Consistency, Accuracy, & Precision Dental Restoration

Consistency and Accuracy Dental Laboratory in Las Vegas NV

The Art of Aesthetics dental laboratory is a highly reputable laboratory. We specialize in the finest quality dental restorations and full mouth reconstructions. We restore premium crowns and bridges tailored to meet all of your needs. We are fully aware of that it is very difficult for a dentist to trust a dental laboratory, especially if you have never used us before.

We promise that we will earn your business with every single case until the last day of your practice and retire from dentistry. We don’t take any single case for granted! It is our privilege to be part of your dentistry to make every case a beautiful smile, one patient at a time.

During the last decade, many small local dental laboratories have been saturated, forcing the owners to retire or sell to a larger dental laboratory. The Art Of Aesthetics is still strong, with many royal-based clients due to our persistently and consistently producing the highest quality restoration to our upscale clients. They want nothing but the finest restored cosmetic veneers and implant crowns and bridges. 

Recently, many of our finest dentists sold their practices and retired. For this reason, we are looking for a few upscale dentistries to replace them. When they sold their practice, they told us that we were the best and the last dental laboratory ever used during his/her 30-40 years of practice. We still receive many commendations on how “every crown drops in,” “patient cried because our beautiful veneers,” “bringing her smile back,” and on. Every time we receive those commendations, we are humbled and motivate us to do better the next time. We have no room for boast or pride.

If you are one of those dentists with impeccable margins and preparation, or if you are one of those upscale quality-driven dentists who expect nothing but the finest restoration for your patient’s oral health, then you came to the right place, digital or non-digital dentistry equally. Even your practice is located in the remotest part of the world; we can provide the finest restoration services using the most dependable shipping partner in the world.

Thank you for your interest in our premium dental laboratory services. We look forward to working with you.

The Art Of Aesthetics is: 

  • Implant Dental Laboratory
  • Cosmetic Dental Laboratory
  • 3Shape Trios Ready Dental Laboratory
  • Midmark True Definition Margin Marking Dental Laboratory
  • Align iTero Laboratory Partner Dental Laboratory
  • Sirona inLab Connect Cerec Dental Laboratory