Custom Implant Dental Laboratory

The Art Of Aesthetics, a custom implant dental laboratory, provides complete implant restoration services within the United States and across the world. We are a trusted implant dental laboratory whom you can entrust with your restorative implant cases.

At The Art Of Aesthetics, we accept your intraoral digital impressions from different intraoral scanners, 3Shape Trios, Align iTero, True Definition, Sirona Connect (Cerec), Carestream, and any STL formatted files. The in-house 3D model printing capability of our dental laboratory makes it easier to send your cases. In the case of non-digital impressions, please send impression coping and laboratory analog with your implant work.

Digital Implant Technology

As the dental industry is digitalizing, clients’ demands are also increasing to produce highly precise, accurate restorations in a relatively short amount of time. To make this possible, we have updated our laboratory and use cutting-edge technology to build the most beautiful restorations faster than ever before.

Custom implant dental laboratory
custom implant dental lab

 The Art Of Aesthetics custom implant dental laboratory helps your patients get their smiles back by restoring missing teeth with implant abutments and crowns. We not only focus on producing high-quality restorations but also maintain their aesthetic appearances. Our dental technicians have remarkable capabilities to outperform others due to their excellent craftsman skills and years of experience.

Our Competitive Rates

If you are still thinking of seeking a world-class implant dental laboratory, then this is the opportunity for you to partner with us. Give us a try and send us your next implant restoration cases to get started. Please don’t forget to send your implant fixture information for custom implant abutments. For Straumann Variobase, please send us the link as well. Our dental laboratory fee schedules are competitive compared to high-end implant dental laboratories in the United States.

Elite Custom Implant Dental Laboratory

Finding and choosing an elite Trios dental laboratory might seem confusing and frustrating but may not if you choose us. For a professional like yourself, implant and cosmetic dentistry restorations can be crucial. We are a well-kept secret elite dental laboratory. Since upscale dentistry is getting smaller, we are reaching out to the top-rated dentists around the world. We can provide you with premium dental restoration services at a reasonable price.

The Art Of Aesthetics, a custom implant dental laboratory, is set apart from any other digital dental laboratory by our unique services, such as our dedicated and skilled technicians and our use of the latest materials and techniques. One of the most significant advantages of choosing The Art Of Aesthetics cosmetic and implant dental laboratory services is that we assign a dedicated technician to your cases. This helps us to construct the most consistent restorations.

Restore Most Top Implant Brands

In addition, we have experts in our implant department who restore most of today’s top implant brands. And above all, we can ensure a fast turnaround time of only three days for dental restorations, such as full-contoured zirconia crowns from Trios or iTero digital files. Or merely two weeks for most implant restorations, once we have all information and parts. None of our valuable clients pay for pickup and delivery costs. Finally, we deliver top dental implant products, including zirconia crowns, full-contoured titanium crowns, zirconia-titanium hybrid implant abutments, and gold anodized titanium.

Connecting your scanner to us is simple. You can connect to The Art Of Aesthetics, a custom implant dental laboratory,by selecting from the 3Shape Trios scanner. For an Align iTero intraoral digital scanner, you can find us by using our LabID, which is 13893. And connect to The Art Of Aesthetics Align iTero Partner Dental Laboratory. We are also available through 3M True Definition and Sirona Connect Cerec inLab. Please send a few trial cases and see if we are a good match for your exemplary dentistry.

The Art Of Aesthetics Visions

Our custom implant dental laboratory was established with a vision to make dental implant restorations readily available and more accessible for dentists. Today, our expertise and state-of-the-art technology allow us to create precise, consistent implant restoration, including customized zirconia and titanium abutments, quickly and without compromising on quality.

Customized Implant Abutments

When you choose The Art Of Aesthetics as your custom implant dental laboratory, you can be assured that every custom abutment we fabricate is precisely milled using precision technology. Our technology allows us to achieve an aesthetically and functionally superior result. Our in-house CAD-CAM customized titanium and zirconia implant abutments provide strength and support. Furthermore, our implant abutments can be either screw-retained or cement-retained restorations. In addition, we offer CAD-CAM customized anodized gold titanium implant abutments for better aesthetics.

The Art Of Aesthetics is playing an active role in making high-quality dental implant restorations more accessible for patients throughout the world. We are now delivering our products to clients worldwide by partnering with a world-class delivery company.

Three Decades Of Experience in Custom Implant Dental Laboratory

We are founded in 1985 in Santa Rosa CA, and our purpose has been to provide cost-effective dental implant restoration to dentists across the nation. Our dedication toward delivering innovations has enabled us to provide great value at a reasonable price to our clients in the United States. The Art Of Aesthetics, a custom implant dental laboratory, works with the following intraoral scanned digital impressions:

  • Align iTero
  • 3Shape Trios
  • Midmark 3M True Definition
  • Cerec Sirona Connect
  • Carestream
  • STL formatted scanners

You can select “The Art Of Aesthetics” from your intraoral scanner for secure connectivity. Contact us today by filling out the contact form.

