iTero Dental Lab

If you are looking for dental laboratory restoration services, then The Art Of Aesthetics iTero dental lab is the right place. We fabricate the highest standard zirconia crowns, bridges, veneers, implant abutments, and other dental restorations using the latest cutting-edge technology. You can contact our customer service staff for further support.

iTero Impressions Accepting Dental Lab

It’s effortless to send an Align iTero file to our digital dental lab. Please complete the form on our website to get started to send your iTero digital impressions.

At The Art Of Aesthetics iTero dental lab, we work with all impressions: conventional PVS impressions or digital impressions from all major intraoral scanners.

iTero Dental Laboratory image
iTero Dental Laboratory image

The Art Of Aesthetics is not an ordinary implant and cosmetic dental lab. Our high quality, excellent services, and exemplary restorations make us stand out from other dental laboratories. Our in-house capability enables us to fabricate dependable and cost-effective restorations. Try our latest material, titanium crown. It is a full-contoured titanium crown milled from a titanium blank. It’s an excellent alternative to the full gold crown since gold prices continue to climb, and it doesn’t seem like they will be slowing down any time soon. The full titanium crown (FTC) is biocompatible as well as more durable than metal. You can get titanium crowns from iTero intraoral scan accepting dental lab, The Art Of Aesthetics.

Delivery Services

The Art Of Aesthetics has collaborated with the most dependable delivery partner to return to your office around the globe, be it in Australia, New Zealand, or Canada. At our iTero dental lab, we will not charge any delivery fee to our regular and valuable clients. The Art Of Aesthetics in San Francisco CA Bay is ready to partner with the most advanced and oral health-driven dentistry around the globe.

The Art Of Aesthetics is an Align iTero Partner Dental Lab.

The premium dental restoration lab, The Art Of Aesthetics, focuses on enhancing the value of our clients’ dental practices by providing competitive price, superior quality implant abutments, and implant crowns. As an Align Cadent iTero dental lab, The Art Of Aesthetics was founded over three decades ago with a vision to servicing dental needs in the United States and countries throughout the globe with a quality dental prosthetic implant or cosmetic dentistry. We have a long history of designing, manufacturing, and delivering dental restorations that are precise and consistent.

Our dental technicians are highly trained and experienced in the latest technology and materials. Our dental crowns and bridges are fabricated in our state-of-the-art facility, where we use modern technology and systematic techniques to achieve precise and consistent results.

The Art Of Aesthetics, An Align Cadent iTero dental lab, offers the following custom implant abutments:

  • CAD-CAM Customized Titanium Implant Abutments
  • Customized Zirconia Implant Abutments
  • Screw Retained Straumann Variobase CAD-CAM Monolithic Zirconia Restorations
  • CAD-CAM Customized Anodized Gold Titanium Implant Abutments

Our Capabilities

The quality of all our dental restoration speaks for itself. We are the choice of thousands of patients around the world. Many implant dentists commonly use our zirconia and anodized gold titanium implant abutments and implant crowns. If you have an intraoral digital scanner, you can send digital impressions, including Align iTero, by choosing The Art Of Aesthetics from your iTero intraoral scanner. We can work with most intraoral digital scanned files in the market today. We offer a free international shipping program if your practice is outside of the United States.

Contact An Align Cadent iTero Partner.

Our customer service staff will provide you with all the necessary information. Please connect with us through our website, toll-free number, Skype, iMessage, text, or send us an email. Ask us for a free shipping label if you have PVS impressions.

Digital iTero Impressions Intraoral 3D Scanner

The Art Of Aesthetics, Align iTero dental lab, is world-renowned for its premium quality custom dental implant abutments, cosmetic veneers, and crowns. The Art Of Aesthetics provides premier services to dentists. Not only iTero digital impressions in the United States, but it is also widely trusted and recommended by dentists throughout the world. Our state-of-the-art iTero dental lab is fully equipped with the latest technology, which plays a vital role in restoring patient-specific dental implants and helping us restore smiles across the globe.

Extensive Line of Dental Fixed Restorations

With our systematic, clinically proven restoration, exceptional capabilities, and highly trained and skilled team of dental technicians, we are able to restore an extensive line of restorative dental products. We use iTero Impressions or conventional PVS impressions.

The Art Of Aesthetics offers the following custom products and services:

  • CAD-CAM Monolithic Zirconia Crowns and Bridges (Modeless)
  • Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM) or Porcelain Fused to Gold (PFG)
  • Porcelain Fused to Zirconia (PFZ) – Zirconia Layered
  • IPS e.max Layered with Porcelain (emax) – e.max Stacked with Porcelain
  • CAD Full Gold Crown (FGC)
  • Partials and Dentures
  • Aesthetic Cosmetic Porcelain Veneers
  • Stacked Porcelain Laminate Veneers
  • Empress Esthetic Veneers

We guarantee precision and accuracy; thus, dentists from all over the world recommend us because our abutments and crowns fit perfectly using the case’s detailed anatomy and indications of the patients.

