The Art Of Aesthetics has a reputation as one of the best dental laboratory in San Francisco CA Northbay and Las Vegas NV. Dental laboratories share similar technologies, manufacturing processes, and materials as a jewelry maker, as well as practice similar concepts and practices. For example, a custom-designed, handmade, one-of-a-kind ring that was created just for you by a jewelry designer would cost more than a mass-produced ring constructed by a machine. This is similar to dental prosthesis. Crowns and bridges designed and handmade by a skilled and properly trained ceramist cost a lot more than machine-made crowns. You may want to buy a more affordable ring or piece of jewelry, but you do not want to compromise with dental prosthesis. In many cases, regardless of the cost, poorly made dental prosthesis will cost you a lot more in the long run, with having to be replaced more often than necessary.

Learn as much as possible about your dentists. What are their crowns made out of, high noble or semi-precious metals? Are the crowns’ biocompatibility, shock absorbance, and wear rates similar to your natural teeth? If you are a heavy grinder, then full zirconia will work very well. If you are not, then zirconia core with porcelain layered is much more shock absorbent. Bottom line is that you are the one who needs to be most responsible for your teeth, and it is your duty to be fully educated before you visit a dentist.