, and consistency, we use the best adjustable articulators in the market today such as Stratos, Denar, Hanau, Whipmix, Whip Mix, and Ceramill Amann Girrbach to mount your full mouth reconstruction or smile makeover case.


Top-Quality Full-Service Trios Dental Laboratory


If you are having difficulty finding a top-quality full-service Trios dental laboratory, then now is the right time to contact us. There are many Trios dental laboratories in the United States, and you might be overwhelmed when selecting a suitable lab for your practice. The Art Of Aesthetics dental laboratory has been serving dental offices around the country.


The Art Of Aesthetics Trios dental laboratory has been serving needs in dental technology for three decades in San Francisco CA North Bay. We restore different varieties of fixed and removable dental restorations, such as cosmetic porcelain veneers, partials and dentures, crowns and bridges, zirconia and titanium custom implant abutments, modeless CAD-CAM monolithic full zirconia crowns from your Trios impressions, and model-less e.max crowns.


You can send your cosmetic and implant cases from your Trios scanner or most other brands of intraoral scanners. Also, The Art Of Aesthetics can deliver restoration cases to you free of charge for our valuable dentists. As a matter of fact, we can deliver after just three days of lab time. To get started, you can download our lab slip from our website for implant and cosmetic restoration cases.


Call our customer support for further details or call us for pick up today! Please don’t forget to send us your non-digital impressions, especially for implant restorations. We need an impression coping and laboratory analog to pour a master die model in addition to an impression. Better yet, simply select us from your 3Shape Trios intraoral scanner, and many more. If you need help to connect with us, give us a call or provide us with your email address that is associated with your intraoral scanner.


Top-Rated Trios Dental Laboratory


If your full-service Trios dental laboratory cannot provide you with premium quality implant abutments, crowns, and cosmetic dental restorations, try The Art Of Aesthetics 3Shape Trios Ready dental laboratory. You will find technicians and experts with years of experience. We service upscale implant and cosmetic dentists in the United States.


Our top-rated dental laboratory has high-technology dental equipment and techniques, which gives us an edge in providing professional dentistry according to your patients’ needs. If you have restoration cases, you will receive more benefits, such as having a qualified technician dedicated to working with your cases. Only one dedicated technician will restore all your cases.


Our in-house 3D model printing is very cost-effective. Not many other labs can beat The Art Of Aesthetics when it comes to ensuring high-quality and fast turnaround time – as fast as just three days for a single-unit restoration from Trios digital files. This is faster than many full-service Trios dental laboratory.


Last but not least, our team of qualified technical and clinical support staff is always available to help you. With The Art Of Aesthetics 3Shape Trios Ready dental laboratory, you can get excellent quality products in one place, such as gold anodized titanium screw-retained implant restorations. If you have an iTero intraoral scanner, then look no further. Please fill out the contact form. And provide us with your Trios scanner email ID. Then, select The Art Of Aesthetics. Please compare our monolithic zirconia crowns with your current 3Shape Trios Ready dental laboratory. See the difference for yourself.


World-Class Full-Service Dental Laboratory Restoration


At our The Art Of Aesthetics 3Shape Trios Ready dental laboratory, we provide world-class implant and cosmetic dental restoration services to top-notch dentists and dental offices in the United States and across the globe. We enjoy working with Trios digital impressions.


Our dental laboratory restorations are dependable, reliable, and, best of all, we are competitive.


Our dental technicians are highly experienced and formally trained in dental implant techniques.


The Art Of Aesthetics is a finer quality cosmetic and implant dental laboratory trusted by many distinguished dentists in the United States.


For the high quality of zirconia and emax implant crowns and bridges, please send us your intraoral Trios digital impressions and pictures of your patients. We promise to fabricate dental restorations and implants that fit well. However, we ask our clients precise, detailed information on the restorations so that we can construct the desired dental prosthetics.


Certified 3Shape Trios Ready


We received a certification as a 3Shape Trios Ready dental laboratory and now service select implant and cosmetic dental offices. We are known for providing the highest quality dental restoration services to implant and cosmetic dentistry. Our world-renowned cosmetic dentistry recommends our porcelain laminate veneers because we can provide precisely what our clients need, from diagnostic wax-ups to aesthetic porcelain veneers.


