Seattle 3Shape Trios Dental Laboratory

If you are currently a client of a 3Shape Trios dental laboratory in Seattle WA, we are now serving the area with outstanding dental restoration services. Simply select The Art Of Aesthetics 3Shape Trios Ready dental laboratory from your Trios intraoral scanner. Choose The Art Of Aesthetics do your job properly as we have highly skilled and well-qualified dental technicians to construct your restorations.

You can send your implant or cosmetic cases to our dental laboratory from anywhere around the globe. Using the best shipping carrier, we will send the restorations to your address in Seattle WA, without any charge to our regular clients.

With our specialized team of technicians and the latest technology, we produce complete implant restorations such as CAD-CAM zirconia layered with porcelain crowns and bridges. We invite clients of a Seattle 3Shape Trios dental laboratory in Seattle WA to send a few trial cases to us. You can select The Art Of Aesthetics from your 3Shape Trios intraoral scanner or send non-digital impressions using the shipping labels we will provide.

The Art Of Aesthetics is a premium dental laboratory in the San Francisco CA Bay Area, where we do complete implant and cosmetic restorations. We use the best dental restoration materials, such as zirconia, titanium, emax (e.max), and porcelain. We can scan, design, and manufacture most types of today’s dental restorations, such as crowns, bridges, veneers, partials, and dentures. As a 3Shape Trios dental laboratory, we can print 3D models from your digital impressions to save you costs and time related to outsourcing. We charge a relatively small fee for 3D model printing, or you can request modeless zirconia or emax single-unit crowns from your Trios digital impressions.

To begin to send your 3Shape Trios digital impressions, you can select us from your scanner. For more details about our restoration services, you can call our customer service. We are happy to serve you as a Seattle 3Shape Trios dental laboratory in Seattle WA.

The Art Of Aesthetics 3M True Definition