Excellent Delivery Service Network

One of the most significant reasons why The Art Of Aesthetics, an iTero dental lab, has been able to develop worldwide recognition is the remarkable delivery service. Our team gives the utmost importance to working with a highly credible and reliable delivery partner. The Art Of Aesthetics takes pride in sharing that our dental restorations reach dental clinics safely, on-time, and, most importantly, cost-effectively. Our free shipping program allows any clinic in the world to have access to our premium iTero dental lab services.

Turn Around Just Three Days

When your local iTero dental lab can’t get it right, The Art Of Aesthetics is an Align iTero Partner dental lab, will bring state-of-the-art digital dental technology and an experienced team of dental technicians to meet your needs. With our extremely skilled technicians, the latest digital dental lab technology, and our efficient shipping methods, we are capable of completing your job with a fast turnaround time. Most dentists who send restoration cases to us receive a single unit full-contoured zirconia crown in just three days from iTero intraoral scanned files.

But working fast does not imply that we compromise the quality of our work. There are many reasons to choose us. For example, we offer the most robust custom implant abutments and restorations; our 3D model printing capability is available at affordable costs, and we offer free shipping for all of our regular customers.

The Art Of Aesthetics Align iTero dental lab will dedicate a professional technician to support you with all of your future cases. You will also get complete clinical and technical customer support services to help and assist your dental practice.

Implant and Cosmetic iTero Dental Lab

Our cosmetic dental lab is widely known for restorations and other restored products, including patient-specific zirconia implant restorations, anodized gold titanium implant restorations, monolithic zirconia screw-retained implant restorations, zirconia-titanium hybrid screw-retained implant restorations, and many other types of implant restorations. For cosmetic dentistry, please send cases for a smile makeover or cosmetic veneers restorations.

Whether you send us PVS impressions or iTero scanned files, we are available to provide you with the best service.

Select The Art Of Aesthetics Align iTero Intraoral 3D Scanner. Our LabID is 13893.

World Shipping Align iTero Partner Dental Lab

The Art Of Aesthetics is an elite-level Align iTero dental lab based in Santa Rosa CA, San Francisco CA North Bay, the United States, providing dental reconstruction implant and cosmetic products to dentists and dental offices since 1985. With our highly trained and qualified dental technicians, hard work, and a commitment to quality, we have achieved great dentistry success.

Get Elite iTero Dental Laboratory Services.

The Art Of Aesthetics is a high-quality iTero dental lab with modern capabilities that allow us to service our clients in the US and around the world. Our complete facility enables us to design and fabricate in-house custom dental implants abutments and crowns, and bridges from your iTero files. Our clients can send their iTero intraoral digital impressions for fixed implants and cosmetic restorations. We also work with conventional PVS impressions.

When you choose our Align iTero dental lab, you will be assigned a senior-level technician who will restore custom CAD-CAM monolithic zirconia crowns and bridges according to your exact specifications.

We Provide Our Restoration Services All Over the World

The Art Of Aesthetics is regarded as an industry leader due to our premium dental services. You can access our services within the United States and all other parts of the world. Our trusted shipping courier ensures worldwide shipping of your dental restorations to your address within the shortest possible time. Best of all, if you become part of our family, you don’t have to pay the shipping charges anywhere in the world.

After all, we are a global Align iTero Partner dental lab.

Australia and New Zealand Provider, Align iTero Dental Lab.

The Art Of Aesthetics is a globalised Align iTero dental lab owned by a veteran team of dental technicians. With more than three decades of experience in which we have consistently offered superior craftsmanship, we have achieved widespread trust and high credibility in the dental industry throughout the world.

At our state-of-the-art dental lab, we offer premium quality, patient-specific dental restoration and fabrication services. When it comes to delivering your cases, we assure you that they will safely reach your dental clinic. The Art Of Aesthetics, a globalised Align iTero dental lab, is well recognized across the globe for its highly precise and accurate dental restoration components. The restoration services of our cosmetic dental laboratory are unparalleled to other iTero local laboratories. We will make sure that our dental restoration products will exceed your expectations.

Why The Art Of Aesthetics?

By choosing us, you will receive fast, easy, and efficient access to our highly precise dental prostheses. With over 30 years of experience in the dental field, we have mastered the construction of exceptional quality dental implant restorations. Our dental lab has all the potential and capabilities you would expect from a globalised Align iTero dental lab.

From crowns and bridges to full mouth reconstruction, our experienced ceramists are well trained to produce perfect results. We use the finest materials and offer advanced technology to fabricate reliable CAD-CAM monolithic zirconia crowns and bridges.

How Do You Send Your Cases?

Sending your cases to us is a simple process. Select “The Art Of Aesthetics” from your Align iTero scanner. Our lab identification number is LabID: 13893. For details about our full mouth reconstruction service, please contact us through our toll-free number, iMessage, Skype, or email.

