Custom Abutment Position Hole
Custom Abutment Position Jig

Custom Abutment Position”

This page is to clarify the use of the custom abutment position jig (as pictured in the bottom left) we supply with every dental implant case we fabricate.

At The Art of Aesthetics, efficiency, quality, and consistency are the most critical aspect of our business. For this reason, we try to keep all our work in-house, including customized implant abutments.

Our implant abutments are milled out of the same or higher quality materials such as titanium and zirconia. Moreover, we provide a positioning jig (a.k.a. custom abutment position jig) to guide you “position” the abutment in your patient mouth. The simplest way is to position the jig in the model, remove the abutment together with the jig from the model then transfer it directly to your patient mouth.

Hole Mark in Custom Abutment

Alternatively, we made a small hole in the buccal area. Ensure the “hole” faces buccally, not lingually (see the picture on left).

Double Check Before Return

Often, we receive implant cases back for a remake, indicating that it doesn’t position or sit all the way. Upon our investigation with pictures and models, those returned custom abutment position is not correctly delivered. The “hole” mark is lingually positioned instead of buccally.

Please be sure to position properly before you consider returning for a remake. It will save you and your patient the time and hassle of remaking. Those custom abutments are very costly, not to mention very complicated.

Also, please use the custom abutment position jig we provide you with the dental implant cases. You can call us if you need any instruction on using them.

As always, you can send us a digital file for your implant cases or PVS impressions. Please let us know if you are using a third-party scan body, for instance, Atlantis, so we can send it to the proper manufacturer. Please give us ample time when using a third-party dental implant scan body since we will need more time to send and receive from them.