Anodized Gold Titanium Implant iTero Dental Laboratory

The Art Of Aesthetics has mastered the production of anodized gold titanium implant iTero dental laboratory as well as cosmetic restorations from iTero digital impressions. We specialize in designing and manufacturing dental restorations for dentists in the United States and around the globe. We are dedicated to providing patient-specific implant abutments, crowns, veneers solutions, as well as CAD-CAM full zirconia products that are trusted by dental practices worldwide.

Our state-of-the-art iTero dental laboratory and highly experienced staff are capable of handling complicated and complex restoration cases. We surpass the client’s expectations in cosmetic cases and ensure on-time delivery with the help of our global shipping partner.

The Art Of Aesthetics iTero Partner dental laboratory offers a complete spectrum of high-quality custom implant abutments in different materials, including zirconia and titanium. The custom implant abutments we offer include:

  • Anodized Gold Titanium Implant iTero Dental Laboratory
  • CAD-CAM Customized Titanium Implant Abutments
  • CAD-CAM Customized Zirconia Implant Abutments
  • Screw Retained Straumann Variobase CAD-CAM Full Zirconia one-piece restorations
  • UCLA Type Gold Abutments

An iTero Partner Laboratory

Our incredible team of skilled ceramists and technicians play an integral part in our success. Our team uses the latest technologies and materials that are approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Our unique and precise methodology allows us to create exact and accurate custom implant abutments, including anodized gold titanium implant iTero dental laboratory. We have now made it easier for our clients to share intraoral impressions digitally by selecting “The Art Of Aesthetics” from your intraoral scanners such as Align iTero.

As an iTero Partner Laboratory, we have built an international customer base of loyal clients throughout the world through our consistency, hard work, and commitment towards quality and affordability. Talk to our customer service representative today through our website, Skype or iMessage, or send us an email or call on our toll-free number. We have a program that offers free shipping to our clients in any part of the world.

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