We will even cover shipping to New Zealand, Australia, and other countries.

How To Connect iTero to The Art Of Aesthetics

If you are a dentist looking for elite cosmetic and implant dental lab services, then The Art Of Aesthetics iTero dental lab will be the perfect choice for your dentistry needs. Because we are a high-end cosmetic and implant dental laboratory. How iTero users connect to The Art Of Aesthetics lab? Find “The Art Of Aesthetics” on your Align iTero scanner. We service quality driven dental offices in the USA and around the world. We ship our restoration products to our valuable clients, regardless of your destination, free of charge.

Client Understanding of a Prescription

A clear understanding of our clients’ instructions and their patients’ preferences is necessary for us to construct exact and accurate dental restorations. This way, our specialized dental technicians working in our state-of-the-art facility can design and construct precise and beautiful crowns, bridges, veneers, and implant restorations. At our highly advanced Align iTero dental lab, we have the resources to deal with all the complicated and challenging cases.

The Art Of Aesthetics is a world-class cosmetic and implant dental lab with the unique capability of providing a variety of restoration services at one stop. Other than crowns and bridges, our CAD-CAM custom zirconia implant abutments are exceptional in both quality and precision. To achieve perfection, we depend not only on the latest technology but on our senior technicians to handcraft each step to ensure a perfectly fitting model from your iTero or PVS impressions.

World Free Shipping iTero Dental Lab

If you want reliable and cost-effective dental restoration services for your Align iTero digital files, you should opt for the world-class digital iTero dental lab, The Art Of Aesthetics. We are an international free shipping iTero dental lab. We have been providing premium quality, guaranteed restoration services for decades.

For high-quality and accurate dental restorations, please make sure to send your patient’s scanned files and detailed, specific instructions. After receiving your iTero digital impressions and complete information, we will take care of the rest of the process. Our team is well equipped and widely experienced in handling even the most complex restoration cases.

Only Premium Dental Lab Products

For premium dental lab services, contact us using our toll-free number. Our highly experienced technicians will fully assist you and explain our range of dental restoration services. With our precise attention to the most minute details and utilization of cutting-edge technology, we can produce quality zirconia crowns, bridges, and implant abutments.

By using expert handcrafting skills, our technicians eliminate the chances of defects or flaws in the dental restorations.

Contact The Art Of Aesthetics, an International Free Shipping iTero Dental Lab.

The Art Of Aesthetics is a leading implant and cosmetic dental lab that is trusted worldwide for its highly accurate, reliable, and dependable CAD-CAM custom zirconia implant abutments. We offer premium dental laboratory services throughout the United States of America and also across the world with free shipping programs to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and many other locations.

Distance is never an issue for The Art Of Aesthetics iTero Dental Lab. In addition, we have a partnership with the most reliable world shipping carrier. You will get your iTero cases oftentimes faster than your local iTero dental lab can deliver.

Send iTero Files to The Art Of Aesthetics.

The Art Of Aesthetics Align iTero Partner is a state-of-the-art dental lab highly trusted by dentistry in the United States and throughout the world for our dental restorations. When it comes to logistics, we utilize the most reliable delivery services in the world. Thus, we are about to deliver your patients’ dental prosthetics to your clinic quickly. Therefore, when you send iTero files to The Art Of Aesthetics, we only need three days in the lab for most single-unit full contoured zirconia crowns.

In addition, we ensure accuracy in every step of the dental prosthetics fabrication process. All you need is iTero files to construct crowns and bridges. Please send complete instructions to avoid the possibility of repairs or remakes. Our technicians make IPS e.max or zirconia layered with porcelain crowns and bridges that perfectly fit the models by utilizing our high technology. We also guarantee that our crowns and bridges will feel comfortable and natural in your patients’ mouths.

Unparalleled Consistency in Dental Restorations

The Art Of Aesthetics Align iTero dental lab is recognized for its exceptional and consistent dental restorations. Our highly experienced and well-trained technicians possess excellent skills to handle even the most complex dental restoration cases, such as implants and full mouth reconstruction. Not to mention, our excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail have helped restore thousands of smiles across the world.

Our goal is to continually train and educate our dental technicians in using the latest technology and techniques to hone their skills. To begin, send your iTero files to The Art Of Aesthetics iTero dental lab today!

Location is no longer a factor. Your dental practice can be located anywhere in the world, and you can still select us from your Align iTero intraoral scanner.

Send us your iTero files today!

For further details, please call our customer service staff. You can also contact us through Skype or iMessage or send us an email. Wait no longer and contact us for premium iTero dental lab services for your patients.

Again, for unrivaled and unparalleled dental restorations, you can contact our customer service staff through email, text, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, iMessage, or call us at our toll-free number. In addition, fill out the contact form. We will walk you through how iTero users connect to The Art Of Aesthetics. Our highly experienced and distinguished team will help make your restoration cases easier.