Seattle WA Digital Impressions

When you’re in the market for a digital cosmetic dental laboratory in Seattle WA, to partner with for your dental practice, consider The Art Of Aesthetics dental laboratory that uses only the top technology and techniques for our unbeatable crowns, bridges and veneers. Dentists all around the world count on us for reliable and excellent service. Our lab is located in Las Vegas NV and partner with shipping carriers that connect us with dental practices everywhere in the world. The Art Of Aesthetics is:

  • 3Shape Trios Ready Dental Laboratory
  • Cadent iTero Partner Dental Laboratory
  • 3M True Definition Margin Marking Dental Laboratory
  • Accepts any STL Formatted Files

Learn more about what makes The Art Of Aesthetics cosmetic dental laboratory today and make us your full-time supplier. Patients and dentists alike are impressed and astounded by our excellent services and perks.

  • Our team is all about consistency and efficiency. You can send us your digital or conventional impressions along with the prescription details and pictures of your patient for guiding our custom shade matching, and we’ll take the lead on the rest.
  • We offer free shipping for dental practices found anywhere in Seattle WA. With quick, easy shipping and our streamlined, modeless CAD-CAM Monolithic Zirconia design and production process, we can have your restorations or prostheses finished and on their way back to you in a week.
  • We’ll help you give your patients exactly what they want. With our computer-guided system and dedicated ceramist, we will tailor your crowns and bridges to your patient’s specific fit and look. We’re in the business of giving people their smiles back.

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We can meet with you in person at your convenience in your Seattle WA office. It’s time to get started and send in your first orders. Come see what we can do and enjoy our spectacular customer service. We aim to give you everything you need to succeed and take your dental practice to another level. Call our toll-free number today!

The Art Of Aesthetics 3M True Definition
Trios itero 3M True Definition