Washington Trios Ready Dental Laboratory

We provide outstanding dental restoration services to cosmetic and implant dentists as a Washington Trios Ready dental laboratory in Washington DC. The Art Of Aesthetics 3Shape Trios Ready dental laboratory is a top-tier digital dental laboratory for top-class restorations in one location. We are not strangers to cosmetic and implant dentistry in Washington DC, as we have provided excellent service to many clients in the area for decades.

The dental technicians of our 3Shape Trios dental laboratory are highly skilled, experienced, and capable of working with modern digital technology to construct accurate and precise dental products according to your requirements. We work with intraoral digital impression files from major intraoral scanners such as 3Shape Trios. We ask for complete instructions, pictures, and study models to produce an exact duplicate. We require 3D printed models from your digital impressions to fabricate your implant zirconia or titanium abutments. We also employ conventional impressions along with impression copings and analogs. As a Washington Trios Ready dental laboratory in Washington DC, we pay for the delivery expenses for all of our valuable clients in the District of Columbia and commuting neighborhoods in both Maryland and Virginia.

The Art Of Aesthetics 3Shape Trios dental laboratory is a well-equipped dental laboratory with all of the necessary in-house facilities to construct cosmetic and implant restorations. We make sure that our fabrication is free of defects or flaws. At The Art Of Aesthetics dental laboratory, we provide our restoration services at reasonable prices compared to a Washington Trios Ready dental laboratory in Washington DC. We are confident that you will enjoy our services for many years. Most of our current clients are upscale implant and cosmetic dentists throughout the United States, and they have been with us for more than a decade as full-time clients, many even retiring after many years with us. Our space is limited. Please reserve your space today because you don’t want to miss this opportunity.

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