Anchorage Align iTero Dental Laboratory

At The Art Of Aesthetics, we focus on restoring cosmetic restorations and dental implant restorations for our Anchorage Align iTero dental laboratory Anchorage AK clients. Our services include implant abutments through the use of modern technology such as iTero digital files. Our highly skilled team of dental technicians and master ceramist differentiates us from other iTero dental restoration labs in Anchorage AK. We are able to handle all of your complex case requirements.

Every member of The Art Of Aesthetics is highly skilled and experienced to handle your restoration cases. Our dental technicians are well trained in various implant platforms, technologies, and materials. Our friendly customer service team is ready to offer necessary support so you can provide high-quality crowns and bridges for your patients.

Compatibility Systems

We offer restorative solutions for the majority of implant systems in the market today. We also possess the capability to produce customized zirconia or titanium implant abutments and crowns using files from most intraoral scanned digital impressions, including Align iTero and other major scanners. The Art Of Aesthetics supplies and services the Anchorage Align iTero dental laboratory Anchorage AK.

Our customized implant abutments and crowns are manufactured in accordance with your iTero digital or conventional PVS impressions. We use various state-of-the-art dental technologies and craftsmanship to ensure excellent precision and delivery. Our implant abutments and crowns ensure long-term dental health and are aesthetically pleasing to patients. Our laboratory prices for our dental products and services are competitive. We deliver our products to clients in Anchorage Alaska and around the world.

Contact Align iTero Partner Lab Today!

The Art Of Aesthetics dental laboratory customer service team is available through our website, iMessage email, or call us on our toll-free number. We are just an iTero scanner away! Contact us even if your dentistry location is not in Anchorage Alaska. We ship to all addresses in Alaska. If you are unable to connect to our laboratory via your Align iTero scanner, contact us. We can help!

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