Meticulous Custom Implant Dental Laboratory

If you are seeking meticulous restoration services, why not consider our custom implant dental laboratory serving our meticulous implant dentists around the country. The Art Of Aesthetics is a well-reputed and unparalleled implant dental laboratory currently serving all over the United States. Also, we provide implant and full mouth rehabilitation to experienced dentists.

The Art Of Aesthetics custom implant dental laboratory restores implants from digital impressions, such as Trios, iTero, Cerec, and much more

Highly Professional Technicians

The Art Of Aesthetics custom implant dental laboratory is another option if you want an excellent outcome for your implant patients.

The entire restorations fabrication process is done under a ten-time microscopic to construct implant restorations and minimize discrepancies.

Our years of experience and unmatched skills have made it possible for us to be one of the best implant dental laboratories in the US.

We restore the following implant products:

  • Straumann Variobase CAD-CAM full-contoured zirconia restoration
  • Customized anodized gold titanium abutments and crowns
  • Cement-type CAD-CAM patient-specific zirconia implant abutments and crowns
  • Screw-type CAD-CAM monolithic zirconia crowns and bridges
  • CAD-CAM zirconia-titanium hybrid implant abutments and zirconia crowns

Finally, The Art Of Aesthetics accepts non-digital PVS impressions for the fabrication of implant abutments and crowns.

Dependable On-time Delivery of Custom Implant Dental Laboratory

The Art Of Aesthetics custom implant dental laboratory can provide you with amazing results, while avoiding mistakes. We use the most reliable methods when delivering our products at no charge to our regular clients, regardless of your practice location. Since you can select The Art Of Aesthetics from your digital scanner, we are not different from a local-based implant dental laboratory.

Rush Custom Implant Dental Laboratory Services

The Art Of Aesthetics custom implant dental laboratory is located in Santa Rosa CA. Our passion has led us to build a trustworthy name in the dental implant laboratory industry. Therefore, we are currently among the very few specialty dental laboratories that offer high standard dental implant restorations.

We also provide rush implant dental laboratory services for our regular clients without additional charges.

Our skilled and experienced implant technicians can design and fabricate your customized abutments and crowns after just two weeks. Typically, our rush-order implant dental restoration services to all our regular full-time clients. If you wish to become our regular client, please call us today.

Now your implant patients will not have to wait more than two weeks.

For added convenience, we accept digital impressions for implant restorations, such as Sirona Connect Cerec, 3Shape Trios, iTero, True Definition, Carestream, and many more. Please ensure to provide us accurate details for implant fixtures. Finally, don’t forget to send impression copings and analogs with all implant cases. It will help us to rush-order your custom implant dental laboratory restorations. Welcome to The Art Of Aesthetics implant dental laboratory in Santa Rosa CA.

Dental Implant Prosthetic Laboratory

For a high quality affordable dental prosthetic laboratory, you can trust The Art Of Aesthetics that accepts digital impressions. In addition, we enjoy working with a conventional PVS impressions. We have a well-qualified team of dental technicians working in a fully equipped modern lab to produce premium quality dental restorations. For example, zirconia crowns, bridges, e.max crowns, porcelain laminate veneers, and custom implant abutments.

By using our specialized techniques and modern technology, we can provide premium implant crowns and bridges around the world. If you are one of our valuable regular clients, we will not charge any shipping fee.

Exceptional Custom Implant Dental Laboratory

Due to our exceptional dental restoration services, highly dependable outcomes, and cost-effective crowns and bridges, we have established a reputation for trust and reliability. The Art Of Aesthetics, a custom implant dental laboratory, is a state-of-the-art digital laboratory with excellent records and many successful stories. We have earned our good reputation through meticulously designing precise dental restorations and receiving excellent client support. Our dedicated team of ceramists possesses many years of experience and the skill to produce functional and natural-looking dental restorations.

The Art Of Aesthetics Accepts iTero, Trios Intraoral Impressions

The Art Of Aesthetics is a custom implant dental laboratory working with most digital impressions. Again, we are an Align iTero Partner Lab and certified 3Shape Trios Ready that provides premium implant dental laboratory services. In addition, we welcome Sirona Connect Cerec dental offices.

Thanks to our knowledge, experience, and consistent work, we can fabricate highly precise and accurate implant restorations. However, please ensure to send us complete details of your instructions. It will help us to crafted dental implants and minimize the occurrence of costly, time-consuming errors.

Contact a custom implant dental laboratory, The Art Of Aesthetics

Our digital dental laboratory strives to add value to your business through affordable, high-quality products, and reliable services. You can contact us by clicking here.

World-Class Custom Implant Dental Laboratory

Do your upscale dental practice need a world-class custom implant dental laboratory that gives you optimal results but competitive pricing? If so, look no further. We do it all here at The Art Of Aesthetics. Not to mention we even offer free shipping to anywhere in the world for our regular clients.

