Kansas Align iTero Dental Laboratory

If you can’t find an excellent Kansas Align iTero dental laboratory in Kansas City KS, then The Art Of Aesthetics iTero dental laboratory is an excellent alternative. The Art Of Aesthetics is a leading implant and cosmetic custom-made dental laboratory that offers world-class dental restoration products in cosmetic and implant dentistry in Kansas City KS and Kansas City Missouri. Our highly skilled and widely experienced dental team designs and constructs every dental restoration with the same precision and accuracy in our state-of-the-art laboratory.

Uncompromised and Premium

The Art Of Aesthetics iTero dental laboratory has secured a respectable position across the globe by offering uncompromised, premium, clinically proven dental restorative services and dental implant abutments. It took us a few decades to reach the excellent standing and reputation that we enjoy today.

Our goal was never to offer substandard restorations or make a significant profit on our work; rather, we want to ensure that every patient in Kansas City can afford exceptional quality, patient-specific dental prosthetics. We want to share that we have been a significant part of restoring hundreds and thousands of smiles worldwide.

In our state-of-the-art implant dental laboratory, we produce:

  • CAD-CAM custom full contoured zirconia and titanium crowns
  • CAD-CAM customized anodized gold titanium implant restorations
  • CAD-CAM customized zirconia implant restorations
  • Straumann Variobase CAD-CAM full contoured zirconia restorations

No matter if we are contacted by locally-based dentists or dental establishments based in Kansas City KS, we assure you that our team will provide you the same level of exceptional service that we take great pride in. From our customer care representatives to the design and construction process to our delivery service, we guarantee uncompromised quality every step of the way.

For complete details about The Art Of Aesthetics iTero dental laboratory, please contact us. You can either send in your traditional PVS impressions or digital impressions from your Align iTero scanner. You no longer have to compromise with Kansas Align iTero dental laboratory in Kansas City KS.

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