Seven-Days in Lab Cosmetic Veneers Restoration with iTero

The Art Of Aesthetics Dental Laboratory is a high-end and patient-specific dental laboratory in Las Vegas NV, and Santa Rosa CA (San Francisco CA North Bay). Through the years, we have handled thousands of custom dental restorative cases, and we have been able to offer unparalleled quality solutions with the help of our cutting-edge technology and highly experience dental staff. We can restore most cosmetic cases in just seven days in the lab for cosmetic veneers restorations using iTero digital impressions.

Excellent Quality and Consistency

From the time we restored our first case, we have ensured that we offer uncompromised high-quality dental crowns, veneers, and implant abutments. To maintain our consistency, we have standardized our processes according to the highest level of quality standards. We select the finest material, the most accurate technology, and the highest level of skilled technicians. We strive to deliver your cases sooner than other iTero dental labs by needing only seven days for in lab cosmetic veneers restoration with iTero impressions.

Our team at The Art Of Aesthetics excels at producing a wide range of high-quality dental restorations, including:

  • Screw Retained Straumann Variobase CAD-CAM Full Zirconia Abutment
  • CAD-CAM Customized Anodized Gold Titanium Implant Abutments
  • CAD-CAM Customized Titanium Implant Abutments
  • CAD-CAM Customized Zirconia Implant Abutment
  • IPS e.max Crowns and Veneers (emax)

The Art Of Aesthetics iTero dental laboratory’s primary goal has always been to make the highest quality dental restorations affordable for many patients across the globe. We ensure that our restored products are delivered to dentists and dental clinics around the world sooner than some of your local iTero dental laboratories.  In addition, we have a free shipping program for dental clinics around the world.

The Art Of Aesthetics is an iTero Partner dental laboratory and accepts iTero digital impressions and conventional PVS impressions from all over the world. Contact us to get started. Send your iTero impression and try our CAD-CAM full zirconia crowns for bruxer. With a model or model-less, you will be glad you did. Call us for free international shipping labels to send your PVS impressions. We ask for only three days with iTero impressions to fabricate a model-less monolithic zirconia crown.

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