Skilled Cosmetic Ceramist

Skilled Cosmetic Ceramists

Dental ceramists are technicians whose specialty is working with ceramics or porcelain materials in a cosmetic dental lab. Arguably, ceramists don’t handle alloys or precious metals regularly but utilize ceramics to fabricate crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays, and onlays. Advanced or master ceramists are those who deal with cosmetic products such as all-porcelain crowns and cosmetic veneers for a wide range of conditions. Dental cosmetic conditions are typically called smile makeovers, full mouth reconstructions, and other dental restorations. 

Why Can Machines not Replace Skilled Ceramists?

Nowadays, many dental restorations such as same-day crowns, inlays, and onlays are “milled” in dental offices utilizing a portable chairside milling machine. Examples of CNC machines are Dentsply Sirona Cerec, Planmeca, and Ivoclar Programill. Some people can think that this machine will eventually replace dental ceramists. However, those who pitch such ideas have no knowledge of working in the cosmetic dental lab or aesthetic restorations. A machine may partially replace some processes, such as digital or computer-aided designing and manufacturing (also known as CAD CAM). However, a machine cannot replace the essential part of the fabrication. If a patient desires cosmetic veneers for a functional purpose, one of these machines may or may not replace ceramists. However, aesthetically speaking, machines can’t replace humans or skilled dental cosmetic ceramists. 

For example, mass-produced cars, jewelry, handbags, or watches utilize robotics or machines for their manufacturing process, at least most parts. However, fine designer handbags, watches, jewelry, or even cars (for example, Rolls Royce) are handcrafted by experienced and skilled masters in their fields. For this reason, one of our world-renowned cosmetic dentists, such as Dr. Oppenheim, one of a handful of AACD Fellowship (The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry), come to The Art of Aesthetics for all his cosmetics or even everyday dental lab restoration needs.

Functional & Aesthetical

There might be patients who are satisfied with functionality only. For example, for older patients, machine-made products should be sufficient. However, if you are keen on aesthetic appearance and functionality, you may need experienced and skilled master ceramists to restore your smile to the utmost aesthetically as well as a natural appearance.

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