The Art Of Aesthetics

An Implant Specialty Dental Laboratory


Let the specialists handle your implant cases. The Art Of Aesthetics is the one-stop premium laboratory for all your implant restoration needs. We have two locations to serve you: San Francisco CA North Bay and Las Vegas NV. Contact us today!

What we need from you:

•  2 weeks* (3i Encode Healing and Neoss need an additional week)
• Full arch impression & opposing
• Bite registration
• Impression coping
• Lab analog & screw
• Clear, legible instructions
• Implant information (such as manufacturer, model, and size)
• Plastic abutment & screw (for gold abutment package)
• Variobase link

Implant Restoration Types:

• Straumann Variobase CAD/CAM Full Zirconia Abutment Screw-Retained

• CAD-CAM Customized Custom Patient-Specific Zirconia Abutments.

• CAD-CAM Customized Custom Patient-Specific Titanium Abutments.

• CAD-CAM 3i Encode Healing Abutments

• UCLA, Gold Implant Abutment

• Stock Abutments