The Art Of Aesthetics 3M True Definition Dental Laboratory in San Rafael CA


The Art Of Aesthetics Dental Laboratory services San Rafael CA and all San Francisco CA Bay Areas. We accept both conventional and digital impressions. There are two methods and/or technologies to manufacture dental prostheses.  Most crowns and bridges dental labs in the United States only use one method to save time and money, even when they could use both. They may use handmade methods because they don’t have the capabilities to handle digital methods, or vice versa.

  • Until about 25 years ago, all dental prostheses were handmade with minimum tools, such as grinders, metal castings, furnaces, and sand blasters. At The Art Of Aesthetics 3M True Definition Dental Laboratory, every restoration is handmade. At that time, CAD-CAM technology for dental laboratory was rare. Most dental technicians were skilled in one process, such as waxing, metal trimming, metal casting, porcelain build up, porcelain contouring, or glazing and finishing. Generally speaking, in a small dental laboratory setting, only one or two individuals, usually the owner or partners, knew how to do the entire process from start to finish. As new technology advances and as more skilled technicians retired, digital technology is becoming more and more popular, since machines have taken over most of the process performed by technicians. As a result, other crowns and bridges dental labs in the United States rely more on digital technologies as a cheaper and more viable option without many hand-skilled technicians.
  • Digital or 3D Technology. Digital technologies are more commonly used in dental labs in the US. In the last decade, thousands of small labs have closed and the owners have retired, absorbing into a larger dental lab with digital technologies. Now, dentists can scan a “digital file” instead of an impression of the mouth and transmit it to the lab for 3D printing and milling crowns, such as CAD-CAM full (or solid) zirconia crowns. This advanced technology has come a long way; however, it is still missing one important ingredient: human experiences.

The Art Of Aesthetics 3M True Definition Dental Laboratory in San Francisco CA North Bay, with both capacities: cutting-edge digital technology and technicians with experienced, talented handmade skills. We here at The Art Of Aesthetics continue to train and teach new technicians to use their hand-and-eye coordination, as we learned from accredited dental technology schools. You will see even a significant difference on our CAD-CAM full zirconia (monolithic) crowns for bruxism, even if they are manufactured by a computer-aided machine. We are not here to convince you. We are in San Rafael CA for you to try us and see what you have been missing from other crowns and bridges dental labs in the United States. Call us for free pick up!