The Art Of Aesthetics 3M True Definition Dental Laboratory in Marin Co CA

Many medium and large-sized dental labs in the US have been outsourcing crowns and bridges cases to offshore dental labs for decades. As a result, new homegrown, educated and skilled dental technicians are scarce in the United States. The Art Of Aesthetics 3M True Definition dental laboratory in Santa Rosa CA, a few minutes north of Marin County CA, has been around since 1985 servicing San Francisco CA Bay areas and continues to provide the highest quality dental laboratory restorations.

The transition to digital technology in the dental industry has also been affected by a lack of skilled technicians. For a small or medium lab, digital technology is too burdensome to acquire and maintain. It may not even be feasible to keep up with such technologies, driving them into an early retirement or a merger with larger crowns and bridges dental laboratories in the United States.

For example, once considered to be an affordable semi-precious dental alloy, palladium is now more expensive then precious metals. Therefore, dentists are relying more on digital technology, such as CAD-CAM full zirconia crowns and bridges instead of skilled technicians. As a result, small and medium dental labs are either going out of business or the owners are deciding to close and retire. Some speculate only about 500 large crowns and bridges dental laboratories in the United States will survive the next five years, mostly large corporations. Here at The Art of Aesthetics 3M True Definition dental laboratory in north of Marin County CA, we are doing our best to provide high-end quality crowns and bridges, so that we will not be absorbed like many other dental labs.

At the same time, we do not want to be a large lab because we would not able to control our quality or even technicians. We want to maintain the same quality and level of our services. We are only replacing clients that have retired or are retiring soon. If you are interested in our services, don’t wait! Our spaces fill up pretty fast, and we may not be able to accommodate you.

Unlike other crowns and bridges dental laboratories in the United States, if you are looking for a part-time lab, then we cannot accept you because we have no part-time technicians to assign to your cases. All our technicians are full-time and dedicated to the clients they serve.

Typically, you get what you pay for but not in dental laboratory cosmetic veneers. With The Art Of Aesthetics 3M True Definition dental laboratory in Marin County CA, you won’t know what you get for your money until you see our cosmetic veneers. With our competitive pricing and superior quality, our cosmetic veneers are the best buy. For conventional impressions, call us for free pick up.