The Art Of Aesthetics Dental Labs accept Trios file from Chattanooga TN Dr


There’s one lab that can support your dental practice with excellence and reliable, on-time delivery. When you’re struggling to find a digital dental laboratory in Chattanooga Tennessee, that meets your high standards of quality, choose The Art of Aesthetics in Las Vegas Nevada, to give you what you need.

We pride ourselves on our customer service. We’re always available to communicate, and you can reach us in all sorts of ways, even by Skype or iMessage. When you make us your go-to provider of crowns, bridges, cosmetic porcelain veneers, dentures, partials, customized zirconia or titanium implant abutments and other dental restorations, we’ll connect you to the technician who will oversee all of your orders from your Chattanooga TN practice. Our team will give you the consistency and accuracy you need, so you can trust that your orders will always arrive true to your order and on time.

Giving Patients Their Smiles Back

At The Art of Aesthetics, our dedicated ceramist and highly qualified technicians use the top tools and technologies to design and produce prostheses and restorations for your patients. With our impeccable CAD-CAM-enabled digital process, we’ll customize the fit and color of the anterior crowns to the look and indications of your patient so that it blends in perfectly with their natural teeth. 

We can finish producing your next crowns or restoring dental implant abutments in as little as a few days in lab with complete information. We’ll need digital impressions taken with nearly any brands intraoral scanner such as iTero, Trios Ready dental laboratory, 3M True Definition, STL, along with the prescription details and instructions. The more clear and readable the impressions, the better we’ll be able to put everything together without going back to you with questions. You should also send pictures of your patients’ mouths to help us with our custom shade matching.

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Call The Art of Aesthetics dental laboratory now to get in touch with one of our professional representatives. We can’t wait to get started filling orders for your valued patients. Get connected today and find out why dental practices from all over the world count on us.