Dental Crown Laboratory

To patient-minded dentists who need a dental crown laboratory, we understand that looking for a high-level provider is frustrating. Not to mention you want excellent results for your dental offices or clinics. Equally, we completely understand your uneasiness to try a new lab. With this in mind, we offer you result-oriented and high-quality dental services at The Art Of Aesthetics dental laboratory.

Dental crown laboratory

Modern Dental Crown

We provide our dental crown restoration services with free pick and delivery. Our skilled dental technicians are highly experienced in handling every challenging case. We restore reliable dental prosthetics such as zirconia layered crowns and bridges and model-free full zirconia crowns utilizing digital impressions. Also, we fabricate extraordinary cosmetic veneers.

You can call us for details regarding the best options for cosmetic porcelain veneers or cosmetic implant restorations.

Our modern dental crown and bridge are a perfect fit for your conventional or digital impression model. In fact, our successful experience and services provided to our clients during the last three decades. Not to mention we provide you with the most affordable and cost-effective solutions.

The Art Of Aesthetics modern dental laboratory is fully prepared for the future digital dentistry era. When you are ready to send your implant or cosmetic cases to our laboratory, contact us for our shipping services. We use the most reliable shipping company to provide you the easiest means to deliver at your doorstep. Certainly, we provide our dental restoration services throughout the United States, and you can entrust us with your valuable cases. Our talented dental technicians are just a call away to answer your questions at any time.

Full-Contoured Zirconia Dental Crown

The Art Of Aesthetics is an established dental lab servicing patient-minded cosmetic and implant dentistry. We restore your patients’ smiles with the finest, genuine materials. Moreover, we offer complete dental restoration products for your dentistry.

What makes us different from our competitors?

Our CAD-CAM system is top of the line, but still, it is just a machine without a human touch. Therefore, we do not rely on technology only for your delicate dental crown.

Our senior-level ceramists contour even our full-contoured zirconia crowns. It is the only way we can maintain consistency for every single restoration.

As a zirconia dental laboratory, The Art Of Aesthetics can easily process your cases. Simply select “The Art Of Aesthetics” from your intraoral digital scanners such as Trios, Cerec, or iTero. From the iTero scanner, connect to us by using our iTero customer LabID: 13893. We can fabricate modeless full-contoured zirconia crowns from your digital impressions in just three days in the lab. You will enjoy our high quality and fast turnaround time. In fact, we might be faster than some of your local labs.

If you are tired of the lack of quality and inadequate support of a local dental laboratory, The Art Of Aesthetics is the best place to begin. Call us for free shipping labels if you have non-digital PVS impressions. We are just one call away.

We are your one-stop dental laboratory for your dental crown needs.

If you have a 3M True Definition scanner, we are a True Definition Margin Marking dental laboratory servicing throughout the United States, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. If you have a Cerec machine, The Art Of Aesthetics is the Sirona Connect contractor. Find us by searching The Art Of Aesthetics by our ZIP code 95403, Santa Rosa CA. Regardless of what type of intraoral scanner you use, we can service all your dental restorations needs.

IPS e.max

all ceramic

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E.max Dental Crown

If you insist on the highest level of dental restoration services, The Art Of Aesthetics dental laboratory should be your choice. Our dental e.max ceramists are highly qualified in the latest techniques of dental materials such as IPS e.max or Empress Esthetics.

Our emax dental crown specializing laboratory is a full-service cosmetic dental laboratory that constructs the highest quality fixed dental prostheses. IPS e.max is one of the most aesthetic dental materials. As a result, we use it for aesthetic restorations such as anterior crowns, anterior bridges, inlays, onlays, cosmetic porcelain veneers, and other aesthetically pleasing restorations.

In addition, The Art Of Aesthetics dental laboratory employs highly experienced ceramists who use the latest CAD-CAM system for milling full-contoured e.max restorations.

The restorations we produce are an exact fit to your PVS impression poured master die or in-house 3D models.

After the milling process, our dental ceramists give the final human touches to provide a “handmade” quality dental crown instead of only relying on CAD-CAM technology.

Reliable Delivery

The method of digital dental fabrication opens new doors for the dental labs to produce highly precise, consistent, and accurate results in a relatively faster turnaround time. Since we use the most reliable delivery services in the world, and as servicing a digital dental laboratory, all our regular clients pay no shipping charge. Send your next cosmetic porcelain laminate veneers cases to us and see how we can be your partner for many years to come.

Contact The Art Of Aesthetics dental laboratory to find complete details and requirements to send your implant and cosmetic restoration cases.

Zirconia Stacked Porcelain Dental Crown

Learn more about why dental offices across the country, especially renowned cosmetic and implant dentistry, rely on our restoration services. As a leading global provider of a meticulously fabricated dental crown, veneer, and dental implant abutment, The Art Of Aesthetics is an excellent choice to be your life-long practice partner. At our modern dental laboratory facility, each ceramist possesses the extensive hands-on training and education required to manufacture the exceptional quality products you need to help your practice grow.

Partner with a Dependable Cosmetic Dental Laboratory

At The Art of Aesthetics, we accept a wide range of intraoral scanners, e.g., True Definition, Align iTero, 3Shape Trios, Sirona Connect Cerec, and more.

Why trust the future of your dental practice to an amateur lab when you can work with a team of professionals?

Working with The Art of Aesthetics dental laboratory provides the added benefit of having a dedicated technician assigned to your practice.

This process not only enhances efficiency but also ensures high consistency.

When sending work to us, please be sure to include as much detail as possible and specific instructions and related photos.

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