Important Note

The Art Of Aesthetics top quality dental labs in Santa Rosa CA and Las Vegas NV is a complete, high-end dental laboratory that is committed to the highest quality, service, and technology. Quality is emphasized throughout every step of our production process. One way for us to avoid error is to have as much information as possible. Therefore, please send detailed information, such as the name of the patient, potential problems, visual aids (photos, graphics, drawings, samples, etc.), and anything else that will help us to investigate and take appropriate corrective actions. Without this information, we cannot identify the “root” cause and act accordingly. Please read our instructions carefully, as they contain a lot of important information.

Your case will be placed on hold if any information or components are missing. It will save time and trouble if you perform the simple check below before you send a case to The Art Of Aesthetics top quality dental labs.

By cutting costs on certain non-critical factors, you save money, as well. Help us save on costs, so that we can maintain our low prices. We need your cooperation:

  • Combine shipments to us
  • If possible, give us an extra day, so we can combine shipments
  • Check your impression – make sure you have a very clear line of margin, void of distortion. Without this margin line, even the computer scanner cannot read the margin. If the margin is not visible, pour it up and check before you send it.

Custom shade matches: Every patient is unique with regard to shade. There are many factors that contribute to shade selection, such as dentin shades, translucency, unusual lines, calcification, a glass-like look, and the list goes on. Even more challenging is when a patient has bleached teeth. Please educate the patient that some shades cannot be reproduced. In our lab, we use most common shade guides, such as VITA Classic, VITA 3D-Master, Ivoclar Chromascop, Ivoclar Bleach, Ivoclar Stump Shade, Trubyte Trublend, Dentsply Portrait IPN, and Trubyte Bioform.

Please tape the shade guides on the lab slip if you are sending your own shade tab to The Art Of Aesthetics top quality dental labs. For difficult shades, take as many pictures as possible, including shots from different angles, with light, without light, and full mouth showing anterior teeth. Make sure to place the shade guide tabs (two or more for comparison) next to the tooth when taking photos for custom shade matches. Send shade pictures or email electronic pictures to us. When emailing photos, always reference the patient’s name and the name of the doctor on the subject line.