Full-Contoured Titanium Crowns

The Art Of Aesthetics digital dental laboratory offers full titanium crowns (FTC) also known as CAD-CAM monolithic titanium crowns. Titanium comes from the root “titan,” famous for “strong and resilient deities.” Due to the price of gold soaring every day and becoming unaffordable to many patients, The Art Of Aesthetics introduced full contoured titanium crowns as an alternative to the expensive but equivalent to the full gold crown. Titanium is light yet durable, which is why it’s used to manufacture airplanes. Since it is biocompatible, it’s also widely used in implants, in screws, abutments, and other parts.

Given our combination of excellent materials and highly skilled technicians, The Art Of Aesthetics cosmetic and implant dental laboratory produces highly precise and beautiful dental restorations. Call us today to place your order with our meticulous digital dental laboratory. We can work with most digital impressions scanned from Align iTero, 3Shape Trios, Carestream, True Definition, Cares, Cerec, and many more. Our goal is to provide extraordinary restoration services, higher than your expectations. When you call us, we will guide you through the procedures and other necessary information.

We welcome PVS impressions since we can convert to a digital file to construct full contoured titanium crowns and bridges. We do our job correctly to fabricate precise restorations by utilizing our experienced dental technicians’ astounding skills. When you’re ready to send your PVS impressions, call us to request shipping labels, which are available at no extra cost to our valuable clients, regardless of where your dental practice is located.

In addition to offering numerous dental restoration services, our cosmetic and implant dental laboratory provides services throughout the world. To get our amazing services, contact client support. The Art Of Aesthetics is just one call away. Please give us a try and place your first full contoured titanium crowns and bridges with The Art Of Aesthetics. You can instantly send your 3Shape Trios or iTero digital impressions today. We can return your finished product quickly, often after only three days in the lab for most single-unit crowns.

The Art Of Aesthetics 3M True Definition
Trios itero 3M True Definition