No Ordinary 3Shape Trios Ready Dental Laboratory

The Art Of Aesthetics is no ordinary 3Shape Trios Ready dental laboratory, as we provide precision-based digital services in the United States, Canada, and around the globe. We are the top option for all your patient-specific dental restorations. The Art Of Aesthetics can become the perfect partner for all your digital Trios dental laboratory work, as we are one of the most technologically upgraded dental labs in the United States. We can also work with your non-digital impressions. We will supply shipping labels at no charge to our partners.

After a few trial cases, you will see first-hand that we are no ordinary 3Shape Trios Ready dental laboratory. This is because we promise that we will deliver the most consistent dental restoration services. We guarantee that we will try to construct the 1,000th case the same way as the first one, no cutting corners, no saving resources, and no compromise on quality.

We have many years of experience. We are familiar with the ins and outs that make it possible to provide you the most beautiful cosmetic veneers, implant restorations, full-mouth rehabilitation, smile makeover, and other complex restoration services. Even with our CAD-CAM monolithic zirconia crowns, you will discern that we are no ordinary 3Shape Trios Ready dental laboratory. Also, our fast turnaround time does not affect the quality of our work, which sets us apart from other Trios dental laboratory. This is partially due to our in-house printing 3D models, manufacturing patient-specific zirconia or titanium implant abutments, and highly skilled in-house cosmetic veneers ceramists.

Please take advantage of our extraordinary dental restoration services today by selecting The Art Of Aesthetics from your 3Shape Trios intraoral 3D scanner. We are also an Align iTero Partner, 3M True Definition Margin Marking, and Sirona Connect (inLab Cerec) dental laboratory, and we are able to work with any open intraoral scanners with STL formatted files. Contact us today if you need assistance in connecting to us.

Trios itero 3M True Definition