The Art Of Aesthetics 3Shape TRIOS Ready Veneers Dental Laboratory

The Art Of Aesthetics 3Shape TRIOS Ready Veneers Dental Laboratory is a digital cosmetic and implant dental laboratory located in San Francisco CA North Bay. If you want a precise, accurate and consistent place for your Trios dental laboratory restorations and services then, this is the right choice for you. Here you can find every dental restoration and implant products under one roof. We aim to produce high-end, durable, reliable and highly consistent dental products and to ease the job of dentists like you in Bakersfield CA or Fresno CA by fabricating perfect fitting dental restorations.

We have a well-trained and talented team of ceramists have at least 15 years of experience and can provide outstanding restoration services in the best possible way. We employ both digital and conventional impressions to fabricate crowns, bridges, cosmetic porcelain veneers, inlay/onlay, partials and dentures, CAD-CAM monolithic zirconia crowns and bridges and other implant dental laboratory restorations. In the case of conventional impressions, we pour up three models from impression molds for accuracy.

The Art Of Aesthetics 3Shape TRIOS Ready veneers dental laboratory works with digital impressions of different brands. We have in-house capability to generate 3D models of digital impressions. We also construct model-less monolithic full zirconia or modeless full e.max without using 3D printed models which reduces the cost of printing for you.

We consider our every case valuable and provide our services only to a selected group of dentists. The Art Of Aesthetics 3Shape TRIOS dental laboratory usually asks for extra days to deliver services and products, because we perform every task and step precisely and carefully to produce perfect results. Call us to schedule a meeting with us at your convenience in Bakersfield CA.