Full Service Dental Laboratory 

The Art Of Aesthetics is a full service dental laboratory in Las Vegas NV and Santa Rosa CA, San Francisco CA Bay. We provide your practice with high premium quality dental restorations such as crowns and bridges. Look no further because we can promise you that we will be the last fixed restoration dental laboratory. In addition, we also fabricate removable such as partials and dentures.

In our implant and cosmetic dental laboratory, we use many different types and brands of adjustable articulators such as Stratos, Denar, Hanau, Whipmix, Whip Mix, and Ceramill Amann Girrbach. Please check with us before you send your valuable articulator. Please use your own adjustable articulator and mounting plates to mount and adjust before sending a full mouth reconstruction case to us. Be sure to include the bite registration. Do not send your articulator as we do not wish your articulator to get damaged or lost in transit. Do not forget to include the information of the type and model of your articulator so we can use the same brand and calibrated articulator. It may be necessary to remount your case in our lab depending on the actual calibration of the articulator.

Here are sample pictures of an articulator for smile makeover, full mouth reconstruction articulation, or cosmetic articulation. The Art Of Aesthetics, a full service dental laboratory can provide you pictures like this for you to check the articulation and case mounting either be a full mouth reconstruction case or a partial or a denture case. We will accommodate every request to make your full mouth restoration as easier as possible. The Art Of Aesthetics implant dental laboratory is here for you and for your practice. Do you need to discuss about an upcoming full mouth complex case? Does it have implant fixtures? Need a customized abutment?  Call us now to discuss!

The Art Of Aesthetics is:

  • Midmark True Definition Margin Marking Dental Laboratory
  • 3Shape Trios Ready Dental Laboratory
  • Align Cadent iTero Partner Laboratory
  • Sirona Cerec inLab Connect Dental Laboratory

The bottom line is the Art Of Aesthetics full service dental laboratory in Santa Rosa CA is a premium implant and cosmetic dental laboratory in San Francisco CA Bay. For precision, accuracy, and consistency, we use the best adjustable articulators in the market today such as Stratos, Denar, Hanau, Whipmix, Whip Mix, and Ceramill Amann Girrbach to mount your full mouth reconstruction or smile makeover case.

Smile Makeover Articulator
Full Mouth Reconstrction Articulation