Cincinnati 3Shape Trios Dental Laboratory 

You don’t have to rely on a Trios dental laboratory in Cincinnati OH, to restore your cases when The Art Of Aesthetics can do much better relatively at a lower cost. If consistent, top-quality work is more important than relying on a local Trios dental laboratory in Cincinnati OH, we’d like to introduce you to The Art Of Aesthetics. Our 3Shape Trios Ready dental laboratory in Las Vegas NV restores bridges, crowns, dental implant crowns and abutments, cosmetic porcelain veneers, and more top cosmetic and implant dentists in Ohio and throughout the United States.

We’re a small quality-oriented dental laboratory founded in 1985 by a group of dental technicians dedicated to excellence. We believe in efficiency, but we don’t rush our work. We work with the leading delivery company to count on your cases to arrive at your office in Cincinnati OH. We cover shipping costs for our regular clients in Ohio. When you’re ready to send your first case, request a shipping label from us and review our terms and conditions and new client preference from our website.

We Will Strive to be Your Last Trios Dental Laboratory

Every case you send to us, we will treat you like the first case. We will earn your business with each case until you retire from dentistry. It has always been our motto and goal since 1985. You can ask our clients who have been with us for more than a decade. We accept digital files from any brand of intraoral scanners, e.g., 3Shape Trios. If you prefer to send us conventional PVS impressions, we welcome them as much.

Contact Us Today

Find out how The Art Of Aesthetics Trios Ready dental laboratory can help you better serve your patients and your practice in Cincinnati OH. You can contact via our toll-free number, email, iMessage, or our website. One of our team members will answer any questions you have and help you start your first case. When you become part of The Art Of Aesthetics Trios dental laboratory in Cincinnati OH, we will assign you a dedicated technician for all your future cases.

We look forward to our partnership! Welcome to Cincinnati 3Shape Trios Dental Laboratory Cincinnati OH.

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