Well-Trained Technicians 3Shape Trios Dental Laboratory

The well-trained technicians from The Art Of Aesthetics 3Shape Trios dental laboratory are now servicing Newark NJ and all parts of New Jersey. We are an advanced cosmetic and implant dental laboratory known for providing elite dental restoration services. From cosmetic veneers, bridges, and crowns to implant restorations for all major brands, we are an all-in-one place laboratory that will do your restorations according to your unique preferences.

The Art Of Aesthetics 3Shape Trios Ready dental laboratory excels in our digital dental laboratory services. After serving our customers for many decades, we have earned an exceptional reputation for providing excellent restoration services. Our well-trained technicians enjoy working with conventional PVS impressions and digital intraoral scanned impressions. We are a 3Shape Trios dental laboratory, servicing all of Newark NJ implants and cosmetic dental offices.

Our well-trained technicians use state-of-the-art technology, the latest laboratory techniques, and 3D model printing. We can save you costs while producing high-quality products. Since we are a full-service dental laboratory, we can construct all types of fixed-restoration products and removables, such as partials and dentures. Our fixed products include crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, cosmetic veneers, and implant abutments utilizing the latest dental materials such as zirconia, titanium, gold, palladium, emax, Empress, and high-grade porcelains.

The well-trained technicians at our 3Shape Trios dental laboratory have received formal training and many years of experience to handle your most difficult cases. Some digital dental laboratories may not utilize qualified and well-trained dental technicians for computer designing. They may not even understand the clinical or functional aspects of dental products. This is the primary reason why we keep most of our cases in-house under the care of our well-trained technicians so that we can restore your products correctly the first time. This is evidenced by the many clients who trust our expertise and evaluation of cases. Our technician support is here to discuss upcoming cases, be it smile makeovers, difficult implant restorations, single-unit anterior shade matches, or full-mouth reconstructions. Call our front office staff today to get started. We will send you a shipping label from Newark NJ. Contact our well-trained technicians 3Shape Trios dental laboratory.

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