We’re the first place you should contact for all of your dental implant needs.

What makes us the ultimate world-class implant dental laboratory in the world? A few of the perks of working with us include:

  • Experienced technicians who strive for precision and accuracy at every step in the process
  • Free shipping all over the world
  • Affordable pricing that gives you the results you want for a price you enjoy
  • Dedicated professionals
  • A high degree of consistency in everything we do
  • Easy communication methods, 24-hour customer service

In short, The Art Of Aesthetics custom implant dental laboratory starts by offering you world-class results that you may not find anywhere else. On top of that, we make the process enjoyable and efficient. You will like working with us, and you’ll enjoy our guaranteed results.

We are focused on aesthetics implant crowns and bridges, CAD-CAM zirconia and titanium abutments, and we do what we do very well.

In addition, we have in-house 3D model printing capability to save cost and time. Come work with us today and find out what sets us apart from our competitors.

The best way to get in touch with us is through our online contact form. We are open when you are available. Again, we ship wherever you are and take care of any restoration needs or digital formatted impressions.

Nationally Recognized Custom Implant Dental Laboratory

The Art Of Aesthetics is a nationally recognized implant dental laboratory. We have the finest selection of implant abutments and implant crowns. We ensure the construction of patient-specific, accurate, and functional dental implant abutments for your patients. Our dedicated staff will walk you through each step hand-in-hand. In fact, we understand your concerns and expectations from an implant dental laboratory and will provide you with the best service to satisfy your needs.

What We Need From an Implant Dentistry

Our custom implant dental laboratory works with non-digital and digital impressions from all the major brands of intraoral scanners. For precise, beautiful dental restorations, we need details of the implant system, the patient’s conditions, and any special instructions.

The essential factor that makes us preferable to other implant dental laboratories is that when you send your implant cases to our dental laboratory, we assign a dedicated senior-level technician to your implant cases.

We will arrange for a pick-up service for all non-digital impressions.

Please be sure that impression coping and laboratory analogs are included with all implant restoration cases. If you send us digital impressions, we will create a 3D model and soft tissue (pink gum).

Please fill out the website contact form to begin. We look forward to partnering with you!

How to Submit Digital Files

You can simply submit your digital files to The Art Of Aesthetics Custom Implant Dental Laboratory. The Art Of Aesthetics is well-respected for our exceptional quality dental restorations. Our dental technicians are dedicated, experienced, well-trained, and highly skilled. We offer complete dental restoration and implant services that have helped bring back the beautiful smiles of thousands of patients. You can now submit your implant digital files to The Art Of Aesthetics.

With the advancement in digital technology in the dental industry, the expectations for highly precise and accurate dental restorations are also increasing. Not only our state-of-the-art allows us to construct unparalleled dental crowns and bridges but also enables us to fabricate premium quality restorations at a reasonable price.

Submit your digital files to The Art Of Aesthetics today to start receiving your top-quality implant dental restoration services. At our custom implant dental laboratory, we will make sure to produce highly efficient and aesthetically pleasing dental restorations. We guarantee our implant crowns and bridges will feel comfortable, provide a natural look, and, most importantly, fit perfectly.

Worldwide Delivery

We have partnered with the best worldwide shipping company, which helps us connect with our clients worldwide. If you are our regular valuable clients, we will cover your shipping charges, regardless of where you are located in the world.

Two-Week – Custom Implant Dental Laboratory

In summary, The Art Of Aesthetics is a CAD center for iTero, Trios, Sirona Cerec, True Definition scanners based in Las Vegas NV. We provide our restoration services throughout the United States and across the globe. All we ask is for two weeks in the lab to complete implant restoration most digital files. For the best quality restoration services from a veteran team of dental technicians, you can fully trust our custom implant dental laboratory. As a matter of fact, we offer specialized implants with distinguished craftsmanship. We also produce highly dependable and accurate implant abutments, zirconia crowns, and bridges for your patients.

In addition, our premium dental restoration products and excellent customer service will impress top-rated implant dentists.

The Art Of Aesthetics custom dental dental laboratory is a high-tech modern digital dental laboratory with all of the in-house capabilities. Due to our in-house capability, we have the following benefits:

  • Two-week in the lab to complete implant restoration from digital files
  • Fully equipped digital dental laboratory with up-to-date services
  • In-house capability to fabricate your zirconia implant abutments; no need to depend on a third party

Due to the well-equipped laboratory, the complete process of dental restorations is constructed by our well-trained implant technicians, which reduces the chances of repairs and adjustments.

The Art Of Aesthetics dental laboratory is:

  • Align iTero Partner Lab
  • 3Shape Trios Ready
  • True Definition Margin Marking dental laboratory
  • Sirona Connect inLab Cerec dental laboratory

To get our custom implant dental laboratory restoration services, contact our client support. Not many implant dental laboratories can restore in two weeks in the lab from digital impression files.