Full Gold Crown FGC

High noble (or precious metal) full gold crowns (also known as FGC or Full Cast Crown) are some of the oldest, best crowns in dental prostheses. The Art Of Aesthetics is full gold crown FGC dental laboratory located in Santa Rosa CA uses high noble (HN) gold as known to have superior characteristics, such as biocompatibility, malleability, durability, and shock absorbability, as further discussed below:

  1. Biocompatibility – Full Gold crowns are known to have the best biocompatibility, as it provokes no allergic reactions from the human body. If your patients suffer from allergic reactions from products, then gold will be the best choice.
  2. Malleability – As gold is more malleable than other metals, it morphs and “seals” perfectly and protects foreign particles from getting inside of your teeth.
  3. Durability – Gold does not fracture easily due to malleable properties. The wear resistance is similar to natural teeth, evenly wearing out along with your natural teeth.
  4. Shock absorbability – Human teeth are designed to chew and bite over a lifetime. Due to its high flexibility and malleability, gold protects the opposing and adjacent restored teeth from further damage.

We only use high noble (precious metal) on our full gold crowns, accompanied by a dental alloy certification (IDENTALLOY certificate) with formulations and content for transparency. You can simply order your next full gold crown from The Art Of Aesthetics full gold crown FGC dental laboratory located in San Francisco CA North Bay, Santa Rosa CA. The indications are posterior single crowns and bridges and onlay or inlay (inlay/onlay) full gold restorations. If you have a patient with many allergic reactions, then full gold crowns and bridges are the perfect solution. Don’t settle or substitute with a lesser material when you can get this superior product from The Art Of Aesthetics is high quality full gold crown FGC dental laboratory in Santa Rosa CA for longevity and health. If your patients don’t like the yellow gold appearance in their mouth, then we can request high noble white gold with a silvery appearance. It is an equally superior product.

With our advanced CAD-CAM (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing) technology and highly trained and skilled technicians, our full gold crown will fit your model perfectly. The anatomy and aesthetics of our full gold crowns and bridges will surpass other dental laboratories in the United States.

If you think full gold crowns are an old and ugly material, you may want to reconsider. Think through all the above benefits and choose what is best for your health. However, if you don’t mind showing beautiful yellow gold teeth, then you don’t need to think twice. Tell your dentist that you want full gold crowns and bridges for your molars (or posterior restorations), either yellow or white gold. Be sure to ask for high noble (HN) gold. Always ask to see the IDENTALLOY certificate, which should be marked with “HN.”

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