Taking Impression

The ability to accurately capture an impression is critical for the correct transfer of information to The Art Of Aesthetics crowns and bridges dental laboratory in Santa Rosa CA and Las Vegas NV. Finished cases are based on what you sent to us. Everything depends on your impression and preparation. Here are some helpful tips for taking a good impression:

  • Adequate reduction for your desired restorations.
  • Check the expiration date of your impression material.
  • Make sure to insert the cord a little deeper.
  • Use sturdier impression trays. We particularly like those metal trays with low side profile.
  • Make sure to dry out prepped teeth and clean out excessive bleeding before taking impressions.
  • For a 2-unit or more posterior case, take a full arch impression or bite registration for correct mounting.
  • Alginate impression must be poured up before sending.
  • Impression must be disinfected.
  • Write down the due date and appointment date and time.
  • PRINT your instructions legibly on the lab slip. We are not responsible if we can’t read your instructions.
  • Implant and attachment must include all components.
  • Shade information for all porcelain work.
  • Opposing model.
  • Study model for all anterior work
  • Metal type for PFM or FCC
  • Stump (or dentin/prep) shade for all porcelain work.

No Occlusal Clearance.  Many times for cases with no occlusal clearance, and if there is no other instruction, we will reduce abutment with reduction copying or adjust opposing, whichever we think it is better for patient.  In case we make a coping, there will be a $5 charge.  If your crowns or bridges do not fit on the first try in, first take a look at the working model for any marks for reduction before seating a crown, it may be marked in red or blue. Sometime the doctor is not aware of this situation, and they simply return it back to us complaining that the crown does not sit. Many times we receive this type of case back for a remake.  We cannot remake unless you prep again and take a new impression. In cases like this we would charge again, since lack of occlusal clearance is not a lab mistake.

Return Date and Delivery Scheduling. We need a few more working days in lab, not including shipping day, national holidays, and weekends. Please allow extra time during holiday seasons, including Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, Labor Day, Independence Day, Memorial Day, and New Year’s Day. Do not deviate from the original due date. It may complicate the flow and misplacement may occur. Do not schedule your patient’s appointment to seat crowns on Monday after your immediate return to the office after a closure, vacation, or long weekend. We will attempt to deliver on Monday before 5 P.M. We will be grateful if you call us and let us know your vacation times. We are not responsible for the shipment delayed or lost by carriers.

Packaging and Shipping. Package well to protect the model. Impressions or other non-breakable material need not be bubble wrapped, but stone or other breakable items need to be bubble wrapped to protect them during shipment. If you are sending an articulator, make sure you package it well protected in a box. Please contact us before you send your articulator to us. We may have the same type of articulator in our dental lab.  For your convenience, we will provide you with free shipping labels. Please take your package to the nearest UPS drop off location or give it to the UPS driver when they come to drop off a package to you.

Finally, remember, porcelains are glass prone to inclination or tendency to fracture or break. Always handle with care. We hope that our crowns and bridges to drop in but in case you have to adjust, please handle gently. Glass is fragile and can fracture if you don’t handle with care. When adjusting, please follow the simple steps:

  • Use finest diamond burr and use diamond paste to polish.
  • Adjust the slowest speed and gentle pressure when trimming.
  • Always adjust with water so that it won’t generate heat during trimming.
  • Don’t bite too hard until seating permanently.
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