The Art Of Aesthetics, a full-service Trios dental laboratory, is a technologically advanced digital dental laboratory. Our technicians have the skill sets needed to do top-notch restorations, whether it is crowns, bridges, emax crowns, e.max veneers, porcelain veneers, smile makeovers, full-mouth reconstructions, implant abutments, partials, or dentures.


With us, you will only have to deal with one customer service technician and one technical support person who will be assigned to all of your cases. Thus, you will not be frustrated that you don’t know who to talk to when you need to discuss critical instructions. For our implant restorations, we can customize zirconia and titanium implant abutments to implant crowns and bridges.


Usually, one technician does all the work for high consistency and to offer the same style and the same design every time.


The Art Of Aesthetics 3Shape Trios Ready dental laboratory restores almost all types of cosmetic products while offering competitive market prices. We also cover all delivery charges to our valuable clients


Well-Established Cosmetic Dental Laboratory


The Art Of Aesthetics is a well-established 3Shape Trios Ready dental laboratory. We cater to all your patients’ unique cosmetic restoration needs. By equipping our labs with state-of-the-art technology and handpicking the most skilled technicians, The Art Of Aesthetics cosmetic dental laboratory has become a leading full-service Trios dental laboratory.


If you are looking to find a professional team of cosmetic dental restoration experts to work on your cases, you have reached the right place. With our team of dental technicians, you will receive uncompromised work quality at a reasonable price


We offer most restoration materials and services making it possible to get everything done under one roof.


Clients who use our premium dental laboratory complement our work for being:


  • Easy to deliver
  • No adjustment or very minimal adjustments needed
  • Excellent shade match
  • Perfect seamless margins
  • Very consistent
  • Beautiful full zirconia crowns
  • One person to talk (no switching from technician to technician)


At The Art Of Aesthetics, a full-service Trios dental laboratory, you can easily find some of the finest quality products such as hybrid screw-retained implant restorations, zirconia crowns and bridges, emax crowns and bridges, e.max crown, porcelain fused to metal (PFM), a full gold crown (FGC), cosmetic porcelain veneers, and many more.


To connect your 3Shape Trios scanner with our lab, provide your scanner associated email address before choosing us.


Well-Trained Technicians


We are an advanced cosmetic and implant dental laboratory known for providing elite dental restoration services. From cosmetic veneers, bridges, and crowns to implant restorations for all major brands, we are an all-in-one place laboratory that will do your restorations according to your unique preferences.


The Art Of Aesthetics, a full-service Trios dental laboratory, excels in our cosmetic dental laboratory services. After serving our customers for many decades, we have earned an exceptional reputation for providing excellent restoration services. Likewise, we enjoy working with conventional PVS impressions and digital intraoral scanned impressions.


Our well-trained technicians use state-of-the-art technology, the latest laboratory techniques, and 3D model printing. We can save you costs while producing high-quality products. Moreover, we can construct all types of fixed-restoration and removable, such as partials and dentures. Our fixed products include crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, cosmetic veneers, and implant abutments utilizing the latest dental materials such as zirconia, titanium, gold, palladium, emax, Empress, and high-grade porcelains.


The well-trained technicians at full-service Trios dental laboratory have received formal training in addition to many years of experience to handle your most difficult cases. Some digital dental laboratories may not utilize qualified and well-trained dental technicians for a smile makeover designing. They may not even understand the clinical or functional aspects of dental products. This is the primary reason why we keep most of our cases in-house under the care of our well-trained technicians so that we can restore your products correctly the first time.


This is evidenced by the many clients who trust our expertise and evaluation of cases.


Our technical support is here to discuss upcoming cases, be it smile makeovers, difficult implant restorations, single-unit anterior shade matches, or full-mouth reconstructions. Call our front office staff today to get started.


Not Your Typical Full-Service Trios Dental Laboratory


The Art Of Aesthetics is not your typical 3Shape Trios Ready dental laboratory.


