Dental Lab for Cosmetic Dentists

Contact us for the smile makeover and porcelain laminate veneers you have been looking for to serve your patients using a dental lab for cosmetic dentists. The Art Of Aesthetics provides our cosmetic restoration services across US states. We deliver high-quality and unparalleled cosmetic restoration services to top cosmetic dentists and dental offices around the country. We have a specialized team of dental cosmetic technicians who are highly trained to construct porcelain laminate veneers and diagnostic wax-ups.

For the fabrication of aesthetic porcelain veneers, we use the finest materials, such as IPS e.max, Empress Esthetic, and porcelain powders. The Art Of Aesthetics has up-to-date technology and excellent skills that will fulfill your expectations. We accept most intraoral digital impressions such as Align iTero, 3Shape Trios, Midmark 3M True Definition, Cerec, Carestream, and more. You can select us from your scanner by searching for “The Art Of Aesthetics.” We assure you that our cosmetic and smile makeover restorations will comfortably fit your patients.

The Art Of Aesthetics Dental Lab
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Using the latest techniques, we take precise measurements to produce the perfect emax layered veneers or porcelain cosmetic veneers for your patients. As a dental lab for cosmetic dentists, we want to produce excellent results for you and your patients. Contact us by calling our toll-free number or send us an email. With our superb customer service, you will have a smooth and pleasant experience for many years to come.

The Art Of Aesthetics can construct 10- or 20-unit laminate veneers and deliver them free to your office, anywhere in the world. Please be sure to include the study model or pictures of your desired outcome. Contact us today for a free shipping label if you have non-digital impressions.

An Aesthetic Cosmetic Dental Lab

To all cosmetic dentists, The Art Of Aesthetics is the country’s leading dental lab for cosmetic dentists providing high caliber and precise cosmetic dental restorations. We are a dental lab with a complete range of dental restoration products. We provide upscale cosmetic dentists with our high quality, precise, and affordable dental prosthetics.

The Art Of Aesthetics has a highly trained team of dental technicians who restore cosmetic veneer cases to a perfect fit for the patient’s existing conditions provided to us by the dentists.

We understand your time is valuable. Therefore, we will do everything but sacrifice quality to save you time in delivering our porcelain veneers. If our crowns take longer than ten minutes of chairside time, we want your feedback. We are fully digitalized, even converting PVS impressions to digital files.

As a dental lab for cosmetic dentists, we strive to establish a long-lasting partnership with our clients. Based on your feedback and two-way communication, we improve our services.

We have in-house cosmetic implant experts to restore most implant systems and brands. Our in-house customized zirconia is a popular choice for many cosmetic dental restorations. Also, we also offer anodized gold titanium implant abutments and Straumann Variobase CAD-CAM full contoured zirconia one-piece implant restoration. We deliver our products free of delivery charges to our regular clients. Contact us to become our partner in a prestigious dental practice by joining The Art Of Aesthetics, a dental lab for cosmetic dentists.

Digital Dental Lab for Cosmetic Dentists

As an upscale cosmetic dentist, you can now choose The Art Of Aesthetics. We are a premium dental lab for cosmetic dentists restoring cosmetic porcelain veneers.

A Bridge Between Traditional and Digital dentistry

We accept both traditional PVS impressions and digital impressions for products such as PFM and FGC, or digital products such as full contoured titanium and zirconia crowns and bridges. We have a cosmetic team of dental experts to fabricate porcelain laminate veneers, smile makeovers, and full-mouth restoration for your patients.

Our Product Selection

The Art Of Aesthetics prints 3D models for the following restorations:

  • E.max pressed layered crowns and emax veneers
  • Digitalized full gold crown
  • CAD-CAM full zirconia crown
  • Digital porcelain fused to metal PFM
  • CAD-CAM zirconia layered crowns and bridges
  • CAD-CAM zirconia custom implant abutments
  • Porcelain veneers

As a dental lab for cosmetic dentists, in order to achieve the highest level of dentistry, we ask for your help:

  • First, please send us detailed instructions so that we can do our job correctly and reduce the chance of remake or repair.
  • Second, please double-check your impressions to assure that all margins are visible before sending them to us. We strongly recommend a double-cord method when taking even digital impressions.
  • Finally, we believe in a strong partnership with our clients, and assign a dedicated technician to restore all your cases. It is our goal to understand your preferences personalize each crown for you and your unique patients.

Again, we deliver our products to our valued clients free of charge. You can contact us through our website or connect with us through your intraoral scanner.

Our Unique Client Supports

Our dental lab for cosmetic dentists provides unique client supports which includes digital intraoral scanners, digital marketing, clinical, and technical supports. Why work with The Art Of Aesthetics?

In Summary

There are certainly many different cosmetic labs to choose from. But, at The Art Of Aesthetics, we have set ourselves apart in a crowded market place, providing our partnering dentists with a whole host of competitive benefits.

Consider the fact that The Art Of Aesthetics, a dental lab for cosmetic dentists

  • Features a cutting-edge lab that provides precision work
  • Can restore dental implants of almost any brand
  • Provides in-house 3D model printing capability for faster turnaround time and to save costs
  • Ships to regular clients for free anywhere in the nation
  • Provides you with a dedicated technician to oversee all of your cases
  • Gives you access to our responsive support staff
  • Accepts digital impressions from a variety of scanners and also works with PVS impressions

With The Art Of Aesthetics dental lab for cosmetic dentists, your restoration work is in good hands. See for yourself by connecting with our team through our online contact form.