Scanned by True Definition Intraoral Digital Scanner

The Art Of Aesthetics is an elite implant and cosmetic dental laboratory for 3M True Definition scanned files offering cost-effective dental restoration laboratory services throughout the United States and Canada. We focus on providing custom patient-specific dental restoration products that match the natural tooth and have excellent functionality. Our dental restorations produced by our highly experienced and skilled team of dental technicians are of the highest standards. We pride ourselves on achieving consistent results through standardized procedures and modern production technology.

3M True Definition Scanned Files for Implants

Our implant abutments are customized according to the specifications provided by our implant dentists. Each implant abutment manufactured in our laboratory is accurately milled to fit properly. We offer anodized gold-hued titanium and zirconia implant abutments for aesthetics, scanned by a True Definition intraoral digital scanner. We also provide abutments made from titanium, which are preferred for their superior strength and posterior support.

Our dental implant abutment products include:

  • CAD-CAM customized zirconia implant abutments and zirconia crowns
  • CAD-CAM customized anodized gold titanium implant abutments and emax crowns
  • Customized titanium implant abutments and PFM crowns
  • Screw-retained Straumann Variobase CAD-CAM full-contoured zirconia restorations
  • CAD-CAM monolithic zirconia crowns and bridges (with a 3D model or modeless)

3M True Definition Scanned Files for Cosmetics

Our cosmetic ceramists can restore your patients’ beautiful smiles with the most aesthetic veneers utilizing impressions scanned by True Definition intraoral digital scanner. Each veneer is created precisely to match the contours, shades, smile lines, mid-line, and style of your patients. Please scan diagnostic wax-ups or study models using a True Definition scanner. Also, we prefer pre-op and post-op scans as well. We use the best cosmetic veneer materials, such as emax, Empress Esthetic, and premium porcelain. You can connect to our digital system by selecting “The Art Of Aesthetics Dental Lab (CA)” from your intraoral 3M True Definition intraoral scanner.

Talk to us today to get started. We offer free delivery to all parts of the United States and Canada (Toronto, Vancouver, and more).

The Art Of Aesthetics 3M True Definition