Zirconia Dental Lab

The Art Of Aesthetics, a zirconia dental lab, provides our services to high-end dentists in the US. We specialize in the dental restoration of zirconia crowns and bridges. As a digital lab, we accept digital and non-digital impressions. Also, we provide our services to some expert implant dentists and prosthodontists in the United States. We offer excellent implant dental restoration services at competitive prices with fast delivery.

As an outstanding digital zirconia dental lab, we accept intraoral digital impressions from digital dentistry. For instance, we work with 3Shape Trios intraoral scanner, Align iTero, Cerec, and various other intraoral scanners. As a result, we construct restorations that are an exact fit to the 3D models or master die models.

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Cosmetic Zirconia Dental Lab

For impressions, either digital or non-digital, please be sure that all margins are clearly visible. Also, specify your first choice of material and back-up material if you are unsure which materials would work the best. If you are sending more than two impressions, please clearly mark which one we should use to pour a master die model. Like all other digital labs, our zirconia dental lab prefers to work with good impressions.

Also, please note that when using modeless full-contoured zirconia or e.max crowns from your intraoral scanned files, we take no responsibility for proper fitting since we don’t have any models to check. Therefore, please let us know if you prefer to print 3D models or prefer modeless restoration.

At The Art Of Aesthetics zirconia dental lab, our quality control technicians inspect the final steps to avoid the chance of repairs or remakes.

We are a one-stop lab.

In other words, we restore all your dental restoration services in one place. Therefore, if you are unhappy with your lab, The Art Of Aesthetics is an excellent choice for your restoration cases. In conclusion, it is always challenging and risky to rely on a new dental lab because you do not know them. However, if you are one of those dentists who want to find and choose the most suitable dental lab for your valuable patients, then look no further. Choose The Art Of Aesthetics, a digital zirconia dental lab.