Portland 3Shape Trios Dental Laboratory

For clients of a 3Shape Trios dental laboratory in Portland OR, we would like to introduce you to The Art Of Aesthetics Trios dental laboratory. We are known for our world-class porcelain veneers and implant dental restoration services, and we are now available in Portland OR. With the advancement of digital technology in the dental industry, our Trios dental laboratory is continuously updating to meet the current needs of the industry. In preparation for the future, we are a fully digitalized dental laboratory, but we continue to work with non-digital techniques as well. Either way, we can accept most restoration work from our clients in Portland OR and from dentists throughout Oregon. If your clinic or dental office is in Portland OR, or outside of the city, we deliver restorations at your destination free of cost if you are a regular and valued client.

If you are a highly experienced dentist and cannot rely on a Portland 3Shape Trios dental laboratory in Portland OR, The Art Of Aesthetics can offer the best implant and cosmetic dental laboratory restorations. Our IPS e.max layered veneers, crowns, or CAD-CAM zirconia layered with porcelain crowns and bridges are exceptional in quality. At The Art Of Aesthetics 3Shape Trios Ready dental laboratory, we will provide excellent restoration services that exceed your expectations. 

We have got an extensive range of implant specialty solutions, including:

  • CAD-CAM customized anodized gold titanium implant abutments
  • CAD-CAM customized all-titanium implant abutments
  • CAD-CAM Customized all zirconia implant abutments
  • Straumann Variobase CAD-CAM full contoured zirconia restorations
  • CAD-CAM monolithic zirconia crowns and bridges
  • IPS e.max crowns and bridges

The most significant reason for using our Portland OR implant and cosmetic dental laboratory is our laboratory technicians. Our dedicated dental technicians have been with us for over 15 years. The combination of our technology and the outstanding experience of our technicians makes us the finest dental laboratory in the country. We are happy to serve excellent cosmetic and implant dentists in Portland OR.

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