All in One Dental Lab

The Art Of Aesthetics is all in one dental lab servicing high class implant and cosmetic dentists. We focus on precision and consistency to fabricate its products and to provide meticulous service. Furthermore, we can produce the finest restorations for patients according to clients’ request. In addition, we are a dynamic group of skilled technicians who work with old school techniques, incorporating digital technology to restore the finest crowns and bridges.

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We are All in one Dental Lab

We have developed a strong relationship with our experienced dental offices by providing them with the highest premium-quality services. In fact, we are a one-stop dental lab that provides most dental restorations and implant services in one location. In general, we are a fixed restoration all in one dental lab with crowns and bridges, cosmetic porcelain veneers, zirconia products, implant restorations, modeless CAD-CAM full zirconia, and modeless CAD-CAM emax crowns. The Art Of Aesthetics prints efficient in-house 3D models from the digital impressions for implant restorations, such as CAD-CAM titanium custom implant abutments and CAD-CAM zirconia custom implant abutments.

Layered Zirconia Products

One of our specialty products is zirconia core layered with porcelain to fabricate our crowns and bridges. This was selected after years of research. It is one of the most reliable, durable, translucent, and stable products on the market.

As an all in one dental lab, The Art Of Aesthetics accepts all brands of impressions from different intraoral scanners such as 3Shape Trios, Sirona Connect Cerec, Align iTero, Carestream, Cares, 3M True Definition, and others. We are waiting for your call and ready to provide dental restoration and implant services. Most of the time, we are available to meet you in person at the convenience of your dental office. In addition, we offer free shipping to our valuable clients. Contact us today!

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Nationwide Servicing All in One Dental Lab

If your dental practice has no reliable all in one dental lab, try The Art Of Aesthetics in the San Francisco CA Bay Area. With our talented technicians and on-time delivery, we can supply top-quality crowns, bridges, implants, and veneers. Our cosmetic and implant dentistry comes from all parts of the United States, and clients enjoy our exclusive premier dental restoration services.

What Sets The Art Of Aesthetics Apart From the Rest?

  • Our clients count on us for unbeatable quality and consistency. Please make us your full-time supplier of dental restorations, and we will assign a highly qualified dedicated technician to work with you on all of your cases and ensure that all of your needs are met.
  • With in-house 3D model printing capability and an innovative CAD-CAM system, we consistently deliver accurate digital dental lab products to a case that are specifically tailored to your patients’ conditions.
  • We’ll adapt to your needs. As an all in one dental lab, accept digital impressions from most brands of intraoral scanners, including Midmark 3M True Definition, Align iTero, Cerec, and 3Shape Trios.
  • In the case of conventional PVS impressions, smooth delivery through our partner shipping company means secure delivery to your clinic. Our valuable partners receive shipping free of charge.
  • Through hard work and cutting-edge technology, our experienced technicians can produce crowns, bridges, and veneers with custom shade matching that make it almost indistinguishable from a patient’s natural teeth.
  • Our most popular restoration products are modeless full contoured titanium or zirconia crowns based on your digital impressions. Also, try our cosmetic crowns and veneers for a smile makeover.

Streamline your dental clinic with timely and top-quality dental restoration from The Art Of Aesthetics, an all in one dental lab. Please fill out the online contact form to connect with us and find out more about what we can do for you.

Implant All in one Dental Lab

The Art Of Aesthetics is a widely-known implant dental lab in the United States. We are currently serving dental clinics all over the United States. If you need restoration services from a dental lab, then contact our customer service department. Then, we will provide you with complete information about our dental restorations and make it convenient for you. Again, we accept digital impression files from different intraoral scanners. The Art Of Aesthetics, all in one dental lab is different from many of our competitors due to our high-skilled dedicated technicians and outstanding technical supports.

We help experienced dentists and dental offices meet their needs by providing accurate and precise restorations at affordable rates. When you use our services, you can rest assured that our ceramists will take extra time to fabricate correctly so that you won’t need to return our products for remakes or repairs. Another key point is that we use the most skilled people and equipment to produce dependable outcomes for your implant and cosmetic cases. The Art Of Aesthetics implant all in one dental lab has an in-house capacity to build restorations including CAD-CAM monolithic full zirconia crowns, customized zirconia or titanium abutments, porcelain veneers, and more. We can even print 3D models in-house to save you time and expenses.

Certified 3Shape Trios Ready Dental Lab

If you are looking for excellent services for the 3Shape Trios scanner, we can provide high-quality services at reasonable prices. For sure, we are confident you will love our restoration services, and your patients will be satisfied due to our quality outcomes. Contact us to send your next implant or cosmetic cases to our digital 3Shape Trios Ready dental lab. Since we are only your 3Shape Trios scanner away, it is like having a dental lab in your clinic.

Align Cadent iTero Partner

The Art of Aesthetics Align iTero dental lab provides top-of-the-line, clinically proven implants and cosmetic restorations at an affordable price. As a result, dentists and dental clinics select The Art Of Aesthetics from your Align iTero scanner. Remarkably, our team has ensured that we incorporate the highest quality process and latest technology to produce uncompromised crowns and bridges. In fact, we believe in the importance of updating our methods and technology over time to ensure that we do not lose our business to a lesser quality all in one dental lab.

All in One Dental Lab Restorations

The highly skilled and experienced team of The Art Of Aesthetics has successfully handled many dental implants and smile makeover cases. The team of The Art Of Aesthetics is proud of the fact that our all in one dental lab is equipped with the latest technology. This helps us to excel at manufacturing and milling custom zirconia and titanium implant abutments. As an all in one dental lab, we custom restore, for instance,

  • Straumann Variobase CAD-CAM full contoured zirconia restoration
  • CAD-CAM customized anodized gold titanium implant abutments
  • Digital Porcelain fused to zirconia
  • CAD-CAM monolithic zirconia crowns and bridges
  • Digital porcelain fused to gold
  • IPS e.max stacked with powder

In summary, dental clinics can easily send us your patient’s dental impressions via intraoral scanners. We accept dental impressions from most intraoral scanners, including Align iTero, 3Shape Trios, 3M True Definition, Sirona Connect (Cerec inLab), Carestream, and other STL formatted scanners.

For more information about our all in one dental lab, please fill out the online contact form. Please place your prescription today with us. For Cerec intraoral digital scanner, find us under My Favorite Contractors searching The Art Of Aesthetics Santa Rosa CA 95403.