  • First, all of our regular clients are assigned a dedicated technician with many years of experience and high qualifications.
  • Second, we can provide you technical expertise on implant and cosmetic restorations.
  • Third, we ship to any location in the United States, Canada, and around the world, free of charge for our regular clients. Our delivery services are dependable and quicker than most other companies.


You can choose us today and access a technologically-driven digital dental laboratory.


The Art Of Aesthetics Full-Service Trios Dental Laboratory handpicked high-skilled and experienced technicians who can restore implant and cosmetic veneers according to your specifications. Just tell us what your requirements are.


We are not your typical 3Shape Trios Ready Dental Laboratory.


As a partner in the dental business, we consider your success to be our success. Thus, we support digital marketing to our valuable clients.


Our implant and cosmetic technicians work only on their respective cases, from start to finish, which brings greater efficiency and accuracy to our dental restorations.


Finally, we will always have your back, supporting you technically and clinically in your cosmetic and implant dentistry. Typically, all these benefit services are quite expensive with other typical dental labs. However, our dental laboratory services are reasonable and very competitively priced. Our Trios laboratory service fees are all-inclusive and there are no hidden costs or surprises. Select The Art Of Aesthetics from your 3Shape Trios intraoral scanner today.


Get the Most out of a Full-Service Trios Dental Laboratory


We are a full-service Trios dental laboratory servicing a few select cosmetic dental offices around the world. Our clients are top-rated cosmetic dentists in the United States, as we have the most qualified and talented dental technicians working in our laboratory.


The Art Of Aesthetics is known to be the most consistent dental laboratory among our clients. We are not here for just one or two initial cases. Ultimately, we hope to create a long-term partnership with your dental practices. At our dental laboratory, we use cutting-edge technology and professional technicians who can work on non-digital PVS impressions as well as digital impressions, systematically delivering a fast turnaround for implant restorations. We need only two weeks for complete full-mouth reconstruction cases.


If you have purchased a high technology and reliable intraoral digital 3D scanner, but feel like you’re not getting the most benefits from it, please reach out to our full-service Trios dental laboratory. Connecting to us is simple. All you have to do is select The Art Of Aesthetics from your 3Shape Trios 3D intraoral scanner.


We Select and Service Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry


The Art Of Aesthetics is a renowned 3Shape Trios Ready dental laboratory that delivers excellent, one-of-a-kind products. We are a well-established and technologically advanced digital dental laboratory for implant abutments and implant restorations, crowns, bridges, and many other services and solutions. We offer free shipping to all our regular clients using the fastest and most reliable shipping methods.


If you are looking for extraordinary crowns and bridges without paying outrageous prices, then look no further. Choose The Art Of Aesthetics Full-Service Dental Laboratory. At our dental laboratory, you will be able to take advantage of our state-of-the-art, in-house 3D model printing. This way, you won’t need to spend more than is necessary and we offer a much faster turnaround time.


In Summary


For implant and cosmetic restorations services, you have come to the right place, because our renowned 3Shape Trios Ready dental laboratory can provide you with elite-level products, for example:


  • Zirconia-titanium hybrid screw-retained implant restorations
  • Gold anodized titanium screw-retained implant restorations
  • Monolithic zirconia crowns and bridges
  • Porcelain cosmetic veneers
  • Modeless emax crowns and veneers
  • And much more


Connect to us with your 3Shape Trios intraoral scanner, fill in the contact form, or find us by searching The Art Of Aesthetics.


We welcome all dental offices who are searching for dental laboratory services that are second to none.


Contact Us


For The Art Of Aesthetics Full-Service Trios Dental Laboratory restorations, contact us. Our knowledgeable technician will guide you through the process, and provide you with information regarding our complete range of dental restoration products.


Reliable Shipping Service


The Art Of Aesthetics cosmetic and implant dental laboratory has partnered with the most dependable delivery company that helps us deliver your implant cases safely to your dental clinic or office. We also offer free shipping to our regular clients regardless of location, anywhere in the world.


To receive the premium quality services from our full-service Trios dental laboratory, simply fill our contact form. Better yet, select us from your 3Shape Trios scanner today. Welcome to 3Shape Trios Ready dental laboratory. The Art Of Aesthetics is your preferred source for all your cosmetic and implant restoration needs.